12 Rosenfeld Bibliography for 1987

12.1 1. Introduction

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This is the eighteenth in a series of bibliographies on computer processing of pictorial information, covering primarily items published during 1987. The previous bibliographies were entitled ``Picture Processing 19xx'', but because of the growth of the field, coverage of topics such as image coding and image processing has now been discontinued.

The coverage is restricted, for the most part, to a selected set of U.S. or international journals and proceedings of specialized meetings. No attempt is made to summarize or evaluate the items cited; the purpose is simply to provide a convenient compendium of references, grouped by subject.

The references are arranged under the following headings: (A) General references (B) Related topics (C) Applications (D) Architectures (E) Computational techniques (F) Feature detection, segmentation, image analysis (G) Matching, stereo, time-varying imagery (H) Shape; (H prime) Geometry (I) Color and texture (J) Three-dimensional scene analysis Letter/number codes in the text (A.1, etc.) correspond to sections of the bibliography.

Papers, books, etc. relating primarily to specific topics will be cited in later sections. In this section we cite references that relate to more than one topic:

(A.1) Meetings and meeting proceedings [1-35]

(A.2) Books [36-37], paper collections [38-40], a new journal [41], descriptions of research at various institutions [42-52], a survey [53], and the previous bibliography in this series [54].

12.2 2. Related topics

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The following related areas are not covered systematically, but we give a few references on them:

(B.1) Computer graphics: Meetings and special issues [55-62], books [63-65], and bibliographies [66-67]. (Many papers on image synthesis are cited in Section J.4.)

(B.2) Image input/output [68-77]; image coding [78] (see also [79])

(B.3) Image processing (multidimensional signal processing, enhancement, restoration, reconstruction)-general references [80-83], as well as papers on image smoothing [84-95] and a few selected papers on image enhancement and restoration [96-106] (see also [107-111])

(B.4) Optical processing [112-116]

(B.5) Neural nets [117-130]

(B.6) Visual perception [131-153] (some general and miscellaneous references. A few papers on specific aspects of perception are cited in later sections.)

(B.7) Pattern recognition and artificial intelligence-some general references [154-159], as well as some papers related to constraint satisfaction, optimization, uncertainty, evidence accumulation, etc. [160-193]

12.3 3. Applications

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(C.1) Character recognition [194-209]; see also [210-220]

(C.2) Biomedical applications [221-238]

(C.3) Industrial applications (inspection, robot manipulation) [239-262]

(C.4) Robot navigation [263-303]

(C.5) Remote sensing, reconnaissance [304-325]

(C.6) Miscellaneous applications [326-347]

12.4 4. Architectures

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(D.1) General references [348-366]

(D.2) Cellular arrays (meshes, pyramids, etc.), automata, and algorithms [367-406]

(D.3) Other systems [407-440]

(D.4) Related topics [441-473]

12.5 5. Computational techniques

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(E.1) Image operations (convolutions, morphological operations, etc.) [474-484]

(E.2) Multiresolution representations, scale space methods [485-507]

(E.3) Geometric transformations, camera calibration [508-521]

(E.4) Interpolation, surface reconstruction [522-539] (see also [540-545] on regularization, etc.)

12.6 6. Feature detection, segmentation, and image analysis

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(F.1) Feature detection [546-600]

(F.2) Segmentation [601-636]

(F.3) Image analysis [637-653]; see also [654-677]

12.7 7. Matching, stereo, and motion

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(G.1) Matching [678-707]; see also [708-724] on Hough transforms, and [725-738] on string and graph matching

(G.2) Stereo [739-768] (see also [769-772])

(G.3) Motion [773-846] (see also [847-856])

12.8 8. Shape

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(H.1) Representation [857-878]

(H.2) Contour approximation and segmentation [879-891]

(H.3) Topology, distance, thinning [892-918]

(H.4) Properties [919-940] (see also [941] on spatial arrangement)

(H.5) Recognition [942-954]

12.9 8. Geometry

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(H.1) General [955-965] and miscellaneous [966-976] references

(H.2) Hulls, visibility, intersections, search, etc. [977-1020]

(H.3) Distance, etc. [1021-1055]

(H.4) Containment, covering, decomposition, packing, layout, etc. [1056-1084]

(H.5) Path planning [1085-1107] (see also [1108])

12.10 9. Color and texture

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(I.1) Color [1109-1121]

(I.2) Texture: models, synthesis [1122-1135]

(I.3) Texture: description [1136-1143] (see also [1144-1145])

(I.4) Texture: segmentation [1146-1161]

10. Three-dimensional scene analysis

(J.1) Acquisition of range data [1162-1174]; feature detection and segmentation [1175-1186] (see also [1187-1188] on grasping, and [1189] on 3D images)

(J.2) Inference of 3D data from images (``shape from x'') [1190-1236]

(J.3) 3D shape representation and modeling (surfaces and solids) [1237-1286]

(J.4) Synthesis of 3D and shaded images [1287-1327]

(J.5) 3D object recognition from images [1328-1344], range data [1345-1368], or both [1369-1375]

(J.6) 3D geometry [1376-1397] and path planning [1398-1400]; miscellaneous references on 3D computer vision [1401-1412]


For brevity, the following frequently cited sources are cited in abbreviated forms:

12.11 A. Books and Conference Proceedings

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@string(AAAI = "National Conference on Artificial Intelligence")
@string(CAPAMI = "Computer Architecture for Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence")
@string(CG = "Computational Geometry")
@string(EMIP = "Evaluation of Multiprocessors for Image Processing")
@string(ICCV = "International Conference on Computer Vision")
@string(IJCAI = "International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence")
@string(ILIP = "Intermediate Level Image Processing")
@string(IU1985-6 = "Image Understanding 1985-86")
@string(IUW = "Image Understanding Workshop")
@string(PRTA = "Pattern Recognition Theory and Applications")
@string(SIGGRAPH = "SIGGRAPH'87 Conference")
@string(SRMSF = "Workshop on Spatial Reasoning and Multi-Sensor Fusion")
@string(STOC = "Symposium on Theory of Computing")
@string(TDMV = "Three-Dimensional Machine Vision")
@string(WCV = "Workshop on Computer Vision")

12.12 B. Journals

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@string(AI = "Artificial Intelligence")
@string(C&G = "Computers and Graphics")
@string(CGA = "IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications")
@string(CVGIP = "Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing")
@string(DCG = "Discrete and Computational Geometry")
@string(IC = "Information and Computation")
@string(IJCV = "International Journal of Computer Vision")
@string(IJPRAI = "International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence")
@string(IJRR = "International Journal of Robotics Research")
@string(IPL = "Information Processing Letters")
@string(IS = "Information Sciences")
@string(IVC = "Image and Vision Computing")
@string(J-RA = "IEEE Journal of Robotics and Automation")
@string(JPDC = "Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing")
@string(P-IEEE = "Proceedings of the IEEE")
@string(PR = "Pattern Recognition")
@string(PRL = "Pattern Recognition Letters SIAM")
@string(JC = "SIAM Journal on Computing")
@string(SP = "Signal Processing")
@string(T-ASSP = "IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing")
@string(T-COMP = "IEEE Transactions on Computers")
@string(T-PAMI = "IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence")
@string(T-SMC = "IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics")
@string(TCS = "Theoretical Computer Science")
@string(TOG = "ACM Transaction on Graphics")
@string(VC = "The Visual Computer")

12.13 A. General References

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12.13.1 A.1. Meetings

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