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Peachey, D. Co Author Listing * Guest Ed., Selections From Graphics Interface 88

Peachey, D.R. Co Author Listing * Modeling Waves And Surf
* Solid Texturing Of Complex Surfaces

Pearce, A. Co Author Listing * Animating Speech: An Automated Approach Using Speech Synthesised By Rules
* Globular Dynamics: A Connected Particle System For Animating Viscous Fluids
* Rulegraphs For Graph Matching In Pattern Recognition

Pearce, A.R. Co Author Listing * Learning Relational Structures: Applications To Computer Vision

Pearce, J.A. Co Author Listing * Morphology-Based Filter Structure For Edge-Enhancing Smoothing, A

Pearl, J. Co Author Listing * How To Do With Probabilities What People Say You Can'T
* Network-Based Heuristics For Constraint-Satisfaction Problems
* Probabilistic Reasoning In Intelligent Systems: Networks Of Plausible Inference, Morgan Kaufmann, San Mateo

Pearlman, W.A. Co Author Listing * Effectiveness And Efficiency Of Hybrid Transform/Dpcm Interframe Image Coding, The
* Source Coding Bounds Using Quantizer Reproduction Levels
* Texture Coding Using A Wold Decomposition Model
* Texture Coding Using A Wold Decomposition Model
* Visual Communications And Image Processing Iv (Philadelphia, Pa, November 8-10

Pearson, D.E. Co Author Listing * Visual Communication At Very Low Data Rates

Pearson, E. Co Author Listing * Spatial Database Manager For A Multi-Source Image Understanding System

Pearson, G. Co Author Listing * Mission Planning For An Autonomous Vehicle

Pearson, J. Co Author Listing * Neural Network/Pyramid Architectures That Learn Target Context
* Spacial And Temporal Mechanisms In Target Cueing

Pearson, J.C. Co Author Listing * Learning Hierarchical Representations Of Objects

Pearson, J.E. Co Author Listing * Optical Technologies For Aerospace Sensing (Boston, Ma, November 16-17

Pearson, J.J. Co Author Listing * Image Understanding And The Man-Machine Interface (Los Angeles, Ca, January 15-16
* Image Understanding And The Man-Machine Interface Iii (Orlando, Fl, April 3-4
* Integrated Feasibility Demonstration For Automatic Population Of Geospatial Databases, An
* Processing And Display Of Three-Dimensional Data (San Diego, Ca, August 23-24

Pechanek, G. Co Author Listing * Icip-A

Pecht, J. Co Author Listing * Speeding-Up Successive Minkowski Operations With Bit-Plane Computers
* T-Recognition Of T-Languages, A New Approach To Describe And Program The Parallel Pattern Recognition Capabilities Of D-Dimensional Tessellation Structures

Pechura, M.A. Co Author Listing * Data Compression Using Static Huffman Code-Decode Tables

Peckerar, M.C. Co Author Listing * Analog Neural Network Solution To The Inverse Problem Of ``Early Taction'', An

Peckinpaugh, S.H. Co Author Listing * Improved Method For Computing Gray Level Cooccurrence Matrix Based Texture Measures, An

Pedarce, T. Co Author Listing * Spatial Contours For Vision And Cad Model Matching

Pedersen, H.K. Co Author Listing * Decorating Implicit Surfaces
* Displacement Mapping Using Flow Fields
* Flow And Changes In Appearance
* Framework For Interactive Texturing On Curved Surfaces, A

Pedersini, F. Co Author Listing * 3d Motion Estimation Of A Trinocular System For A Full-3d Object Reconstruction
* Accurate Feature Detection And Matching For The Tracking Of Calibration Parameters In Multi-Camera Acquisition Systems
* Combined Motion And Edge Analysis For A Layer-Based Representation Of Image Sequences
* Combined Surface Interpolation And Object Segmentation For Automatic 3-D Scene Reconstruction
* Egomotion Estimation Of A Multicamera System Through Line Correspondences
* Estimation And Compensation Of Subpixel Edge Localization Error
* Robust Area Matching
* Synthesis Of Virtual Views Using Non-Lambertian Reflectivity Models And Stereo Matching
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Pednault, E.P.D. Co Author Listing * Some Experiments In Applying Inductive Inference Principles To Surface Reconstruction

Pedrycz, W. Co Author Listing * Guest Ed., Special Issue On Fuzzy Set Technology In Pattern Recognition
* Subjective Entropy Of Probabilistic Sets And Fuzzy Cluster Analysis

Peek, S.A. Co Author Listing * Obtaining Viewing Distance And Angle Of Gaze From Vertical Disparity Using A Hough-Type Accumulator

Peercy, M. Co Author Listing * Efficient Bump Mapping Hardware

Peercy, M.S. Co Author Listing * Linear Color Representations For Full Spectral Rendering

Peet, F.G. Co Author Listing * Surface Curvature As A Measure Of Image Texture

Pehjan, S. Co Author Listing * Improving The Translation Parameter Estimation Of Linear Algorithms

Pehkonen, K. Co Author Listing * Parallel Calculation Of 3-D Pose Of A Known Object In A Single View

Pei, D.Y. Co Author Listing * Fpt Algorithm With A Modularized Structure For Computing 2-D Cyclic Convolutions, An

Pei, S. Co Author Listing * Normalization Of Rotationally Symmetric Shapes For Pattern Recognition

Pei, S.C. Co Author Listing * Automatic Symmetry Determination And Normalization For Rotationally Symmetric 2d Shapes And 3d Solid Objects
* Circular Arc Detection Based On Hough Transform
* Corner Point Detection Using Nest Moving Average
* Detection Of Dominant Points On Digital Curves By Scale-Space Filtering, The
* Efficient Class Of Alternating Sequential Filters In Morphology, An
* Finding The Motion, Position And Orientation Of A Planar Patch In 3d Space From Scaled Orthographic Projection
* Finding The Optimal Driving Path Of A Car Using The Modified Constrained Distance Transform
* Fitting Digital Curve Using Circular Arcs
* Hierarchical Image Representation By Mathematical Morphology Subband Decomposition
* Image Normalization For Pattern Recognition
* Low Complexity Algorithm For Detecting Rotational Symmetry Based On The Hough Transform Technique, A
* Moment-Based Approach For Deskewing Rotationally Symmetric Shapes, A
* Morphological Approach To Shortest Path Planning For Rotating Objects, A
* Motion-Based Grouping Of Optical Flow Fields: The Extrapolation And Subtraction Technique
* Optimum Approximation Of Digital Planar Curves Using Circular Arcs
* Rigid Motion And Structure From Several Sets Of Parallel Lines In A Monocular Image Sequence
* Tracking A Planar Patch In Three-Dimensional Space By Affine Transformation In Monocular And Binocular Vision
* Using Moments To Acquire The Motion Parameters Of A Deformable Object Without Correspondences
* Vehicle-Type Motion Estimation By The Fusion Of Image Point And Line Features
* What Can Be Seen In A Noisy Optical Flow Field Projected By A Moving Planar Patch In 3d Space?
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Peiper, U.M. Co Author Listing * Near-Minimum-Time Task Planning For Fruit-Picking Robots

Peitgen, H.O. Co Author Listing * Science Of Fractal Images, Springer, The

Peixoto, P. Co Author Listing * Pursuit Control In A Binocular Active Vision System Using Optical Flow
* Surveillance System Combining Peripheral And Foveated Motion Tracking, A

Pejnovic, P. Co Author Listing * Object Recognition By Invariants

Pel, D. Co Author Listing * Stereo Matching Of Color Images Using Differential Invariants

Pelachaud, C. Co Author Listing * Animated Conversation: Rule-Based Generation Of Facial Expression Gesture And Spoken Intonation For Multiple Conversational Agents

Pele, D. Co Author Listing * Iterative Vector Non-Linear Interpolation For The Synthesis Of Intermediate Views
* Synthesis Of Adaptive Weighted Order Statistic Filters With Gradient Algorithms And Application To Image Processing

Peleg, D. Co Author Listing * Square Meshes Are Not Always Optimal

Peleg, K. Co Author Listing * Colored Illumination For Enhancing Discriminability In Machine Vision
* Controlling Illumination Color To Enhance Object Discriminability

Peleg, S. Co Author Listing * Accurate Computation Of Optical Flow By Using Layered Motion Representations
* Attentive Transmission
* Bipartite Graph Matching For Points On A Line Or A Circle
* Characterization Of Right-Handed And Left-Handed Shapes
* Classification And Tracking Using Local Optimization
* Classification By Discrete Optimization
* Completion Of Occluded Shapes Using Symmetry
* Computer Vision At The Hebrew University
* Computing Occluding And Transparent Motions
* Computing Two Motions From Three Frames
* Custom Made Pyramids
* Custom-Made Pyramids
* Detecting And Tracking Multiple Moving Objects Using Temporal Integration
* Distance Metric For Multidimensional Histograms, A
* Fuzzy And Probability Vectors As Elements Of A Vector Space
* Gray Level Requantization
* Halftoning As Optimal Quantization
* Hierarchical Symmetry
* How To Tell Right From Left
* Image Representation Using Voronoi Tessellation: Adaptive And Secure
* Image Sequence Enhancement Using Multiple Motions Analysis
* Image Sequence Enhancement Using Sub-Pixel Displacements
* Improving Image Resolution Using Subpixel Motion
* Improving Resolution By Image Registration
* Inversion Of Picture Operators
* Local Quantitative Measurements For Cardiac Motion Analysis
* Measure Of Symmetry Based On Shape Similarity, A
* Min-Max Operators In Texture Analysis
* Mosaic[K]Ing With Generalized Strips
* Motion Analysis For Image Enhancement: Resolution, Occlusion, And Transparency
* Motion Based Segmentation
* Motion Segmentation Using Convergence Properties
* Multi-Sensor Representation Of Extended Scenes Using Multi-View Geometry
* Multi-Sensor Representation Of Extended Scenes Using Multi-View Geometry
* Multiple Image Analysis At The Hebrew University: Motion, Structure, And Recognition
* Multiple Resolution Texture Analysis And Classification
* Multiresolution Shape From Shading
* Multiresolution Texture Signatures Using Min-Max Operators
* New Approach To The Consistent Labeling Problem, A
* Noisy Image Restoration By Cost Function Minimization
* Nonlinear Multiresolution: A Shape-From-Shading Example
* Panoramic Mosaics By Manifold Projection
* Panoramic Mosaics With Videobrush
* Pyramid Segmentation In 2d And 3d Images Using Local Optimization
* Recovery Of Ego-Motion Using Image Stabilization
* Recovery Of Ego-Motion Using Region Alignment
* Representation Of Patterns Of Symbols By Equations With Applications To Puzzle Solving
* Robust Real-Time Motion Analysis
* Robust Recovery Of Camera Rotation From Three Frames
* Robust Recovery Of Camera Rotation From Three Frames
* Segmentation By Minimum Length Encoding
* Stereo By Incremental Matching Of Contours
* Super Resolution From Image Sequences
* Surface Reconstruction From Derivatives
* Symmetry As A Continuous Feature
* Symmetry Of Fuzzy Data
* Three-Frame Algorithm For Estimating Two-Component Image Motion, A
* Transparent-Motion Analysis
* Unified Approach To The Change Of Resolution: Space And Gray-Level, A
* Universal Mosaic[K]Ing Using Pipe Projection
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Peli, T. Co Author Listing * Circular Harmonic Analysis Of Psf'S Corresponding To Separable Polar-Coordinate Frequency Responses With Emphasis On Fan Filtering

Pelikan, E. Co Author Listing * Theoretical Aspects Of Neurocomputing (Selected Papers From Neuronet '90, Symposium On Neural Networks And Neurocomputing, Prague, Czechoslovakia, September 10-14, 1990), World Scientific

Pelillo, M. Co Author Listing * Autoassociative Learning In Relaxation Labeling Networks
* Autoassociative Learning In Relaxation Labeling Networks
* Dynamics Of Nonlinear Relaxation Labeling Processes, The
* Evolutionary Approach To Training Relaxation Labeling Processes, An
* Matching Hierarchical Structures Using Association Graphs
* Optimization Algorithm For Determining The Compatibility Coefficients Of Relaxation Labeling Processes, An
* Unifying Framework For Relational Structure Matching, A
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Pelkowitz, L. Co Author Listing * Continuous Relaxation Labeling Algorithm For Markov Random Fields, A

Pellandini, F. Co Author Listing * Techniques For On-Line Chinese Character Recognition With Reduced Writing Constraints

Pellegretti, P. Co Author Listing * Automatic Acquisition Of Visual Models For Image Recognition

Pellegrini, M. Co Author Listing * On Point Location And Motion Planning Among Simplices

Pellionisz, A. Co Author Listing * Neurocomputing 2, Mit Press, Cambridge

Pelz, J.B. Co Author Listing * Morphological Texture-Based Maximum-Likelihood Pixel Classification Based On Local Granulometric Moments

Pemberton, W.B. Co Author Listing * Survey Of Aircraft Classification Algorithms, A

Pemmaraju, S.V. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of The Worst Case Space Complexity Of A Pr Quadtree

Penafiel, P.B. Co Author Listing * New Image Motion Estimation Algorithm Based On The Em Technique, A

Pendock, N.E. Co Author Listing * Minimum Cross-Entropy Threshold Selection

Peng, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Mixture Estimation And Unsupervised Local Bayesian Image Segmentation
* Study On The Forms Of Smoothing Filters For Step And Ramp Edge Detection, A

Peng, H. Co Author Listing * Fully Automated Face Recognition System Under Different Conditions, A

Peng, J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Image Segmentation Method With Visual Nonlinearity Characteristics, An
* Adaptive Target Recognition Using Reinforcement Learning
* Closed-Loop Object Recognition Using Reinforcement Learning
* Closed-Loop Object Recognition Using Reinforcement Learning
* Closed-Loop Object Recognition Using Reinforcement Learning
* Delayed Reinforcement Learning For Adaptive Image Segmentation And Feature Extraction
* Delayed Reinforcement Learning For Closed-Loop Object Recognition
* Delayed Reinforcement Learning For Closed-Loop Object Recognition
* Identification Of Autocorrelation Model Of Discrete Random Images, The
* Improved Code Book Edge Detection
* Learning Integrated Online Indexing For Image Databases
* Local Reinforcement Learning For Object Recognition
* Optimized Searching Algorithm For Image Matching, An
* Probabilistic Feature Relevance Learning For Online Indexing
* Reinforcement Learning Integrated Image Segmentation And Object Recognition
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Peng, J.X. Co Author Listing * Unique Solution Of Projective Invariants Of Six Points From Four Uncalibrated Images, The

Peng, K.J. Co Author Listing * New Parsing Scheme For Plex Grammars, A

Peng, Q. Co Author Listing * New Progressive Radiosity Algorithm Through The Use Of Accurate Form-Factors, A
* Peris: A Programming Environment For Realistic Image Synthesis
* Super-Plane Buffer: An Efficient Form-Factor Evaluation Algorithm For Progressive Radiosity, The

Peng, Q.S. Co Author Listing * Accelerated Radiosity Method For Complex Environments
* New Radiosity Approach By Procedural Refinements For Realistic Image Synthesis, A

Peng, S.L. Co Author Listing * Interpretation Of Image Sequences By Spatio-Temporal Analysis
* Spatio-Temporal Analysis For Velocity Estimation Of Contours In An Image Sequence With Occlusion
* Spatio-Temporal Analysis Of An Image Sequence With Occlusion
* Temporal Slice Analysis Of Image Sequences

Penn, J. Co Author Listing * Creation And Rendering Of Realistic Trees

Penn, T. Co Author Listing * Estimating Pose Uncertainty For Surface Registration

Penna, M. Co Author Listing * Recognizing Deformations Of Nonrigid Bodies
* Shape And Motion Of Nonrigid Bodies

Penna, M.A. Co Author Listing * Camera Calibration: A Quick And Easy Way To Determine The Scale Factor
* Determining Camera Parameters From The Perspective Projection Of A Quadrilateral
* Incremental Approximation Of Nonrigid Motion, The
* Local And Semi-Local Shape From Shading For A Simple Perspective Image Of A Smooth Object
* Models For Map Building And Navigation
* Non-Rigid Motion Analysis: Isometric Motion
* Shape From Shading Analysis For A Single Perspective Image Of A Polyhedron, A
* Shape-From-Shading Using Multiple Light Sources
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Pennec, X. Co Author Listing * Framework For Uncertainty And Validation Of 3-D Registration Methods Based On Points And Frames, A
* Randomness And Geometric Figures In Computer Vision
* Uniform Distribution, Distance, And Expectation Problems For Geometric Feature(S) Processing
* Validation Of 3-D Registration Methods Based On Points And Frames

Pennington, K.S. Co Author Listing * Image Processing Algorithms And Techniques (Santa Clara, Ca, February 12-14

Pensini, M.P. Co Author Listing * Combining Image Processing Operators And Neural Networks In A Face Recognition System

Pentland, A. Co Author Listing * 3d Modeling And Tracking Of Human Lip Motions
* Active Gesture Recognition Using Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes
* Bayesian Computer Vision System For Modeling Human Interactions, A
* Bayesian Face Recognition Using Deformable Intensity Surfaces
* Bayesian Similarity Measure For Direct Image Matching, A
* Closed-Form Solutions For Physically Based Shape Modeling And Recognition
* Closed-Form Solutions For Physically-Based Shape Modeling And Recognition
* Coupled Hidden Markov Models For Complex Action Recognition
* Dypers: Dynamic Personal Enhanced Reality System
* Efficient Map / Ml Similarity Matching For Visual Recognition
* Extraction Of Deformable Part Models
* Facial Expression Recognition Using A Dynamic Model And Motion Energy
* Flexible Images: Matching And Recognition Using Learned Deformations
* Generalized Image Matching: Statistical Learning Of Physically-Based Deformations
* Generalized Implicit Functions For Computer Graphics
* Good Vibrations: Model Dynamics For Graphics And Animation
* Machine Understanding Of Human Action
* Matching And Recognition Using Deformable Intensity Surfaces
* Mixtures Of Eigenfeatures For Real-Time Structure From Texture
* Model Framework For Correspondence And Description, A
* Modeling And Prediction Of Human Behavior
* Motion Regularization For Model-Based Head Tracking
* Non-Rigid Motion And Structure From Contour
* Object Representation For Object Recognition
* On The Extraction Of Shape Information From Shading
* On The Imaging Of Fractal Surfaces
* On The Representation Of Occluded Shapes
* Panel Report: The Potential Of Geons For Generic 3-D Object Recognition
* Parametrized Structure From Motion For 3d Adaptive Feedback Tracking Of Faces
* Perception Of Non-Rigid Motion: Inference Of Shape, Material And Force
* Photobook: Content-Based Manipulation Of Image Databases
* Photometric Motion
* Photometric Motion
* Probabilistic Visual Learning For Object Detection
* Probabilistic Visual Learning For Object Recognition
* Real-Time 3-D Tracking And Classification Of Human Behavior
* Real-Time American Sign Language Recognition From Video Using Hidden Markov Models
* Real-Time American Sign Language Recognition Using Desk And Wearable Computer Based Video
* Real-Time Self-Calibrating Stereo Person Tracking Using 3-D Shape Estimation From Blob Features
* Recovery Of Non-Rigid Motion And Structure
* Recovery Of Nonrigid Motion And Structure
* Recursive Estimation Of Structure And Motion Using Relative Orientation Constraints
* Robust Estimation Of A Multi-Layered Motion Representation
* Role Of Model-Based Segmentation In The Recovery Of Volumetric Parts From Range Data, The
* Segmentation By Minimal Description
* Shape Information From Shading: A Theory About Human Perception
* Shape Information From Shading: A Theory About Human Perception
* Simple, Real-Time Range Camera, A
* Smart Rooms, Smart Clothes
* Space-Time Gestures
* Subspace Method For Maximum Likelihood Target Detection, A
* View-Based And Modular Eigenspaces For Face Recognition
* Vision System For Observing And Extracting Facial Action Parameters, A
* Visually Controlled Graphics
* Vsam At The Mit Media Laboratory And Cbcl: Learning And Understanding Action In Video Imagery
* Vsam At The Mit Media Laboratory And Cbcl: Learning And Understanding Action In Video Imagery Pi Report 1998
* Why Aspect Graphs Are Not (Yet) Practical For Computer Vision
* Workshop Panel Report-Why Aspect Graphs Are Not (Yet) Practical For Computer Vision
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Pentland, A.P. Co Author Listing * 3-D Shape Recovery Using Distributed Aspect Matching
* Active Face Tracking And Pose Estimation In An Interactive Room
* Automatic Extraction Of Deformable Part Models
* Coding, Analysis, Interpretation, And Recognition Of Facial Expressions
* Cooperative Robust Estimation Using Layers Of Support
* Design Of A Prototype Interactive Cartographic Display And Analysis Environment
* Extracting Shape From Shading
* Face Recognition Using Eigenfaces
* Fast Solutions To Physical Equilibrium And Interpolation Problems
* Fractal-Based Description Of Natural Scenes
* From Pixels To Predicates: Recent Advances In Computational And Robot Vision, Ablex, Norwood
* From Volumes To Views: An Approach To 3-D Object Recognition
* From Volumes To Views: An Approach To 3-D Object Recognition
* Guest Eds., Special Section On Digital Libraries: Representation And Retrieval
* Human Face Recognition And The Face Image Set'S Topology
* Interpolation Using Wavelet Bases
* Lafter: Lips And Face Real Time Tracker
* Linear Shape From Shading
* Local Shading Analysis
* Markov/Gibbs Texture Modeling: Aura Matrices And Temperature Effects
* Modal Matching For Correspondence And Recognition
* New Sense For Depth Of Field, A
* New Sense For Depth Of Field, A
* On Describing Complex Surface Shapes
* Part Models
* Parts Of Perception, The
* Parts: Structured Descriptions Of Shape
* Perceptual Organization And The Representation Of Natural Form
* Pfinder: Real-Time Tracking Of The Human Body
* Primitive-Based Shape Modeling And Recognition
* Qualitative 3-D Shape Reconstruction Using Distributed Aspect Graph Matching
* Recognition By Parts
* Recursive Estimation Of Motion, Structure, And Focal Length
* Seeing Structure Through Chaos
* Shading Into Texture
* Shading Into Texture
* Shading Into Texture
* Shading Into Texture
* Simple Algorithm For Shape From Shading, A
* Smart Rooms
* Surface Interpolation Using Wavelets
* Task-Specific Gesture Analysis In Real Time Using Interpolated Views
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Pepard, K. Co Author Listing * Comments On ``Stochastic Sampling In Computer Graphics''

Peper, F. Co Author Listing * Determining Connected Components In Linear Time By A Linear Number Of Processors

Pereira, F. Co Author Listing * Proposal For An Integrated Video Analysis Framework

Pereira, J.A.G. Co Author Listing * Digital Image Registration By Sequential Analysis

Pereira, L. Co Author Listing * Image Replacement Through Texture Synthesis

Pereira, M.S. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Neural Network For Multiresolution Image Analysis

Peremans, H. Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Sensor Based On Tri-Aural Perception, A
* Mobile Robot Navigation Based On Flexibility Maps Of The Environment

Perens, B. Co Author Listing * Fast Linear Transformations For Tiled Images

Pereverzev Orlov, V.S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Reading Of Handwritten Characters: A Review
Includes: Pereverzev Orlov, V.S. Pereverzev-Orlov, V.S.

Perez de la Blanca, N. Co Author Listing * Building Up Templates For Non-Rigid Plane Outlines
* Characterizing Planar Outlines

Perez, A. Co Author Listing * Iterative Thresholding Algorithm For Image Segmentation, An
* Peano Scanning Of Arbitrary Size Images

Perez, F. Co Author Listing * Toward Color Image Segmentation In Analog Vlsi: Algorithm And Hardware

Perez, J.C. Co Author Listing * Algorithm For The Optimum Piecewise Linear Approximation Of Digitized Curves, An
* Optimum Polygonal Approximation Of Digitized Curves

Perez, M. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction Of Intermediate Views From Stereoscopic Images Using A Rational Filter

Perez, M.M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Implementation Of The Susan Method For Image Edge And Feature Detection, An
* Guidance Of An Autonomous Vehicle By Visual Feedback

Perez, P. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Detection Of Moving Objects Using Multiscale Techniques
* Dense Estimation And Object-Based Segmentation Of The Optical Flow With Robust Techniques
* Experimental Evaluation Of Hypercube-Based Range Analysis Tools
* Generalized Likelihood Ratio-Based Face Detection And Extraction Of Mouth Features
* Hierarchical Mrf Modeling For Sonar Picture Segmentation
* Hierarchical Statistical Models For The Fusion Of Multiresolution Image Data
* Motion Detection And Tracking Using Deformable Templates
* Multiresolution Em Algorithm For Unsupervised Image Classification, A
* Multiscale Minimization Of Global Energy Functions In Some Visual Recovery Problems
* Parallel Visual Motion Analysis Using Multiscale Markov Random Fields
* Robust Discontinuity-Preserving Model For Estimating Optical Flow
* Semi-Iterative Inference With Hierarchical Models
* Statistical Model-Based Estimation And Tracking Of Non-Rigid Motion
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Peri, M.F. Co Author Listing * Distributed Belief Revision For Adaptive Image Processing Regulation

Peri, V.N. Co Author Listing * Generation Of Perspective And Panoramic Video From Omnidirectional Video

Peritore, G. Co Author Listing * Query By Dialog: An Interactive Approach To Pictorial Querying

Perkins, W.A. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Inspection System For Component Boards

Perkins, W.J. Co Author Listing * Use Of Models In Studying Macrophage Cell Images And The Underlying Biological Processes
* Use Of Models In The Recognition Of Patterns Of Cellular Movement

Perlant, F. Co Author Listing * Recovering 3d Information From Complex Aerial Imagery
* Recovering 3d Information From Complex Aerial Imagery

Perlant, F.P. Co Author Listing * Performance Evaluation Of Scene Registration And Stereo Matching For Cartographic Feature Extraction
* Refinement Of Disparity Estimates Through The Fusion Of Monocolar Image Segmentations
* Refinement Of Disparity Estimates Through The Fusion Of Monocular Image Segmentations
* Scene Registration In Aerial Image Analysis

Perlin, K. Co Author Listing * Hypertexture
* Image Synthesizer, An
* Live Paint: Painting With Procedural Multiscale Textures

Perlin, M. Co Author Listing * Arc Consistency For Factorable Relations

Perlman, S.S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Median Filtering For Impulse Noise Elimination In Real-Time Tv Signals

Perlovsky, L.I. Co Author Listing * Cramer-Rao Bound For Tracking In Clutter And Tracking Multiple Objects
* Model-Based Neural Network For Target Detection In Sar Images

Permuter, H. Co Author Listing * S

Perner, P. Co Author Listing * Advances In Structural And Syntactic Pattern Recognition Sixth International Workshop, Leipzig, Germany, August 20-23, 1996, Springer

Perng, D.B. Co Author Listing * Automatic Reconstruction Of 3d Solid Objects From 2d Orthographic Views

Pernici, B. Co Author Listing * Directing An Animated Scene With Autonomous Actors

Pernus, F. Co Author Listing * Delaunay Triangulation And The Shape Hull As Tools In Muscle Fibre Analysis, The
* Non-Information Preserving Shape Features At Multiple Resolution
* Planning Sequences Of Views For 3-D Object Recognition And Pose Determination
* Two-Dimensional Object Recognition Using Multiresolution Non-Information-Preserving Shape Features

Perny, D. Co Author Listing * Perspective Mapping Of Planar Textures

Peroche, B. Co Author Listing * 2 1 2-D Hierarchical Model Based On Planar Maps, A
* High-Quality Filtering Using Forward Texture Mapping, A

Peron, A. Co Author Listing * Low-Level Processing Techniques In Geophysical Image Interpretation

Perona, P. Co Author Listing * 3d Photography On Your Desk
* Boundary Detection In Piecewise Homogeneous Textured Images
* Computational Model Of Texture Segmentation, A
* Deformable Kernels For Early Vision
* Deformable Kernels For Early Vision
* Detecting And Localizing Edges Composed Of Steps, Peaks And Roofs
* Dynamic Rigid Motion Estimation From Weak Perspective
* Dynamic Visual Motion Estimation From Subspace Constraints
* Factorization Approach To Grouping, A
* Finding Faces In Cluttered Scenes Using Random Labeled Graph Matching
* Monocular Tracking Of The Human Arm In 3d
* Monocular Tracking Of The Human Arm In 3d: Real-Time Implementation And Experiments
* Motion Estimation On The Essential Manifold
* Motion From Fixation
* Motion From Fixation
* Orientation Diffusions
* Orientation Diffusions
* Overcomplete Steerable Pyramid Filters And Rotation Invariance
* Probabilistic Affine Invariants For Recognition
* Probabilistic Approach To Object Recognition Using Local Photometry And Global Geometry, A
* Pyramidal Implementation Of Deformable Kernels
* Real-Time 2-D Feature Detection On A Reconfigurable Computer
* Recognition Of Planar Object Classes
* Recursive 3-D Visual Motion Estimation Using Subspace Constraints
* Recursive Estimation Of Camera Motion From Uncalibrated Image Sequences
* Recursive Motion And Structure Estimation With Complete Error Characterization
* Reducing Structure From Motion: A General Framework For Dynamic Vision. Part 1: Modeling. Part 2: Implementation And Experimental Assessment, T-Pami 20, 1998
* Reducing ``Structure From Motion''
* Rotation Invariant Texture Recognition Using A Steerable Pyramid
* Scale Space And Edge Detection Using Anisotropic Diffusion
* Scale-Space And Edge Detection Using Anisotropic Diffusion
* Scale-Space Properties Of Quadratic Edge Detectors
* Scale-Space Properties Of Quadratic Feature Detectors
* Scene Segmentation From 3d Motion
* Steerable-Scalable Kernels For Edge Detection And Junction Analysis
* Steerable-Scalable Kernels For Edge Detection And Junction Analysis
* Visual Motion Estimation From Point Features: Unified View
* Visual Navigation Using A Single Camera
* X-Y Separable Pyramid Steerable Scalable Kernels
39 for Perona, P.

Perotti, F. Co Author Listing * System For The Interpretation Of 3-D Moving Scenes From 2-D Image Sequences, A

Perrett, D. Co Author Listing * Processing The Facial Image (Proceedings Of A Royal Society Discussion Meeting, July 9-10, 1991; Philosophical Transactions Of The Royal Society), Oxford University Press, Oxford

Perrett, D.I. Co Author Listing * Manipulating Facial Appearance Through Shape And Color
* Neurophysiology Of Shape Processing
* Synthesizing Continuous-Tone Caricatures

Perrin, D. Co Author Listing * Two-Way String-Matching

Perrone, J.A. Co Author Listing * In Search Of The Elusive Flow Field

Perroton, L. Co Author Listing * New 26-Connected Objects Surface Tracking Algorithm And Its Related Pram Version, A

Perrott, C.G. Co Author Listing * 3-D Graphics Display System With Depth Buffer And Pipeline Processor, A

Perrott, R. Co Author Listing * From Line Drawings To Impressions Of 3d Objects: Developing A Model To Account For The Shapes That People See

Perrott, R.H. Co Author Listing * Improved Parallel Thinning Algorithm, An

Perry, A. Co Author Listing * Segmentation Of Textured Images

Persi, F. Co Author Listing * Shape And Motion Engine For Parameterized Models, A

Persons, C.E. Co Author Listing * Maximum Likelihood Approach To Texture Classification Using Wavelet Transform, A

Persoon, E. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Correlation For Fast Industrial Object Location
* Industrial Image Processing By Means Of An Image Recognition Integrated System
* Pipelined Image Analysis System Using Custom Integrated Circuits, A
* Visual Search In A Smash System

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22 for Petkovic, D.

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36 for Petrou, M.

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