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Scafuro, G. Co Author Listing * Experimental System For Office Document Handling And Text Recognition, An

Scarabin, J.M. Co Author Listing * 3d Reconstruction Of Cerebral Blood Vessels

Scarano, G. Co Author Listing * Single Input Three Output Model Based Approach To Color Texture Generation, A
* Texture Synthesis With Bussgang Techniques
* Texture Synthesis-By-Analysis With Hard-Limited Gaussian Processes

Scarberry, R.E. Co Author Listing * Quantitative Measurement Of Texture Orientation In Biomedical Images Using An Artificial Neural Network

Scarlatos, L. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Triangulation Using Cartographic Coherence

Scassellati, B. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Face And Eye Finding With An Active Vision System
* Self-Taught Visually-Guided Pointing For A Humanoid Robot

Sch\\\ Co Author Listing * "Graph Isomorphism Problem: Its Structural Complexity, Birkhauser, Basel, The
* "Multiple Matching Of Rectangular Patterns
Includes: Sch\\\

Schaal, H. Co Author Listing * Computer Graphical Treatments Of Perspective Pictures

Schaback, R. Co Author Listing * On The Expected Sublinearity Of The Boyer-Moore Algorithm

Schachter, B. Co Author Listing * Image Representation Using Voronoi Tessellation

Schachter, B.J. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Image Processing At Westinghouse: 1964-1984

Schaefer, B.A. Co Author Listing * Model Of Human Symmetry Detection, A

Schaefer, D.H. Co Author Listing * Counting On The Gam Pyramid
* Emerging Applications Of Computer Vision (Washington, Dc, October 16-18
* Gam Pyramid, The
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Massively Parallel Computation
* Pyramid Architectures
* Pyramids And ``End''
* Representations Of Spatially Parallel Architectures
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Schaeken, B. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical System For Handwritten Numeral Recognition, A
* Structural Recognition Of Handwritten Numerals

Schaerf, R. Co Author Listing * New Applications Of Distance Transformation Methods For Effective Structural Image Analysis

Schafer, R. Co Author Listing * Dpcm Coding Of The Chrominance Signals For The Transmission Of Colour Tv Signals At 34 Mbits/S

Schafer, R.W. Co Author Listing * Locality And Adjacency Stability Constraints For Morphological Connected Operators
* Low Complexity Matching Criteria For Image/Video Applications
* Lower Bound For Structuring Element Decompositions, A
* Measurement Of Edge Coincidence In Image Thresholdings
* Morphological Filters. Part I: Their Set-Theoretic Analysis And Relations To Linear Shift-Invariant Filters. Part Ii: Their Relations To Median, Order-Statistic, And Stack Filters, T-Assp 35, 1987
* Morphological Skeleton Representation And Coding Of Binary Images
* Morphological Systems For Multidimensional Signal Processing
* Multilevel Thresholding Using Edge Matching
* On The Use Of Morphological Operators In A Class Of Edge Detectors
* Postprocessing Of Thresholded Images To Maximize Edge Coincidence
* Template Matching Based On A Grayscale Hit-Or-Miss Transform
* Two-Dimensional Linear Prediction And Its Application To Adaptive Predictive Coding Of Images
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Schafer, W. Co Author Listing * Software Specification Using Graph Grammars

Schaffer, A.A. Co Author Listing * Convex Hulls Of Piecewise-Smooth Jordan Curves

Schaffer, M. Co Author Listing * Tree Matching Algorithm And Vlsi Architecture For Real-Time 2d Object Classification, A

Schaffer, S. Co Author Listing * Guiding An Autonomous Land Vehicle Using Knowledge-Based Landmark Recognition

Schalkoff, R. Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition-Statistical, Structural, And Neural Approaches, Wiley

Schalkoff, R.J. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of The Weak Solution Approach To Image Motion Estimation
* Analytical Approach To The Determination Of Planar Surface Orientation Using Active-Passive Image Pairs, An
* Ann Implementation Of Stereo Vision Using A Multi-Layer Feedback Architecture
* Automated Reasoning About Image Motion Using A Rule-Based Deduction System
* Automatic Recalibration Of Moving Cameras In Stereo Vision Systems
* Decomposition And Parallel Architecture For The Geometric Transformation Of Digital Images
* Digital Image Processing And Computer Vision, Wiley
* Direct Surface Parameter Estimation Using Structured Light: A Predictor-Corrector Based Approach
* Dynamic Imagery Modeling And Motion Estimation Using Weak Formulations
* Edge Detection And Thinning In Time-Varying Image Sequences Using Spatio-Temporal Templates
* Image Labelling: A Neural Network Approach
* Integrated Spatio-Temporal Model And Recursive Algorithm For Image Motion Estimation, An
* New Results Using An Integrated Model And Recursive Algorithm For Image Motion Estimation
* Parallel Decomposition And Architecture For Implementing Geometric Image Transforms, A
* Three-Dimensional Surface Mapping Simulator: Theory, Capabilities, And Operation
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Scharcanski, J. Co Author Listing * Representing The Color Aspect Of Texture Images

Scharf, L. Co Author Listing * Simple Derivation Of Lloyd'S Classical Result For The Optimum Scalar Quantizer, A

Scharlach, C. Co Author Listing * Ridges For Image Analysis

Scharr, H. Co Author Listing * Study Of Dynamical Processes With Tensor-Based Spatiotemporal Image Processing Techniques

Scharstein, D. Co Author Listing * Matching Images By Comparing Their Gradient Fields
* Stereo Matching With Non-Linear Diffusion
* Stereo Matching With Nonlinear Diffusion
* Stereo Vision For View Synthesis

Schattenschneider, D.J. Co Author Listing * Taxicab Group, The

Schaudt, B. Co Author Listing * Discrete Simulation Of Nc Machining

Schauf, M. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Shape Recognition Using Recursive Mathematical Morphology

Schechner, Y.Y. Co Author Listing * Depth From Defocus Vs. Stereo: How Different Really Are They?
* Separation Of Transparent Layers Using Focus

Scheepers, F. Co Author Listing * Anatomy-Based Modeling Of The Human Musculature

Scheerer, D. Co Author Listing * Efficient Distributed Thinning Algorithm, An

Scheich, H. Co Author Listing * Restoration Of Dendrites And Spines With The Objective Of Topologically Correct Segmentation

Scheinberg, N. Co Author Listing * Composite Ntsc Color Video Bandwidth Compressor, A

Scheithauer, G. Co Author Listing * Partition Of A Square In Rectangles With Equal Areas, The

Schell, F.R. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Landing Of Airplanes By Dynamic Machine Vision
* Autonomous Landing Of Airplanes By Dynamic Machine Vision

Schenck, T.F. Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing And Reconstruction For Three-Dimensional Objects And Scenes (San Diego, Ca, July 9-10

Schendel, U. Co Author Listing * Parallel Computing, North-Holland
* Parcella '90 (Fifth International Workshop On Parallel Processing By Cellular Automata And Arrays, Berlin, Gdr, September 17-21, 1990), Akademie Verlag

Schenk, T. Co Author Listing * Accurate Camera Calibration For The Aerial Image Analysis, An

Schenk, V. Co Author Listing * Self-Maintaining Camera Calibration Over Time

Schenkat, L. Co Author Listing * Flat Surface Reconstruction Using Minimal Sonar Readings

Schenker, P.S. Co Author Listing * Eds. Sensor Fusion: Spatial Reasoning And Scene Interpretation (Cambridge, Ma, November 7-9
* Optical And Digital Pattern Recognition (Los Angeles, Ca, January 13-15
* Sensor Fusion And Decentralized Control In Autonomous Robotic Systems (Pittsburgh, Pa, October 14-15
* Sensor Fusion And Decentralized Control In Robotic Systems (Boston, Ma, November 2-3
* Sensor Fusion And Distributed Robotic Agents (Boston, Ma, November 21-22
* Sensor Fusion And Networked Robotics Vii (Philadelphia, Pa, October 23-24
* Sensor Fusion Ii: Human And Machine Strategies (Philadelphia, Pa, November 6-9
* Sensor Fusion Iii: 3-D Perception And Recognition (Boston, Ma, November 5-8
* Sensor Fusion Iv: Control Paradigms And Data Structures (Boston, Ma, November 12-15
* Sensor Fusion V (Boston, Ma, November 15-17
* Sensor Fusion Vi (Boston, Ma, September 7-8
* Sensor Fusion Vii (Boston, Ma, October 31-November 1
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Scherer, S. Co Author Listing * Robust Adaptive Window Matching By Homogeneity Constraint And Integration Of Descriptions

Scherp, R.S. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Multisensor Data Fusion System For Intelligent Robots

Scherson, I.D. Co Author Listing * Communications Overhead And The Expected Speedup Of Multidimensional Mesh-Connected Parallel Processors
* Data Structures And The Time Complexity Of Ray Tracing
* Distance Bound For Sorting On Mesh-Connected Processor Arrays Is Tight, The
* Efficient Traversal Of Well-Behaved Hierarchical Trees Of Extents For Ray-Tracing Complex Scenes
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Foundations Of Ray Tracing
* Parallel Sorting In Two-Dimensional Vlsi Models Of Computation
* Sorting In Mesh Connected Multiprocessors
* Two Nearly Optimal Sorting Algorithms For Mesh-Connected Processor Arrays Using Shear-Sort
* Unified Algorithm For Sorting On Multidimensional Mesh-Connected Processors, A
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Schertz, L.D. Co Author Listing * Validation Of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Mri) Multispectral Tissue Classification

Schettini, R. Co Author Listing * Approximation Of The Hunt94 Color Appearance Model By Means Of Feed-Forward Neural Networks
* Color Image Segmentation Using Hopfield Networks
* Color Specification By Visual Interaction
* Colorimetric Calibration Of Color Scanners By Back-Propagation
* Computer-Aided Color Coding For Data Display
* Fuzzy Reasoning Approach To Similarity Evaluation In Image Analysis
* Knowledge-Based Contextual Recognition And Seiving Of Digital Images
* Multicolored Object Recognition And Location
* Quantitative Evaluation Of Color Image Segmentation Results
* Search And Replace Of 2-D Objects In Digital Images
* Segmentation Algorithm For Color Images, A
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Schettini, T. Co Author Listing * Image Retrieval Using Fuzzy Evaluation Of Color Similarity

Scheuermann, P. Co Author Listing * Compression Of Binary Images On A Hypercube Machine
* S+-Trees: An Efficient Structure For The Representation Of Large Pictures

Scheuing, A. Co Author Listing * Computing Depth From Stereo Images By Using Optical Flow

Scheunders, P. Co Author Listing * Rotation-Invariant Texture Characterization Using Isotropic Wavelet Frames

Schevon, C. Co Author Listing * Computing The Geodesic Diameter Of A 3-Polytope

Schiavone, J.A. Co Author Listing * Applications Of Computer Graphics To The Visualization Of Meteorological Data
* Stereo Animation For Very Large Databases: Case Study-Meteorology

Schick, J. Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Estimation Of 3d Shape And Motion Of Objects By Computer Vision

Schieber, B. Co Author Listing * Navigating In Unfamiliar Geometric Terrain

Schiele, B. Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Colour Image Normalization
* Dypers: Dynamic Personal Enhanced Reality System
* Object Recognition Using Multidimensional Receptive Field Histograms
* Probabilistic Object Recognition Using Multidimensional Receptive Field Histograms
* Transinformation For Active Object Recognition

Schiers, C. Co Author Listing * 3d Visualization Of Tomographic Volume Data Using The Generalized Voxel Model

Schiffers, J. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Versus Knowledge-Guided Representation Of Non-Rigid Objects: A Case Study

Schiller, R. Co Author Listing * Normalization By Optimization

Schilling, A. Co Author Listing * New Simple And Efficient Antialiasing With Subpixel Masks, A
* Texram: A Smart Memory For Texturing

Schilling, D.L. Co Author Listing * Composite Ntsc Color Video Bandwidth Compressor, A

Schilling, R.J. Co Author Listing * Motion Planning In A Plane Using Generalized Voronoi Diagrams

Schilling, W. Co Author Listing * Practical Divide-And-Conquer Algorithm For The Rectangle Intersection Problem, A

Schimmler, M. Co Author Listing * Systolic Sorting On A Mesh-Connected Network

Schirra, S. Co Author Listing * Approximate Motion Planning And The Complexity Of The Boundary Of The Union Of Simple Geometric Figures

Schiztad Solberg, A.H. Co Author Listing * Texture Fusion And Classification Based On Flexible Discriminant Analysis

Schladt, M. Co Author Listing * Digital Topology On Graphs

Schlag, J.F. Co Author Listing * Symbol Recognition In Electrical Diagrams Using Probabilistic Graph Matching

Schlag, M.D.F. Co Author Listing * On Some Union And Intersection Problems For Polygons With Fixed Orientations
* Rectilinear Shortest Paths

Schlam, E. Co Author Listing * Advances In Display Technology Iv (Los Angeles, Ca, January 24-25

Schlenzig, J. Co Author Listing * Multiple Perspective Interactive Video Surveillance And Monitoring

Schless, V. Co Author Listing * Statistical Approach To Classification Of Flow Patterns For Motion Detection

Schlessinger, M. Co Author Listing * Infrared Technology Fundamentals, Dekker

Schlicher, M.P.P. Co Author Listing * Fast Analytical Medial-Axis Localization In Convex Polyhedra

Schlick, C. Co Author Listing * Ratioquadrics: An Alternative Model For Superquadrics

Schlieder, C. Co Author Listing * Rs-Automorphisms And Symmetrical Objects

Schluens, K. Co Author Listing * Computer Vision (In German), Vieweg, Braunschweig

Schluns, K. Co Author Listing * 3-D Object Recognition By Matching The Total View Information

Schluter, D. Co Author Listing * Using Markov Random Fields For Contour-Based Grouping

Schmalz, M.S. Co Author Listing * Mathematics Of Data/Image Coding, Compression, And Encryption (San Diego, Ca, July 21-22
* Simd-Parallel Model Of Hierarchical, Role-Based Pattern Recognition, With Application To The Optical Interpretation Of Natural Language, A

Schmalz, S. Co Author Listing * Combining Multiple Views And Temporal Associations For 3-D Object Recognition

Schmeck, H. Co Author Listing * On The Maximum Edge Length In Vlsi Layouts Of Complete Binary Trees
* Systolic Sorting On A Mesh-Connected Network

Schmeichel, E.F. Co Author Listing * Fitting Polygonal Functions To A Set Of Points In The Plane

Schmid, C. Co Author Listing * Auto-Calibration By Direct Observation Of Objects
* Automatic Line Matching Across Views
* Combining Greyvalue Invariants With Local Constraints For Object Recognition
* Comparing And Evaluating Interest Points
* Dynamic Calibration Of An Active Stereo Head
* Geometry And Matching Of Curves In Multiple Views, The
* Image Retrieval Using Local Characterization
* Local Grayvalue Invariants For Image Retrieval
* Maintaining Stereo Calibration By Tracking Image Points
* Obstacle Dectection Analysis
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Schmid, V. Co Author Listing * Spatio-Spectral Dissimilarity Algorithm For Multiresolution Texture Segmentation

Schmidradler, D. Co Author Listing * Fault Analysis And Performance Monitoring In Prototyping Machine Vision Systems

Schmidt, J.W. Co Author Listing * Convex Spline Interpolants With Minimal Curvature
* Positive, Monotone, And S-Convex C<1> Interpolation On Rectangular Grids
* Rational Biquadratic C<1> Splines In S-Convex Interpolation
* Shape Preserving Histopolation Using Rational Quadratic Splines

Schmidt, K. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Versus Knowledge-Guided Representation Of Non-Rigid Objects: A Case Study

Schmidt, K.H. Co Author Listing * Computer Vision On Magnetic Resonance Images

Schmidt, M. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Pyramid-A Model For Motion Analysis With Controlled Continuity, The

Schmidt, R.L. Co Author Listing * Experimental Time-Compression System For Satellite Television Transmission, An

Schmidt, U. Co Author Listing * Long Unavoidable Patterns

Schmidt, W.A.C. Co Author Listing * Modified Matched Filter For Cloud Clutter Suppression

Schmitt, A. Co Author Listing * Visible Surface Calculation For Complex Unstructured Polygonal Scenes

Schmitt, F. Co Author Listing * Fast Segmentation Of Range Images Into Planar Regions
* Intrinsic Surface Properties From Surface Triangulation
* Solution For The Registration Of Multiple 3d Point Sets Using Unit Quaternions, A
* Texture Representation And Synthesis By Vector Quantization
* Texture Representation By Adaptive Vector Quantization
* Vision-Based Construction Of Cad Models From Range Images

Schmitt, F.J.M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Subdivision Method For Surface-Fitting From Sampled Data, An

Schmitt, L. Co Author Listing * Several Steps From Icon To Symbol Using Structured Cone/Pyramids, The

Schmitt, L.A. Co Author Listing * Ais-5000 Parallel Processor, The
* Robot Vision System Based On Two-Dimensional Object-Oriented Models, A

Schmitt, M. Co Author Listing * 3d-Vision-Based Navigation: First Steps
* Comments On Geodesic Saliency Of Watershad Contours And Hierarchical Segmentation [+Response]
* Geodesic Saliency Of Watershed Contours And Hierarchical Segmentation
* How The Delaunay Triangulation Can Be Used For Representing Stereo Data
* Image Algebra And Morphological Image Processing V (San Diego, Ca, July 25-26
* Inverse Properties For Granulometries By Erosion
* Mathematical Morphology And Artificial Intelligence: An Automatic Programming System
* Strong And Weak Convex Hulls In Non-Euclidean Metric: Theory And Application
* Variations On A Theme In Binary Mathematical Morphology
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Schmitz, A. Co Author Listing * Camera Calibration For 2.5-D X-Ray Metrology
* High Precision X-Ray Stereo For Automated 3-D Cad-Based Inspection

Schmitz, B.E. Co Author Listing * Color Palette Restoration
* Discontinuity Preserving Regularization Of Inverse Visual Problems

Schmitz, L. Co Author Listing * Note On The Queens' Problem, A

Schmult, B. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Robotic Disassembly In The Blocks World

Schmundt, D. Co Author Listing * Study Of Dynamical Processes With Tensor-Based Spatiotemporal Image Processing Techniques

Schneider, G. Co Author Listing * Monocular Depth Perception By Evaluation Of The Blur In Defocused Images

Schneider, M. Co Author Listing * Integration And Control Of Reactive Visual Processes
* Recursive Estimation Approach To The Segmentation Of Mr Imagery, A
* Statistical Method For Efficient Segmentation Of Mr Imagery, A

Schneider, R.H. Co Author Listing * Application Of Optical Instrumentation In Medicine Xii: Medical Image Production, Processing, Display, And Archiving (San Diego, Ca
* Application Of Optical Instrumentation In Medicine Xiii: Medical Image Production, Processing And Display (Newport Beach, Ca, February 3-6, 1985), Proc. Spie 535. [Held In Conjunction With The Third International Conference On Picture Archiving And Communication Systems For Medical Applications (Pacs Iii; February 7
* Application Of Optical Instrumentation In Medicine Xiv And Picture Archiving And Communication Systems (Pacs Iv) For Medical Applications (Newport Beach, Ca, February 2-7
* Medical Imaging (Newport Beach, Ca, February 1-6
* Medical Imaging Ii (Newport Beach, Ca, January 31-February 5
* Medical Imaging Iii (Newport Beach, Ca, 1989): Image Formation (January 29-3
* Medical Imaging V: Image Physics (San Jose, Ca, February 25-26
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Schneider, R.M. Co Author Listing * Medical Imaging Iv: Image Formation (Newport Beach, Ca, February 4-6

Schneiderman, H. Co Author Listing * Discriminating Feature Tracker For Vision-Based Autonomous Driving, A
* Probabilistic Modeling Of Local Appearance And Spatial Relationships For Object Recognition
* Vision-Based Robotic Convoy Driving
* Visual Processing For Autonomous Driving

Schneiter, J.L. Co Author Listing * Automated Tactile Sensing Strategy For Planar Object Recognition And Localization, An

Schnelting, O. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Filtering Of Distorted Displacement Vector Fields Using Artificial Neural Networks

Schnepf, Z. Co Author Listing * Mpeg-Processor-Based Robot Vision System For Real-Time Detection Of Moving Objects By A Moving Observer, An

Schneuwly, B. Co Author Listing * How To Program And Configure A Heterogeneous Multiprocessor

Schnorr, C. Co Author Listing * Computation Of Discontinuous Optical Flow By Domain Decomposition And Shape Optimization
* Determining Optical Flow For Irregular Domains By Minimizing Quadratic Functionals Of A Certain Class
* Efficient Approach To The Identification Of Characteristic Intensity Variations, An
* Investigation Of Parallel And Globally Convergent Iterative Schemes For Nonlinear Variational Image Smoothing And Segmentation
* Learning Motion Trajectories Via Self-Organization
* On Functionals With Greyvalue-Controlled Smoothness Terms For Determining Optical Flow
* Robust And Convergent Iterative Approach For Determining The Dominant Plane From Two Views Without Correspondence And Calibration, A
* Segmentation Of Visual Motion By Minimizing Convex Non-Quadratic Functionals
* Study Of A Convex Variational Diffusion Approach For Image Segmentation And Feature Extraction, A
* Unique Reconstruction Of Piecewise Smooth Images By Minimizing Strictly Convex Nonquadratic Functionals
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Schnorr, C.P. Co Author Listing * Optimal Sorting Algorithm For Mesh Connected Computers, An

Schnotz, W. Co Author Listing * Comprehension Of Graphics, Elsevier

Schoen, A.H. Co Author Listing * Defect-Correction Algorithm For Minimizing The Volume Of A Simple Polyhedron Which Circumscribes A Sphere, A

Schoendorf, W.H. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Neural Network For Target Detection In Sar Images

Schoeneman, C. Co Author Listing * Painting With Light

Schoenmakers, R.P.H.M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Filtering Using Gradient Morphology

Schofield, A.J. Co Author Listing * System For Counting People In Video Images Using Neural Networks To Identify The Background Scene, A

Scholl, M.S. Co Author Listing * Infrared Spaceborne Remote Sensing (San Diego, Ca, July 14-16
* Infrared Spaceborne Remote Sensing Ii (San Diego, Ca, July 27-29

Scholz, T.J. Co Author Listing * Digital Image Recovery And Synthesis Iii (Denver, Co, August 5-6

Schomberg, H. Co Author Listing * Transputer-Based Shuffle-Shift Machine For Image Processing And Reconstruction, A

Schon, J.P. Co Author Listing * Localization Of Objects With Circular Symmetry In A Noisy Image Using Wavelet Transforms And Adapted Correlation
* Motion Characterization Of Unrigid Objects By Detecting And Tracking Feature Points

Schonberg, E. Co Author Listing * Object Recognition By Three-Dimensional Curve Matching
* Solving Jigsaw Puzzles By Computer

Schonfeld, D. Co Author Listing * Fast Thresholded Linear Convolution Representation Of Morphological Operations, A
* Image Coding Via Morphological Transformations: A General Theory
* Morphological Representation Of Discrete And Binary Images
* Morphological Representation Of Nonlinear Filters
* Morphological Representation Of Order-Statistics Filters
* On The Invertibility Of The Morphological Representation Of Binary Images
* On The Morphological Representation Of Binary Images In A Noisy Environment
* Optimal Morphological Pattern Restoration From Noisy Binary Images
* Optimal Nonlinear Pattern Restoration From Noisy Binary Images
* Optimal Structuring Elements For The Morphological Pattern Restoration Of Binary Images
* Spatially-Variant Mathematical Morphology
* Vortex: Video Retrieval And Tracking From Compressed Multimedia Datases
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Schoning, V. Co Author Listing * Graph Isomorphism Is In The Low Hierarchy

Schoppers, M.J. Co Author Listing * Universal Plans For Real-Time Robots In Unpredictable Environments

Schorn, P. Co Author Listing * Plane-Sweep Solves The Closest Pair Problem Elegantly

Schorr, A. Co Author Listing * On Shortest Paths In Polyhedral Spaces
* On Shortest Paths In Polyhedral Spaces

Schorr, H. Co Author Listing * Innovative Applications Of Artificial Intelligence, Mit Press, Cambridge

Schott, R. Co Author Listing * Applications Of Random Sampling To On-Line Algorithms In Computational Geometry

Schowengerdt, R. Co Author Listing * High Fidelity Image Warping For Serial And Parallel Processing

Schowengerdt, R.A. Co Author Listing * Avoidance Of Additional Aliasing In Multipass Image Rotations
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Non-Conventional Pattern Analysis In Remote Sensing, Prl 17(13)
* Rectification Of Multichannel Images In Mass Storage Using Image Transposition

Schrack, G. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Display Of Linear Octrees
* Computer Graphics Literature For 1985: A Bibliography
* Finding Neighbors Of Equal Size In Linear Quadtrees And Octrees In Constant Time
* Mirroring And Rotating Images In Linear Quadtree Form With Few Machine Instructions

Schrack, G.F. Co Author Listing * Improved Mirroring And Rotation Functions For Linear Quadtree Leaves
* Literature In Computer Graphics For The Year 1983: A Bibliography
* Literature In Computer Graphics For The Year 1984: A Bibliography
* More Texts And Books In Computer Graphics
* Texts And Books In Computer Graphics (Fourth List)
* Texts And Books In Computer Graphics (Third List)

Schreck, P. Co Author Listing * Geometric Construction By Assembling Solved Subfigures

Schreer, O. Co Author Listing * Stereo Vision-Based Navigation In Unknown Indoor Environment

Schreiber, F.A. Co Author Listing * Use Of Neural Networks To Estimate The Number Ofnodes Of An Edge Quadtree

Schreiber, G. Co Author Listing * Data Distribution Concepts For Parallel Image Processing

Schreiber, I. Co Author Listing * Feg Structures For Representation And Recognition Of 3-D Polyhedral Objects
* Polygonal Object Recognition

Schreiber, T. Co Author Listing * Surface Interrogation Algorithms

Schreiber, W.F. Co Author Listing * Transformation Between Continuous And Discrete Representations Of Images: A Perceptual Approach

Schreter, Z. Co Author Listing * Connectionism In Perspective, North-Holland

Schroder, C. Co Author Listing * On The Logics Of Image Interpretation: Model-Construction In A Formal Knowledge-Representation Framework

Schroder, H. Co Author Listing * Parallel Algorithms And A Systolic Device For Cubic B-Spline Curve And Surface Generation
* Programmable Systolic Device For Image Processing Based On Mathematical Morphology, A
* Systolic Sorting On A Mesh-Connected Network

Schroder, P. Co Author Listing * Interactive Multiresolution Mesh Editing
* Maps: Multiresolution Adaptive Parameterization Of Surfaces
* On The Form Factor Between Two Polygons
* Wavelet Radiosity

Schroder, S. Co Author Listing * Ernest: A Semantic Network System For Pattern Understanding

Schroeder, P. Co Author Listing * Textures And Radiosity: Controlling Emission And Reflection With Texture Maps

Schroeder, W. Co Author Listing * Visualization Toolkit: An Object-Oriented Approach To 3d Graphics, Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River, The

Schroeder, W.I. Co Author Listing * Decimation Of Triangle Meshes

Schroeter, P. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Image Segmentation By Multi-Dimensional Clustering And Orientation-Adaptive Boundary Refinement
* Motion Estimation And Segmentation By Fuzzy Clustering
* Motion Segmentation By Fuzzy Clustering With Automatic Determination Of The Number Of Motions
* Segmentation Of Moving Objects By Robust Motion Parameter Estimation Over Multiple Frames
* Time-Varying Motion Estimation Using Orthogonal Polynomials And Applications

Schubert, L. Co Author Listing * Optimal Algorithm For Constructing The Delaunay Triangulation Of A Set Of Line Segments, An

Schuf, A. Co Author Listing * S+-Trees: An Efficient Structure For The Representation Of Large Pictures

Schuierer, S. Co Author Listing * Optimal Robust Localization In Trees

Schulte, A.V.M.C.L. Co Author Listing * Artery Detection And Analysis In Cine-Angiograms

Schulte, C.P. Co Author Listing * Modeling Light Reflection For Computer Color Vision

Schulten, K. Co Author Listing * Speech/Gesture Interface To A Visual Computing Environment For Molecular Biologists

Schultz, H. Co Author Listing * Building Reconstruction From Optical And Range Images
* Daedalus Battlefield Visualization System
* Knowledge Directed Reconstruction From Multiple Aerial Images
* Progress In Computer Vision At The University Of Massachusetts
* Progress In Computer Vision At The University Of Massachusetts
* Recent Advances In 3d Reconstruction Techniques Using Aerial Images
* Retrieving Shape Information From Multiple Images Of A Specular Surface
* Site Modeling Using Ifsar And Electro-Optical Images
* Terrain Reconstruction From Oblique Views
* Three-Dimensional Grouping And Information Fusion For Site Modeling From Aerial Images
* Using Three-Dimensional Features To Improve Terrain Classification
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Schultz, R.R. Co Author Listing * Stochastic Modeling And Estimation Of Multispectral Image Data

Schultze Kool, L.J. Co Author Listing * Interactive Histogram Equalization

Schulz Mirbach, H. Co Author Listing * Constructing Invariant Features By Averaging Techniques
Includes: Schulz Mirbach, H. Schulz-Mirbach, H.

Schulz, R.T. Co Author Listing * Volumetric Layer Segmentation Using Coupled Surface(S) Propagation

Schulz, T.J. Co Author Listing * Image Reconstruction And Restoration (San Diego, Ca, July 25-26
* Image Reconstruction And Restoration Ii San Diego, Ca, July 28-29

Schulze, M.A. Co Author Listing * Morphology-Based Filter Structure For Edge-Enhancing Smoothing, A

Schumacher, P. Co Author Listing * Texture Classification Using Neural Networks And Discrete Wavelet Transform

Schumaker, L.L. Co Author Listing * Algorithms For Degree-Raising Of Splines
* Curves And Surfaces (International Conference, Chamonix, France, June 1990), Academic Press
* Mathematical Methods In Computer Aided Geometric Design Ii, Academic Press
* Mathematical Methods In Computer Aided Geometric Design, Academic Press
* Recent Advances In Wavelet Analysis, Academic Press, San Diego

Schunck, B. Co Author Listing * Interpolating Cubic Spline Contours By Minimizing Second Derivative Discontinuity

Schunck, B.G. Co Author Listing * Computing Oriented Texture Fields
* Computing Oriented Texture Fields
* Discontinuity Preserving Surface Reconstruction
* Dynamic Stereo With Self-Calibration
* Dynamic Stereo With Self-Calibration
* Edge Detection With Gaussian Filters At Multiple Scales
* Evidential Reasoning For Building Environment Maps
* Image Flow Constraint Equation, The
* Image Flow Continuity Equations For Motion And Density
* Image Flow Segmentation And Estimation By Constraint Line Clustering
* Image Flow: Fundamentals And Future Research
* Machine Vision, Mcgraw-Hill
* Motion Constraint Equation For Optical Flow, The
* Motion Segmentation And Estimation By Constraint Line Clustering
* Multi-Dimensional Robust Edge Detection
* Nonparametric Algorithm For Edge Localization, A
* Optimal Contour Approximation By Deformable Piecewise Cubic Splines
* Quadratic Filter And Feature Detection
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* Recovering A Boundary-Level Structural Description From Dynamic Stereo
* Surface Approximation Using Weighted Splines
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* ``Determining Optical Flow'': A Retrospective
24 for Schunck, B.G.

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17 for Schwartz, E.L.

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12 for Schwartz, J.T.

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Schwing, J.L. Co Author Listing * Computing The Hough Transform On Reconfigurable Meshes
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* Fast Computer Vision Algorithms For Reconfigurable Meshes
* Optimal Convex Hull Algorithms On Enhanced Meshes
* Podality-Based Time-Optimal Computations On Enhanced Meshes
* Square Meshes Are Not Optimal For Convex Hull Computation
* Time- And Vlsi-Optimal Convex Hull Computation On Meshes With Multiple Broadcasting
* Time-Optimal Digital Geometry Algorithms On Meshes With Multiple Broadcasting
* Time-Optimal Visibility-Related Algorithms Or Meshes With Multiple Broadcasting
11 for Schwing, J.L.

Schwingshakl, G. Co Author Listing * Flexible Real-Time Programming Of A Distributed Transputer-Based Vision System

Sclabassi, R.J. Co Author Listing * Symmetric Wavelet Edge Detector Of The Minimum Length

Sclaroff, S. Co Author Listing * Active Blobs
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* Generalized Implicit Functions For Computer Graphics
* Head Tracking Via Robust Registration In Texture Map Images
* Modal Matching For Correspondence And Recognition
* Model Framework For Correspondence And Description, A
* Non-Rigid Motion And Structure From Contour
* Object Representation For Object Recognition
* Photobook: Content-Based Manipulation Of Image Databases
* Segmentation By Minimal Description
12 for Sclaroff, S.

Scollar, I. Co Author Listing * Image Enhancement Using The Median And The Interquartile Distance

Scopigno, R. Co Author Listing * Multiresolution Decimation Based On Global Error
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* Smoothing The Optic Flow Field Under Perspective Projection
* Using A Mixed Wave-Diffusion Process To Elicit The Symmetry Set
* ``Four-Line'' Method Of Locally Estimating Optic Flow

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* Rochester Checkers Player-Multimodal Parallel Programming For Animate Vision, The

Scott, P.D. Co Author Listing * Foveal Automatic Target Recognition Using A Multiresolution Neural Network
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Scudder, M.J. Co Author Listing * Computational Framework And Simd Algorithm For Low Level Support Of Intermediate Level Vision Processing, A
* Nonuniform Region Processing On Simd Arrays Using The Coterie Network

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