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Bab Hadiashar, A. Co Author Listing * Optic Flow Calculation Using Robust Statistics
* Robust Optic Flow Computation
* Robust Optic Flow Estimation Using Least Median Of Squares
* Robust Range Segmentation
Includes: Bab Hadiashar, A. Bab-Hadiashar, A.

Baba, M. Co Author Listing * Calibrated Computer Graphics: A New Approach To Realistic Image Synthesis Based On Camera Calibration
* Photometric Calibration Of Zoom Lens Systems

Baba, T. Co Author Listing * Object Recognition With Luminance, Rotation And Location Invariance

Babaguchi, N. Co Author Listing * Connectionist Model Binarization
* Curvedness Of A Line Picture
* Event Detection From Continuous Media
* Generation Of Sketch Map Image And Its Instructions To Support The Understanding Of Geographical Information
* Knowledge Aided Character Segmentation From Handwritten Document Image
* Visiting Card Understanding System

Babaud, J. Co Author Listing * Uniqueness Of The Gaussian Kernel For Scale-Space Filtering

Baber, H.H. Co Author Listing * Generalizing Epipolar-Plane Image Analysis For Non-Orthogonal And Varying View Directions

Babu, M.D.R. Co Author Listing * Determining Plane Orientation From Specular Reflectance

Baccar, M. Co Author Listing * Segmentation Of Range Images Via Data Fusion And Morphological Watersheds

Bacchelli Montefusco, L. Co Author Listing * Using Interactive Graphics For Fitting Surfaces To Scattered Data
Includes: Bacchelli Montefusco, L. Bacchelli-Montefusco, L.

Bachelder, I.A. Co Author Listing * Contour Matching Using Local Affine Transformations
* From Learning Objects To Learning Environments: Biological And Computational Neural Systems

Back, A.D. Co Author Listing * Face Recognition: A Convolutional Neural-Network Approach

Backalov, I. Co Author Listing * Motion Analysis Via Interframe Point Correspondence

Backer, E. Co Author Listing * Finding Point Correspondences Using Simulated Annealing
* Improved Linked Pyramid For Texture Segmentation Using The Fractal Brownian Model, An
* Inexact Graph Matching In Machine Vision
* Modelling Uncertainty In Esats By Classification Inference
* Multiresolution Cluster Segmentation Using Spatial Context
* Multiresolutional Cluster Segmentation Using Spatial Context
* Quantitative Evaluation Of Edge Detection By Dynamic Programming
* Special Issue On Artificial Neural Networks
* Split-And-Merge Segmentation Of Slar Imagery: Segmentation Consistency
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Backstrom, C. Co Author Listing * Static And Dynamic Logical Modelling Of Mechanical Assembly Processes In A Simplified Geometrical Environment

Baddeley, A. Co Author Listing * Averaging Of Random Sets Based On Their Distance Functions

Baddeley, A.J. Co Author Listing * New Metric For Grey-Scale Image Comparison, A
* Object Recognition Using Markov Spatial Processes

Badenas, J. Co Author Listing * Segmentation Based On Region-Tracking In Image Sequences For Traffic Monitoring

Bader, D.A. Co Author Listing * Parallel Algorithms For Image Histogramming And Connected Components With An Experimental Study
* Scalable Data Parallel Algorithms For Texture Synthesis Using Gibbs Random Fields

Badi'i, F. Co Author Listing * Parallel Classification Of 3-D Moving Objects

Badii, F. Co Author Listing * Region Growing And Global Labeling In Image Analysis
* Tabular Representation Of Pictorial Data Via Rectangular Region Coding

Badler, N. Co Author Listing * Animated Conversation: Rule-Based Generation Of Facial Expression Gesture And Spoken Intonation For Multiple Conversational Agents
* Hierarchical Shape Representation Using Locally Adaptive Finite Elements

Badler, N.I. Co Author Listing * Animating Human Locomotion With Inverse Dynamics
* Articulated Figure Animation
* Generating Soft Shadows With A Depth Buffer Algorithm
* Interactive Behaviors For Bipedal Articulated Figures
* Inverse Kinematics Positioning Using Nonlinear Programming For Highly Articulated Figures
* Local Matching Of Surfaces Using A Boundary-Centered Radial Decomposition
* Making Them Move: Mechanics, Control, And Animation Of Articulated Figures (Proceedings Of A Workshop Held In April 1989), Morgan Kaufmann, San Mateo
* Motion Graphics: Description And Control
* Motion: Representation And Perception (Toronto, Canada, April 4-6, 1983), North-Holland
* Multi-Level Shape Representation Using Global Deformations And Locally Adaptive Finite Elements
* Parametric Keyframing Interpolation Incorporating Kinetic Adjustment And Phrasing Control
* Simulating Humans-Computer Graphics, Animation, And Control, Oxford University Press, Oxford
* Strength Guided Motion
* Workshop On Standards For Facial Animation, A
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Badr, H.G. Co Author Listing * Optimal Shortest-Path Routing Policy For Network Computers With Regular Mesh-Connected Topologies, An

Badreldin, A. Co Author Listing * Context-Directed Segmentation Algorithm For Handwritten Numeral Strings
* Handwritten Numeral Recognition By Tree Classification Methods
* High Accuracy Character Recognition Algorithms Using Fourier And Topological Descriptors
* High-Accuracy Syntactic Recognition Algorithm For Handwritten Numerals, A
* Recognition Of Isolated And Simply Connected Handwritten Numerals
* Tree Classification Algorithm For Handwritten Character Recognition, A

Badt, S. Co Author Listing * Two Algorithms For Taking Advantage Of Temporal Coherence In Ray Tracing
Includes: Badt, S. Badt Jr., S.

Bae, K. Co Author Listing * Robot Vision By Encoded Light Beams

Bae, Y.J. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy-Set Based Feature Extraction For Objects Of Various Shapes And Appearances

Baechler, E. Co Author Listing * Reasoning About Kinematic Topology

Baek, K. Co Author Listing * Bagging In Computer Vision

Baek, Y.M. Co Author Listing * Fast Black Run Rotational Algorithm For Binary Images, A

Baeza Yates, R. Co Author Listing * Algorithm For String Matching With A Sequence Of Don'T Cares, An
* Fast Two-Dimensional Pattern Matching
Includes: Baeza Yates, R. Baeza-Yates, R.

Baeza Yates, R.A. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of The Karp-Rabin String Matching Algorithm, An
* Searching Subsequences
Includes: Baeza Yates, R.A. Baeza-Yates, R.A.

Bagdazian, R. Co Author Listing * Fourier Coding Of Image Boundaries
* Texture Synthesis And Compression Using Gaussian-Markov Random Field Models

Bage, M.J. Co Author Listing * Lattice Quantizers: Entropy Reduction By Proper Tie-Handling

Bagherzadeh, N. Co Author Listing * Finding Circular Shapes In An Image On A Pyramid Architecture
* New Approach For Circle Detection On Multiprocessors, A
* Pyramid Simulation Of Image Processing Applications

Baglietto, P. Co Author Listing * Image Processing On High-Performance Risc Systems

Bahl, P. Co Author Listing * Recognition Of Handwritten Word: First And Second Order Hidden Markov Model Based Approach
* Recognizing Conic Shape: A Nonlinear Iterative Approach

Bahl, R. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Integration Of Stereopsis And Optic Flow Computation, A

Bailey, B. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Object Capture Using Fast Vision Tracking, Ai Magazine 181

Bailey, D.G. Co Author Listing * Properties, Implementations And Applications Of Rank Filters
* Range Filters: Local-Intensity Subrange Filters And Their Properties
* Vips-A Digital Image Processing Algorithm Development Environment

Bailey, J.S. Co Author Listing * Quick-Look: A New Way To Prioritize Imagery For Exploitation
* Radius Concept Definition Experiments

Bailey, M.L. Co Author Listing * Apex: Two Architectures For Generating Parametric Curves And Surfaces

Bailey, T. Co Author Listing * Convex Hull Inclusion Test, A

Baillard, C. Co Author Listing * Segmentation Of Urban Scenes From Aerial Stereo Imagery

Baily, P.K. Co Author Listing * Dipod: An Image Understanding Development And Implementation System

Baim, P.W. Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Based Multi-Spectral Image Classification
* Multi-Spectral Image Analysis System

Bain, W.L. Co Author Listing * Report Of The Purdue Workshop On Grand Challenges In Computer Architecture For The Support Of High Performance Computing (W. Lafayette, In, December 12-13, 1991)

Bainbridge Smith, A. Co Author Listing * Determining Optical Flow Using A Differential Method
Includes: Bainbridge Smith, A. Bainbridge-Smith, A.

Baine, G.J. Co Author Listing * Medical Imaging 1997: Pacs Design And Evaluation: Engineering And Clinical Issues Newport Beach, Ca, February 25-28

Bair, W. Co Author Listing * Computing Motion Using Analog Vlsi Vision Chips: An Experimental Comparison Among Different Approaches
* Computing Motion Using Analog Vlsi Vision Chips: An Experimental Comparison Among Four Approaches

Baird, H. Co Author Listing * Guest Eds., Special Issue-Document Image Analysis

Baird, H.S. Co Author Listing * Components Of An Omnifont Page Reader
* Document Recognition Ii (San Jose, Ca, February 6-7
* Feature Identification For Hybrid Structural/Statistical Pattern Classification
* Feature Identification For Hybrid Structural/Statistical Pattern Classification
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Document Image Understanding And Retrieval
* Model-Based Image Matching Using Location, Mit Press, Cambridge
* On The Recognition Of Printed Characters Of Any Font And Size
* Reading Chess
* Structured Document Image Analysis, Springer
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Baird, L. Co Author Listing * 3d Object Perception Using Gradient Descent

Bajaj, C. Co Author Listing * Compliant Motion Planning With Geometric Models
* Efficient Algorithms For Common Transversals
* Generalized Unfoldings For Shortest Paths
* Generation Of Configuration Space Obstacles: Moving Algebraic Surfaces
* Generation Of Configuration Space Obstacles: The Case Of A Moving Sphere
* Geometric Optimization And The Polynomial Hierarchy

Bajaj, C.L. Co Author Listing * Algebraic Surface Design With Hermite Interpolation
* Arbitrary Topology Shape Reconstruction From Planar Cross-Sections
* Automatic Parameterization Of Rational Curves And Surfaces Iv: Algebraic Space Curves
* Automatic Reconstruction Of Surfaces And Scalar Fields From 3d Scans
* Convex Decomposition Of Polyhedra And Robustness
* Generation Of Configuration Space Obstacles: The Case Of Moving Algebraic Curves
* Hermite Interpolation Using Real Algebraic Surfaces
* Modeling With Cubic A-Patches
* Smoothing Polyhedra Using Implicit Algebraic Splines
9 for Bajaj, C.L.

Bajcsy, P. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Image Segmentation Using Similarity Analysis
* Segmentation Of Multidimensional Images

Bajcsy, R. Co Author Listing * Active And Exploratory Perception
* Active Observer, An
* Active Part-Decomposition, Shape, And Motion Estimation Of Articulated Objects: A Physics-Based Approach
* Active Perception
* Active Perception Vs. Passive Perception
* Active Vision For Reliable Ranging: Cooperating Focus, Stereo, And Vergence
* Advances In Computer Vision (Dagstuhl Seminar On Theoretical Foundations Of Computer Vision, Wadern, Germany, March 18-22, 1996), Springer
* Color Image Segmentation With Detection Of Highlights And Local Illumination Induced By Inter-Reflections
* Combining Color And Geometry For The Active Visual Recognition Of Shadows
* Computational Sensors (Darpa Workshop, Philadelphia, Pa, May 11-12, 1992)
* Conscious Observer: A Coordinated Effort In Computer Vision, A
* Cooperation Of Visually Guided Behaviors
* Detection Of Diffuse And Specular Interface Reflections And Inter-Reflections By Color Image Segmentation
* Detection Of Specularity Using Color And Multiple Views
* Detection Of Specularity Using Colour And Multiple Views
* Discrete Event Modeling Of Visually Guided Behaviors
* Finding Parametric Curves In An Image
* Fish-Scales: Representing Fuzzy Manifolds
* How To Decide From The First View Where To Look Next
* Image Understanding At The Grasp Laboratory
* Inferring 2d Object Structure From The Deformation Of Apparent Contours
* Interactive Recognition And Representation Of Functionality
* Investigating Functionality: The Case Of Piercing Operation
* Land Scan: A Natural Language And Computer Vision System For Analyzing Aerial Images
* Methodology For Evaluation Of Task Performance In Robotic Systems: A Case Study In Vision-Based Localization, A
* Model-Based Gaze Control
* Model-Based Learning Of Segmentations
* Models Of Errors And Mistakes In Machine Perception. Part 1. First Results For Computer Vision Range Measurements
* Multiresolution Elastic Matching
* Object Recognition Using Vision And Touch
* Object Representation For Object Recognition
* Occlusions As A Guide For Planning The Next View
* On Occluding Contour Artifacts In Stereo Vision
* Perception With Feedback
* Quantitative And Qualitative Measures For The Evaluation Of The Superquadric Models
* Range Image Interpretation Of Mail Pieces With Superquadrics
* Recovery Of Parametric Models From Range Images: The Case For Superquadrics With Global Deformations
* Rsta On The Move
* Rsta On The Move: Detection And Tracking Of Moving Objects From An Autonomous Mobile Platform
* Segmentation As The Search For The Best Description Of The Image In Terms Of Primitives
* Segmentation Characterization For Change Detection
* Segmentation Of Range Images As The Search For Geometric Parametric Models
* Signal-To-Symbol Transformation And Vice Versa: From Fundamental Processes To Representation
* Stereo Processing Of Aerial, Urban Images
* Surface And Volumetric Segmentation Of Range Images Using Biquadrics And Superquadrics
* Tactile Information Processing
* Tactile Information Processing -- The Bottom Up Approach
* Theoretical Foundations Of Computer Vision (Dagstuhl Seminar Report 139
* Three-Dimensional Object Representation Revisited
* Visual And Conceptual Hierarchy -- A Paradigm For Studies Of Automated Generation Of Recognition Strategies
* Visual And Conceptual Hierarchy: A Paradigm For Studies Of Automated Generation Of Recognition Strategies
* Visual Observation Under Uncertainty As A Discrete Event Process
* Volumetric Segmentation Of Range Images Of 3d Objects Using Superquadric Models
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Bajcsy, R.K. Co Author Listing * Acquiring 3-D Spatial Data Of A Real Object
* Robotic Exploration Of Surfaces With A Compliant Wrist Sensor
* Segmentation Via Manipulation

Bajd, T. Co Author Listing * Reducing Positioning Uncertainty Of Objects By Robotic Pushing

Bajon, J. Co Author Listing * Concavity Characterization Method For Digital Objects, A

Bakalash, R. Co Author Listing * Medicube: A 3d Medical Imaging Architecture
* Memory And Processing Architecture For 3d Voxel-Based Imagery
* Real Time Discrete Shading

Baker, B.S. Co Author Listing * New Proof For The First-Fit Decreasing Bin-Packing Algorithm, A
* Nonobtuse Triangulation Of Polygons
* Polygon Containment Under Translation
* Two-Dimensional Bin-Packing Model Of Preemptive, Fifo Storage Allocation, A

Baker, D.C. Co Author Listing * Detection And Segmentation Of Man-Made Objects In Outdoor Scenes: Concrete Bridges
* Geometry Guided Incremental Segmentation

Baker, H. Co Author Listing * Realtime Stereo And Motion Integration For Navigation

Baker, H.H. Co Author Listing * Building Surfaces Of Evolution: The Weaving Wall
* Building Surfaces Of Evolution: The Weaving Wall
* Building, Visualizing, And Computing On Surfaces Of Evolution
* Epipolar-Plane Image Analysis: A Technique For Analyzing Motion Sequences
* Epipolar-Plane Image Analysis: A Technique For Analyzing Motion Sequences
* Epipolar-Plane Image Anlysis: An Approach To Determining Structure From Motion
* Generalizing Epipolar-Plane Image Analysis On The Spatiotemporal Surface
* Generalizing Epipolar-Plane Image Analysis On The Spatiotemporal Surface
* Generalizing Epipolar-Plane Image Analysis On The Spatiotemporal Surface
* Jisct Stereo Evaluation, The
* Motion Tracking On The Spatiotemporal Surface
* Motion Tracking On The Spatiotemporal Surface
* Surface Reconstruction From Image Sequences
13 for Baker, H.H.

Baker, J.D. Co Author Listing * Multiresolution Statistical Object Recognition

Baker, J.W. Co Author Listing * Constant Time Algorithm For Computing The Hough Transform

Baker, K. Co Author Listing * Agent Orientated Annotation In Model Based Visual Surveillance
* Guest Eds., Special Issue-5th Alvey Vision Meeting
* Multi-Agent Visual Surveillance Of Dynamic Scenes
* Special Issue: Papers From The 1985 Alvey Computer Vision And Image Interpretation Meeting

Baker, K.D. Co Author Listing * 3d Grouping By Viewpoint Consistency Ascent
* 3d Structure And Motion Estimation From 2d Image Sequences
* Analogy Between Model-Based Vision And Diagnostic Expert Systems, An
* Automatic Construction Of A View-Independent Relational Model For 3-D Object Recognition, The
* Closed-Form Algorithms For Object Pose And Scale Recovery In Constrained Scenes
* Colour Based Object Tracking
* Consistent Labelling Of Image Features Using An Assumption-Based Truth Maintenance System
* Efficient Image Gradient-Based Object Localisation And Recognition
* Experiments On The Use Of The Atms To Label Features For Object Recognition
* Model Based Perspective Inversion
* Model-Based Localisation And Recognition Of Road Vehicles
* Model-Based Vehicle Detection And Classification Using Orthographic Approximations
* Model-Independent Recovery Of Object Orientations
* Performance Assessment Of Model-Based Tracking
* Pose Determination And Recognition Of Vehicles In Traffic Scenes
* Pose Refinement Of Active Models Using Forces In 3d
* Quantitative Analysis Of The Viewpoint Consistency Contraint In Model-Based Vision
* Recognizing Objects On The Ground-Plane
* Relational Model Construction And 3d Object Recognition From Single 2d Monochromatic Image
* Roll Angle Consistency Constraint
* Structure From Motion Using The Ground Plane Constraint
* Use Of Multiple Difference-Of-Gaussian Filters To Verify Geometric Models
* Using Automatically Constructed View-Independent Relational Model In 3d Object Recognition
* ``Model'': A Poplog Package To Support Model-Based Vision
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Baker, L.R. Co Author Listing * Automatic Optical Inspection (Innsbruck, Austria, April 15-18
* Image Quality: An Overview (Arlington, Va, April 9-10
* Validation Of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Mri) Multispectral Tissue Classification

Baker, M. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction Of Smooth Surfaces With Arbitrary Topology Adaptive Splines

Baker, M.P. Co Author Listing * Computer Graphics, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs
* Computer Graphics, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs
* Computer Graphics: C Version, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River

Baker, M.S. Co Author Listing * Surface Reconstruction And Compression Using Multiresolution Arbitrary Topology G1continuous Splines

Baker, S. Co Author Listing * Catadioptric Image Formation
* Layered Approach To Stereo Reconstruction, A
* Optimal Weighting Functions For Feature Detection
* Parametric Feature Detection
* Parametric Feature Detection
* Parametric Feature Detection
* Theory Of Catadioptric Image Formation, A
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Baker, T. Co Author Listing * Representation Of Uncertainty In Spatial Target Tracking

Bakshi, S. Co Author Listing * Shape From Shading For Non-Lambertian Surfaces
* Towards Developing A Practical System To Recover Light, Reflectance, And Shape

Bala, J. Co Author Listing * Gmu Research On Learning In Vision
* Robust Shape Analysis Using Multistrategy Learning
* Shape Analysis Using Genetic Algorithms
* Shape Analysis Using Hybrid Learning
* Visual Routine For Eye Detection Using Hybrid Genetic Architectures

Bala, J.W. Co Author Listing * Progress On Vision Through Learning At George Mason University
* Recognizing Noisy Patterns Via Iterative Optimization And Matching Of Their Descriptions

Balaji, S. Co Author Listing * Recognition Of Partially Occluded Objects Using B-Spline Representation

Balakirsky, S. Co Author Listing * Fast Image Stabilization And Mosaicking
* Performance Characterization Of Image Stabilization Algorithms

Balakirsky, S.B. Co Author Listing * Performance Characterization Of Image Stabilization Algorithms

Balanza, M. Co Author Listing * Frequency Domain Analysis Of Translations With Piecewise Cubic Trajectories

Balas, G. Co Author Listing * Optical Flow: A Curve Evolution Approach

Balas, G.J. Co Author Listing * Optical Flow: A Curve Evolution Approach

Balasubramaniam, K. Co Author Listing * Horizon Line Matching For Orientation Correction Using A Messy Genetic Algorithm

Balasubramanian, R. Co Author Listing * Colorimetric Modeling Of Binary Color Printers
* Tracking Of Nonrigid Motion And 3d Structure From 2d Image Sequences Without Correspondences

Balasubramanian, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Jigsaw Puzzle Solver, An

Balasubramanyam, P. Co Author Listing * Computation Of Motion In Depth Parameters: A First Step In Stereoscopic Motion Interpretation
* Computational Model For Binocular Motion Processing, A
* Early Identification Of Occlusion In Stereo-Motion Image Sequences
* P-Field: A Computational Model For Binocular Motion Processing, The

Balasubramanyan, P. Co Author Listing * Computation Of Motion-In-Depth Parameters Using Stereoscopic Motion Constraints

Balcazar, J.L. Co Author Listing * Optimal Distance Networks Of Low Degree For Parallel Computers

Balch, T. Co Author Listing * Behavior-Based Formation Control For Multirobot Teams

Balchen, J.G. Co Author Listing * Corner Characterization By Statistical Analysis Of Gradient-Direction

Baldeschwieler, J.E. Co Author Listing * Distributed Hierarchical Video-On-Demand System, A

Baldock, R. Co Author Listing * Application Of A Knowledge-Based System To The Interpretation Of Ultrasound Images

Baldwin, B. Co Author Listing * Resolution-Appropriate Shape Representation

Baldwin, M. Co Author Listing * Optimal Algorithm For Finding Minimal Enclosing Triangles, An

Baldwin, W.A. Co Author Listing * Multidimensional Trees

Balko, J.A. Co Author Listing * Validation Of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Mri) Multispectral Tissue Classification

Ball, A.A. Co Author Listing * Conditions For Tangent Plane Continuity Over Recursively Generated B-Spline Surfaces
* Investigation Of Curvature Variations Over Recursively Generated B-Spline Surfaces, An

Ball, T.W. Co Author Listing * Procedurally Representing Lofted Surfaces

Ball, W.E. Co Author Listing * Rapid Search For Spherical Objects In Aerial Photographs

Ballard, D. Co Author Listing * Image Understanding Research At Rochester

Ballard, D.H. Co Author Listing * Active Navigation: Tracking An Environmental Point Considered Beneficial
* Active Vision Architecture Based On Iconic Representations, An
* Animate Vision
* Behavioural Constraints On Animate Vision
* Color Indexing
* Connectionist Model Of Extrapersonal Space, A
* Cortical Connections And Parallel Processing: Structure And Function
* Dynamic Model Of Visual Recognition Predicts Neural Response Properties In The Visual Cortex
* Egomotion Using Active Vision
* Eye Fixation And Early Vision: Kinetic Depth
* Eye Movement And Visual Cognition
* Form Perception Using Transformation Networks: Polyhedra
* Head-Centered Orientation Strategies In Animate Vision
* Indexing Via Color Histograms
* Indexing Via Color Histograms
* Introduction To Natural Computation, Mit Press, Cambridge, An
* Looming Detection In Log-Polar Coordinates
* Low Resolution Cues For Guiding Saccadic Eye Movements
* Modular Learning In Neural Networks
* Object Indexing Using An Iconic Sparse Distributed Memory
* Object Recognition Using Steerable Filters At Multiple Scales
* Parallel Logical Inference And Energy Minimization
* Parallel Polyhedral Shape Recognition
* Parameter Nets
* Principles Of Animate Vision
* Reference Frames For Animate Vision
* Seeing Behind Occlusions
* Splines As Embeddings For Generalized Cylinders
* Task Frames In Robot Manipulation
* Task Frames In Visuo-Motor Coordination
* Task Frames: Primitives For Sensory-Motor Coordination
* Transformational Form Perception In 3d: Constraints, Algorithms, Implementation
* Using Intermediate Objects To Improve The Efficiency Of Visual Search
* Visual Routines For Autonomous Driving
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Ballard, P. Co Author Listing * Computer Operation Via Face Orientation
* Controlling A Computer Via Facial Aspect

Ballester, C. Co Author Listing * Affine Invariant Texture Segmentation And Shape From Texture By Variational Methods

Ballesteros, S. Co Author Listing * Cognitive Approaches To Human Perception, Erlbaum, Hillsdale
* Cognitive Approaches To Human Perception, Erlbaum, Hillsdale
* Object Perception-Structure And Function, Erlbaum, Hillsdale
* Object Perception-Structure And Process, Erlbaum, Hillsdale

Balorda, Z. Co Author Listing * Reducing Positioning Uncertainty Of Objects By Robotic Pushing

Balschbach, G. Co Author Listing * Multichannel Shape From Shading Techniques For Moving Specular Surfaces

Balslev, I. Co Author Listing * Noise Tolerance Of Moment Invariants In Pattern Recognition

Baltasavias, E.P. Co Author Listing * Automatic Extraction Of Man-Made Objects From Aerial And Space Images (Ii) (Ancona, Italy, May 4-9, 199

Baltsan, A. Co Author Listing * On Shortest Paths Amidst Convex Polyhedra
* On The Shortest Paths Between Two Convex Polyhedra

Baluja, S. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Relevance: Vision-Based Focus Of Attention Using Artificial Neural Networks
* Evolution Of An Artificial Neural Network Based Autonomous Land Vehicle Controller
* Multiple Adaptive Agents For Tactical Driving
* Neural Network-Based Face Detection
* Neural Network-Based Face Detection
* Neural Network-Based Face Detection
* Rotation Invariant Neural Network-Based Face Detection
* Rotation Invariant Neural Network-Based Face Detection
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Bamberger, R.H. Co Author Listing * New Subband Geometries For Image Texture Segmentation
* Robust System For Lineament Analysis Of Aero-Magnetic Imagery Using Orientation Analysis And Edge Linking, A

Bamieh, B. Co Author Listing * General Moment-Invariants/Attributed-Graph Method For Three-Dimensional Object Recognition From A Single Image, A

Bamler, R. Co Author Listing * Linear Shift-Variant Processing Of 2-D Signals Via Sequence Convolution: Special Cases And Experimental Results

Banavar, R.N. Co Author Listing * Risk-Sensitive Filters For Recursive Estimation Of Motion From Images

Bandari, E. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Analysis Of Multiple Frames By Visual Echoes
* Spatial-Quefrency Approach To Optical Echo Analysis
* Visual Echo Analysis

Bandemer, H. Co Author Listing * On A Fuzzy-Theory-Based Computer-Aided Particle Shape Description
* Specifying Fuzzy Data From Gray-Tone Pictures For Pattern Recognition

Bandera, C. Co Author Listing * Foveal Automatic Target Recognition Using A Multiresolution Neural Network
* Foveal Automatic Target Recognition Using A Neural Network
* Mimd Computing Platform For A Hierarchical Foveal Machine Vision System, An

Bandoh, T. Co Author Listing * Isp: A Dedicated Lsi For Gray Image Local Operations

Bandopadhay, A. Co Author Listing * Active Navigation: Tracking An Environmental Point Considered Beneficial
* Egomotion Using Active Vision
* Measuring Image Motion In Dynamic Images
* Searching Parameter Spaces With Noisy Linear Constraints
* Shape From Line Drawings: Beyond Huffman-Clowes Labeling

Bandyopadhyay, A. Co Author Listing * Active Vision
* Active Vision
* Active Vision
* Connectionist Model Of Extrapersonal Space, A
* Interest Points, Disparities And Correspondence
* Multiple Channel Model For Perception Of Optical Flow, A

Bandyopadhyay, B. Co Author Listing * Nonlinear Extension To A Moment Method Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm For Microwave Tomography

Banerjee, A. Co Author Listing * Contagion-Driven Image Segmentation And Labeling
* Frequency Dependence Of Atd Performance In Foliage-Penetrating Sar Images
* Image Segmentation And Labeling Using The Polya Urn Model
* Model Based Detection Of Targets In Fopen Sar Images

Banerjee, K. Co Author Listing * Simd Machine For Low-Level Vision, An

Banerjee, P. Co Author Listing * Parallel Algorithms For Geometric Connected Component Labeling On A Hypercube Multiprocessor

Banerjee, S. Co Author Listing * 2d Shape Metric And Its Implementation In Biomedical Imaging, A
* C-Factor: A Morphological Shape Descriptor
* Cooperative Integration Of Stereopsis And Optic Flow Computation, A
* Detecting Parameterized Curve Segments Using Mdl And The Hough Transform
* Finding Point Correspondences In Motion Sequences Preserving Affine Structure
* Map Estimation Of Context-Free Grammars
* Map Estimation Of Piecewise Constant Digital Signals
* Maximum-Likelihood Edge Detection In Digital Signals
* Model-Based Cluster Analysis
* Object Tracking Using Affine Structure For Point Correspondences
* Optimal Algorithm To Find The Degrees Of Connectedness In An Undirected Edge-Weighted Graph, An
* Point Landmarks For Registration Of Ct And Mr Images
* Pyramid Computation Of Neighbor Distance Statistics In Dot Patterns
* Surface Reconstruction From Disparate Shading: An Integration Of Shape-From Shading And Stereopsis
* Translation And Rotation Of Binary Images Encoded As Minimized Boolean Functions
15 for Banerjee, S.

Banerji, A. Co Author Listing * Statistical Inference For A Stochastic Multiresolution Image Decomposition Scheme

Banerji, R.B. Co Author Listing * Formal Techniques In Artificial Intelligence-A Sourcebook, North-Holland

Bangham, J.A. Co Author Listing * Comparison Of Active Shape Model And Scale Decomposition Based Features For Visual Speech Recognition, A
* Lip Reading From Scale-Space Measurements
* Multiscale Nonlinear Decomposition: The Sieve Decomposition Theorem
* Nonlinear Scale-Space From N-Dimensional Sieves
* Scale-Space From Nonlinear Filters
* Scale-Space From Nonlinear Filters

Bani Hashemi, A. Co Author Listing * Finding The Aspect-Ratio Of An Imaging System
* Fourier Approach To Camera Orientation, A
* Steering A Robot With Vanishing Points
Includes: Bani Hashemi, A. Bani-Hashemi, A.

Bania, C. Co Author Listing * Computer-Aided Design With Expert System Interface For Robot Vision

Banks, D.C. Co Author Listing * Illumination In Diverse Codimensions

Banno, K. Co Author Listing * Text Recognition System For Japanese Documents

Bao, G.Q. Co Author Listing * Variable Capacitance Neuron Model-A New Hardware For Bionics Computer

Bao, H. Co Author Listing * New Progressive Radiosity Algorithm Through The Use Of Accurate Form-Factors, A

Bao, H.T. Co Author Listing * Conversion And Combination Of Image Representations

Bao, P.G. Co Author Listing * Quadruple-Step Line Generation

Bao, X. Co Author Listing * Reinforcement Learning Integrated Image Segmentation And Object Recognition

Bapeswara Rao, V.V. Co Author Listing * New Algorithm For Real-Time Median Filtering, A

Baptista, G. Co Author Listing * High Accuracy Algorithm For Recognition Of Handwritten Numerals, A

Bar Eli, E. Co Author Listing * Online Navigation In A Room
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8 for Barba, D.

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11 for Barnard, S.T.

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12 for Barr, A.H.

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7 for Barrett, E.B.

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* Motion And Structure In Rigid Multi-Surfaced Stationary Environments Using Time-Varying Image Velocity: Linear Solutions
* Performance Of Optical Flow Techniques
* Performance Of Optical Flow Techniques
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11 for Barron, J.L.

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21 for Barsky, B.A.

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* Alignment Of Objects With Smooth Surfaces, The
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* Clustering Appearances Of 3d Objects
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* Completion Energies And Scale
* Constancy And Similarity
* Distance Metric Between 3d Models And 2d Images For Recognition And Classification
* Distance Metric Between 3d Models And 2d Images For Recognition And Classification
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* Efficient Determination Of Shape From Multiple Images Containing Partial Information
* Extracting Salient Curves From Images: An Analysis Of The Saliency Network
* Extracting Salient Curves From Images: An Analysis Of The Saliency Network
* Localization And Homing Using Combinations Of Model Views
* Localization And Positioning Using Combinations Of Model Views
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* Navigation Based On A Network Of 2d Images
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* Paraperspective Equiv Affine
* Recognition By Linear Combinations Of Models
* Recognition By Prototypes
* Recognition By Prototypes
* Recognition Using Region Correspondences
* Recognition Using Region Correspondences
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28 for Basri, R.

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26 for Basu, A.

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18 for Batchelor, B.G.

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* Detection And Three-Dimensional Localization By Stereoscopic Visual Sensor And Its Application To A Robot For Picking Asparagus
* Efficient Algorithm For Computation Of Shape Moments From Run-Length Codes Or Shape Codes, An
* Multiple Resolution Image Segmentation Using Four Qp Supports Of 2d Autoregressive Model
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Includes: Bayro Corrochano, E. Bayro-Corrochano, E.

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