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Ooi, K. Co Author Listing * Stroke Re-Ordering Algorithm For On-Line Handwritten Character Recognition

Oommen, B.J. Co Author Listing * Constrained String Editing
* Formal Theory For Optimal And Information Theoretic Syntactic Pattern Recognition, A
* Learning Automaton Solution To The Stochastic Minimum-Spanning Circle Problem, A
* Moment-Preserving Piecewise Linear Approximations Of Signals And Images
* On Terrain Model Acquisition By A Point Robot Amidst Polyhedral Obstacles
* On The Problem Of Multiple Mobile Robots Cluttering A Workspace
* Recognition Of Noisy Subsequences Using Contrained Edit Distances
* Recognizing Sources Of Random Strings
* Robot Navigation In Unknown Terrain Using Learned Visibility Graphs. Part I: The Disjoint Convex Obstacle Case
* Robot Navigation In Unknown Terrains Of Convex Polygonal Obstacles, Using Learned Visibility Graphs
* Spelling Correction Using Probabilistic Methods
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Oonishi, Y. Co Author Listing * Video Image Manipulation In Multi-Media Pictorial Database Management

Oosterlinck, A. Co Author Listing * Active Acquisition Of 3d Shape For Moving Objects
* Advances In Image Processing (The Hague, The Netherlands, March 31 - April 3
* Applications Of Digital Image Processing Viii (San Diego, Ca, August 20-22
* Characterization And Detection Of Skewed Symmetry, The
* Determination Of Optical Flow And Its Discontinuities Using Non-Linear Diffusion
* Foundations Of Semi-Differential Invariants
* Groups, Fixed Sets, Symmetries, And Invariants
* Iconic Representation Of Visual Data And Models
* Image Enhancement Using Non-Linear Diffusion
* Image Processing (Spie), Hamburg, Frg
* Industrial Pattern Recognition
* Initial Segmentation Of A Scene Using The Results Of A Classification Based Motion Estimator
* Knowledge-Based Improvement Of Automatic Image Interpretation For Restricted Scenes: Two Case Studies
* Knowledge-Based System For The Delineation Of Blood Vessels On Subtraction Angiograms, A
* Machine Vision And Applications, Springer
* Modulus Constraint: A New Constraint For Self-Calibration, The
* One-Shot Active 3d Shape Acquisition
* Range Image Acquisition With A Simple Binary-Encoded Light Pattern
* Real Time Edge Linker, A
* Recognition And Semi-Differential Invariants
* Recognition Of Planar Shapes Under Affine Distortion
* Road Extraction From Multi-Temporal Satellite Images By An Evidential Reasoning Approach
* Shape Recognition Under Affine Distortions
* Similarity Extraction And Modelling
* Texture Analysis Anno 1983
* Texture Inspection With Self-Adaptive Convolution Filters
* Towards A General Framework For Feature Extraction
* Using Expert Systems For Image Understanding
* Viewpoint Invariant Characteristics Of Articulated Objects
* Vision And Lie'S Approach To Invariance
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Ooura, M. Co Author Listing * Kanji Recognition Method Which Detects Writing Errors, A

Oowa, H. Co Author Listing * Environment Understanding Of Mobile Robot ``Harunobu-3'' By Picture Interpretation Language Pils V-3

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