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Bebis, G. Co Author Listing * Indexing Based On Algebraic Functions Of Views
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Bednar, J.B. Co Author Listing * Alpha-Trimmed Means And Their Relationship To Median Filters

Bedrosian, S.D. Co Author Listing * Effect Of Fuzzy Membership On Recognition Of Gray Level Images
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Belhadj, Z. Co Author Listing * Classification Of Radar Images In Polarimetric Remote Sensing

Belhumeur, P.N. Co Author Listing * Bas-Relief Ambiguity, The
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* Binocular Stereo Algorithm For Reconstructing Sloping, Creased, And Broken Contours In The Presence Of Half-Occlusion, A
* Comparing Images Under Variable Illumination
* Efficient Region Tracking With Parametric Models Of Geometry And Illumination
* Eigenfaces Vs. Fisherfaces: Recognition Using Class Specific Linear Projection
* Eigenfaces Vs. Fisherfaces: Recognition Using Class Specific Linear Projection
* Estimating And Recognizing Parameterized 3-D Objects Using A Moving Camera
* Estimation Of Motion Boundary Location And Optical Flow Using Dynamic Programming
* Global Priors For Binocular Stereopsis
* Illumination Cones For Recognition Under Variable Lighting: Faces
* Real-Time Tracking Of Image Regions With Changes In Geometry And Illumination
* Recovering Object Surfaces From Viewed Changes In Surface Texture Patterns
* Toward A Model-Based Bayesian Theory For Estimating And Recognizing Parameterized 3-D Objects Using Two Or More Images Taken From Different Positions
* What Is The Set Of Images Of An Object Under All Possible Illumination Conditions?
* What Is The Set Of Images Of An Object Under All Possible Lighting Conditions?
* What Shadows Reveal About Object Structure
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Belkacem Boussaid, K. Co Author Listing * Edge Detection Using Holladay'S Principle
Includes: Belkacem Boussaid, K. Belkacem-Boussaid, K.

Belkasim, S.O. Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition With Moment Invariants: A Comparative Study And New Results
* Shape-Contour Recognition Using Moment Invariants

Belkhale, K.P. Co Author Listing * Parallel Algorithms For Geometric Connected Component Labeling On A Hypercube Multiprocessor

Belknap, R. Co Author Listing * Information Fusion Problem And Rule-Based Hypotheses Applied To Complex Aggregations Of Image Events, The
* Information Fusion Problem And Rule-Based Hypotheses Applied To Complex Aggregations Of Image Events, The

Bell, B. Co Author Listing * Context Knowledge And Search Control Issues In Object-Oriented Prolog-Based Image Understanding
* Contour Tracking And Corner Detection In A Logic Programming Environment

Bell, S.B.M. Co Author Listing * Digital Geometry For Hexagonal Pixels, A
* Spatial Database Manager For A Multi-Source Image Understanding System
* Tesseral Amalgamators And Hierarchical Tessellations

Bell, Z.W. Co Author Listing * Bayesian/Monte Carlo Segmentation Method For Images Dominated By Gaussian Noise, A

Bellaire, G. Co Author Listing * 3-D Object Recognition By Matching The Total View Information

Bellando, J. Co Author Listing * Optical Flow Determination Using Topology Preserving Mappings

Belle, R.G. Co Author Listing * Mathematical Extrusions

Bellet, F. Co Author Listing * Low Level Vision As The Opportunist Scheduling Of Incremental Edge And Region Detection Processes

Bello, F. Co Author Listing * Co-Occurrence-Based Texture Analysis Using Irregular Tessellations

Bello, M.G. Co Author Listing * Combined Markov Random Field And Wave-Packet Transform-Based Approach For Image Segmentation, A
* Random-Field Model-Based Algorithm For Anomalous Complex Image Pixel Detection, A

Belloum, A. Co Author Listing * Perception Sensor For A Mobile Robot

Bellugi, U. Co Author Listing * Spatial Cognition-Brain Bases And Development, Erlbaum, Hillsdale

Bellutta, P. Co Author Listing * 3d Visual Information From Vanishing Points

Belogay, E. Co Author Listing * Calculating The Hausdorff Distance Between Curves

Belongie, S. Co Author Listing * Color- And Texture-Based Image Segmentation Using Em And Its Application To Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Finding Boundaries In Natural Images: A New Method Using Point Descriptors And Area Completion
* Image And Video Segmentation: The Normalized Cut Framework
* Overcomplete Steerable Pyramid Filters And Rotation Invariance
* Rotation Invariant Texture Recognition Using A Steerable Pyramid

Belongie, Z. Co Author Listing * Finding Objects In Image Databases By Grouping

Beltran, J.R. Co Author Listing * Edge Detection And Classification Using Mallat'S Wavelet

Ben Ari, J. Co Author Listing * 3d Objects Recognition By Optimal Matching Search Of Multinary Relations Graphs
Includes: Ben Ari, J. Ben-Ari, J.

Ben Arie, J. Co Author Listing * 3-D Objects Recognition By State Space Search: Optimal Geometric Matching
* 3d Motion Estimation Using Expansion Matching And Kl Based Canonical Images
* Edge Detection And Feature Extraction By Non-Orthogonal Image Expansion For Optimal Discriminative Snr
* Exm Eigen Templates For Detecting And Classifying Arbitrary Junctions
* Expansion Matching Of Multiple Templates In Complex Images
* Generalized Expansion Matching Based Feature Extractor, A
* Generalized Feature Extractor Using Expansion Matching And The Karhunen-Loeve Transform, A
* Grouping Edgels Into Structural Entities Using Circular Symmetry, The Distributed Hough Transform, And Probabilistic Non-Accidentalness
* Iconic Recognition With Affine-Invariant Spectral Signatures
* Iconic Representation And Recognition Using Affine-Invariant Spectral Signatures
* Image Expansion By Wavelets For Optimal Template Matching
* Image Understanding At Iit
* Model Based Segmentation And Detection Of Affine Transformed Shapes In Cluttered Images
* Neural Network Approach For Reconstructing Surface Shape From Shading, A
* Neural Network Approach For Shape Description And Invariant Recognition, A
* Nonorthogonal Image Expansion Related To Optimal Template Matching In Complex Images
* On The Recognition Of Occluded Shapes And Generic Faces Using Multiple-Template Expansion Matching
* Optimal Dsnr Detector For Ramp Edges
* Optimal Edge Detection Using Expansion Matching And Restoration
* Optimal Ramp Edge Detection Using Expansion Matching
* Optimal Recognition Of 3-D Objects By Search: Generic Objects
* Optimal Template Matching By Nonorthogonal Image Expansion Using Restoration
* Pictorial Recognition Of Objects Employing Affine Invariance In The Frequency Domain
* Pictorial Recognition Using Affine-Invariant Spectral Signatures
* Probabilistic Models Of Observed Features And Aspects With Application To Weighted Aspect Graphs
* Probabilistic Peaking Effect Of Viewed Angles And Distances With Application To 3-D Object Recognition, The
* Properties Of Viewed Angles And Distances With Application To 3-D Object Recognition, The
* Representation Of Objects In A Volumetric Frequency Domain With Application To Face Recognition
* Robust Shape Description And Recognition By Gradient Propagation
* Survey Of Iu And Atr Research At Itt And Uic
* Svd And Log-Log Frequency Sampling With Gabor Kernels For Invariant Pictorial Recognition
* Using The Fourier Slice Theorem For Representation Of Object Views And Models With Application To Face Recognition
* Volumetric/Iconic Frequency Domain Representation For Objects With Application For Pose Invariant Face Recognition, A
Includes: Ben Arie, J. Ben-Arie, J.
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Ben Bassat, M. Co Author Listing * Contextual Template Matching: A Distance Measure For Patterns With Hierarchically Dependent Features
* Efficient Nesting Of Congruent Convex Figures
* Feg Structures For Representation And Recognition Of 3-D Polyhedral Objects
* Polygonal Object Recognition
Includes: Ben Bassat, M. Ben-Bassat, M.

Ben David, S. Co Author Listing * Applying Vc-Dimension Analysis To Object Recognition
Includes: Ben David, S. Ben-David, S.

Ben Ezra, M. Co Author Listing * Motion Segmentation Using Convergence Properties
* Robust Real-Time Motion Analysis
Includes: Ben Ezra, M. Ben-Ezra, M.

Ben Hadj Ali, M. Co Author Listing * Real Time Object Detection, Tracking And Classification In Monocular Image Sequences Of Road Traffic Scenes

Ben Shahar, O. Co Author Listing * Practical Pushing Planning For Rearrangement Tasks
* To Push Or Not To Push: On The Rearrangement Of Movable Objects By A Mobile Robot
Includes: Ben Shahar, O. Ben-Shahar, O.

Ben Tzvi, D. Co Author Listing * Combinatorial Hough Transform, A
* Efficient Parallel Implementation Of The Hough Transform On A Distributed Memory System
* Optical Flow From Constraint Lines Parametrization
* Robust Algorithm For Optical Flow Estimation, A
* Synchronous Multiprocessor Implementation Of The Hough Transform
Includes: Ben Tzvi, D. Ben-Tzvi, D.

Ben Yacoob, S. Co Author Listing * Characterizing The Hierarchical Hough Transform Through A Polygonal Approximation Algorithm

Ben Yacoub, S. Co Author Listing * On Curve Approximation And Hierarchical Hough Transform
* Revision Of Pyramid Segmentation, A

Benabbou, Z. Co Author Listing * $Theta(1)$ Time Quadtree Algorithm And Its Application For Image Geometric Properties On A Mesh Connected Computer (Mc

Benard, M. Co Author Listing * Recent Results In High-Compression Image Coding

Benavides, J.I. Co Author Listing * Image Template Matching On Hypercube Simd Computers

Benayoun, S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Meshes And Nonrigid Motion Computation
* Dense Non-Rigid Motion Estimation In Sequences Of Medical Images Using Differential Constraints
* From Partial Derivatives Of 3d Density Images To Ridge Lines
* Local Quantitative Measurements For Cardiac Motion Analysis
* Using Differential Geometry In R84 To Extract Typical Features In 3d Images
* Using Differential Geometry In R[4] To Extract Typical Features In 3d Density Images
* Using Partial Derivatives Of 3d Images To Extract Typical Surface Features
7 for Benayoun, S.

Benazza, A. Co Author Listing * Classification Of Radar Images In Polarimetric Remote Sensing

Benchimol, C. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of 3-D Biomedical Images

Bender, E.A. Co Author Listing * Mathematical Methods In Artificial Intelligence, Ieee Press
* Number Of Three-Dimensional Convex Polyhedra, The

Bender, W. Co Author Listing * Image Communications And Workstations (Santa Clara, Ca, February 12-13

Benedetti, A. Co Author Listing * Real-Time 2-D Feature Detection On A Reconfigurable Computer

Benedetto, J.J. Co Author Listing * Wavelets--Mathematics And Applications, Crc Press, Boca Raton

Benelli, G. Co Author Listing * Edge-Preserving Classification Of Multifrequency Multipolarization Sar Images
* Radar Image Processing For Ship-Traffic Control

Benesch, R. Co Author Listing * Note On The Determination Of A Digital Straight Line From Chain Codes

Bengtsson, A. Co Author Listing * Shape Representation By Multiscale Contour Approximation

Bengtsson, E. Co Author Listing * Boundary Approach For Fast Neighborhood Operations On Three-Dimensional Binary Data, A
* New Three-Dimensional Connected Components Labeling Algorithm With Simultaneous Object Feature Extraction Capability, A
* Parallel Algorithms On Compact Binary Objects

Bengtsson, M. Co Author Listing * Stochastic Optimization Algorithms-An Application To Pattern Matching

Benhabib, B. Co Author Listing * 3d-Pose Estimation From A Quadratic-Curved Feature In Two Perspective Views
* Accurate Estimation Of Elliptical Shape Parameters From A Grey-Level Image
* Accurate Parameter Estimation Of Quadratic Curves From Grey-Level Images
* Active-Vision System For Recognition Of Pre-Marked Objects In Robotic Assembly Workcells, An
* Angle-Of-Sight Signature For Two-Dimensional Shape Analysis Of Manufactured Objects, The
* Application Of Moment And Fourier Descriptors To The Accurate Estimation Of Elliptical-Shape Parameters
* Constraints On Quadratic-Curved Features Under Perspective Projection
* Electrooptical Orientation Sensor For Robotics, An
* Solving The Orientation-Duality Problem For A Circular Feature In Motion
* Three-Dimensional Location Estimation Of Circular Features For Machine Vision
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Benites, L. Co Author Listing * Linear Models For Infrared Spectra

Benitez Diaz, D. Co Author Listing * Segmentation And Recognition In Visual Chromatic Spaces
Includes: Benitez Diaz, D. Benitez-Diaz, D.

Benitez, A. Co Author Listing * Visual Information Retrieval From Large Distributed Online Repositories

Benjamin, D. Co Author Listing * Use Of High-Level Knowledge For Enhanced Entry Of Engineering Drawings, The

Benjamin, R. Co Author Listing * Edge Detection And Curve Enhancement Using The Facet Model And Parameterized Relaxation Labeling
* Edge Detection Technique Using The Facet Model And Parameterized Relaxation Labeling, An

Benjelloun, M. Co Author Listing * Moving Object Reconstruction From 3d Segments Using A Fixed Camera
* Study On The Forms Of Smoothing Filters For Step And Ramp Edge Detection, A

Benjemaa, R. Co Author Listing * Solution For The Registration Of Multiple 3d Point Sets Using Unit Quaternions, A

Benke, K.K. Co Author Listing * Application Of Adaptive Convolution Masking To The Automation Of Visual Inspection
* Convolution Operators As A Basis For Objective Correlates Of Texture Perception

Benkrid, A. Co Author Listing * Environment For Generating Fpga Architectures For Image Algebra-Based Algorithms, An

Bennamoun, M. Co Author Listing * Extended Kalman Filtering Approach To High Precision Stereo Image Matching, An
* Image Segmentation And Image Matching For 3d Terrain Reconstruction
* Integration Of A Part Segmentation Based Vision System
* Non-Linear Filtering Approach To Image Matching, A
* Structural-Description-Based Vision System Forautomatic Object Recognition, A

Bennett, A. Co Author Listing * Finding Face Features

Bennett, B.H. Co Author Listing * Map-Based Localization: The ``Drop-Off'' Problem
* Strategies For Localization

Bennett, B.M. Co Author Listing * Inferring 3d Structure From Image Motion: The Constraint Of Poinsot Motion
* Inferring 3d Structure From Three Points In Rigid Motion
* Inferring Structure From Motion: A Homotopy Algorithm
* Lebesgue Logic For Probabilistic Reasoning And Some Applications To Perception
* Observer Mechanics-A Formal Theory Of Perception, Academic Press, Orlando
* Perception And Computation
* Shape Decomposition For Visual Recognition: The Role Of Transversality
7 for Bennett, B.M.

Bennett, D.J. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Robot Calibration For Hand-Eye Coordination

Bennett, J. Co Author Listing * Modeling Textured Images Using Generalized Long Correlation Models
* Multispectral And Color Image Modeling And Synthesis Using Random Field Models
* Multispectral Random Field Models For Synthesis And Analysis Of Color Images

Bennett, J.W. Co Author Listing * Correlation Structure Based Approach To Neighborhood Selection In Random Field Models Of Texture Images, A

Bennis, C. Co Author Listing * Piecewise Surface Flattening For Non-Distorted Texture Mapping

Benois Pineau, J. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Human Faces In Color Image Sequences With Arbitrary Motions For Very Low Bit-Rate Videophone Coding
* Extraction Of The Relative Depth Information Of Objects In Video Sequences
* Motion And Structure Based Image Segmentation For Object-Oriented Time-Varying Sequences Coding
* Robust Segmentation Of Moving Image Sequences
Includes: Benois Pineau, J. Benois-Pineau, J.

Benois, J. Co Author Listing * Active Contours Approach To Object Tracking In Image Sequences With Complex Background
* Image Segmentation By Region-Contour Cooperation For Image Coding
* Relative Depth Estimation Of Video Objects For Image Interpolation

Benoit, S.M. Co Author Listing * Monocular Optical Flow For Real-Time Vision Systems

Benosman, R. Co Author Listing * Multidirectional Stereovision Sensor, Calibration And Scene(S) Reconstruction
* Panoramic Sensor Calibration
* Panoramic Stereovision Sensor

Bensaid, A.M. Co Author Listing * Partially Supervised Clustering For Image Segmentation

Benson, G. Co Author Listing * Alphabet Independent Approach To Two-Dimensional Pattern Matching, An
* Optimal Two-Dimensional Compressed Matching
* Two-Dimensional Periodicity In Rectangular Arrays

Benson, P.J. Co Author Listing * Morph Transformation Of The Facial Image
* Synthesizing Continuous-Tone Caricatures

Bensrhar, A. Co Author Listing * Fast And Automatic Stereo Vision Matching Algorithm Based On Dynamic Programming Method

Bent, S.W. Co Author Listing * Finding The Median Requires 2n Comparisons

Benteftifa, M.H. Co Author Listing * Feature Detection Via Linear Contrast Techniques
* Two-Dimensional Object Detection In Correlated Noise

Bentley, J. Co Author Listing * Algorithm Design Techniques

Bentley, J.L. Co Author Listing * Case Study In Applied Algorithm Design, A
* Locally Adaptive Data Compression Scheme, A
* Scaling And Related Techniques For Geometry Problems
* Some Unexpected Expected Behavior Results For Bin Packing

Benveniste, A. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Abrupt Changes In Signals And Dynamical Systems, Springer
* Modeling Of Atmospheric Disturbances In Meteorological Pictures
* Recursive Estimation Of Local Characteristics Of Edges In Tv Pictures As Applied To Adpcm Coding

Beom, H.R. Co Author Listing * Sensor-Based Navigation For A Mobile Robot Using Fuzzy Logic And Reinforcement Learning, A

Beraldin, J.A. Co Author Listing * Direct Estimation Of Deformable Motion Parameters From Range Image Sequence
* Direct Estimation Of Range Flow On Deformable Shape From A Video Rate Range Camera
* Model-Based Calibration Of A Range Camera
* Range Imaging Sensors Development At Nrc Laboratories

Beranger, V. Co Author Listing * Recognition Of Intersections In Corridor Environments

Berard, F. Co Author Listing * Lafter: Lips And Face Real Time Tracker
* Multi-Modal Tracking Of Faces For Video Communications

Bercovier, M. Co Author Listing * Volume-Preserving Free-Form Solids

Berducat, M. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Regions Segmentation: Real Time Control Of An Upkeep Machine Of Natural Spaces

Bereishik, V. Co Author Listing * Vectorization And Representation Of Large-Size 2-D Line Drawing Images

Berenstein, C. Co Author Listing * Consensus And Evidence
* On Morphological Openings And Closings Of Signals In Shaped Noise
* On The Number Of Digital Straight Line Segments

Berenstein, C.A. Co Author Listing * Algebraic Analysis Of The Generating Functional For Discrete Random Sets And Statistical Inference For Intensity In The Discrete Boolean Random-Set Model
* Further Results On Map Optimality And Strong Consistency Of Certain Classes Of Morphological Filters
* Geometric Approach To Subpixel Registration Accuracy, A
* Optimal Filtering Of Digital Binary Images Corrupted By Union/Intersection Noise

Berenyi, H.M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection Of Targets Against Cluttered Backgrounds Using A Fractal-Oriented Statistical Analysis And Radon Transform

Bereznaya, I.Y. Co Author Listing * Perception Of Form And Forms Of Perception, Erlbaum, Hillsdale

Berezovsky, M.A. Co Author Listing * Synthesis Of Halftone 3d Images On An Array Processor

Berg, T.B. Co Author Listing * Limitations Imposed On Mixed-Mode Performance Of Optimized Phases Due To Temporal Juxtaposition

Bergeaud, F. Co Author Listing * Matching Pursuit Of Images

Bergen, J. Co Author Listing * Video As An Image Data Source: Efficient Representations And Applications

Bergen, J.R. Co Author Listing * Adaptive-Complexity Registration Of Images
* Computing Two Motions From Three Frames
* Extraction Of Spatio-Temporal Energy In Human And Machine Vision, The
* Hierarchical Model-Based Motion Estimation
* Object Tracking With A Moving Camera
* Probabilistic Algorithm For Computing Hough Transforms, A
* Pyramid-Based Texture Analysis/Synthesis
* Pyramid-Based Texture Analysis/Synthesis
* Rapid Discrimination Of Visual Patterns
* Three-Frame Algorithm For Estimating Two-Component Image Motion, A
* Transparent-Motion Analysis
11 for Bergen, J.R.

Bergen, L. Co Author Listing * Motion Segmentation And Depth Ordering Based On Morphological Segmentation

Berger, A.D. Co Author Listing * Using Tactile Data For Real-Time Feedback

Berger, B.J. Co Author Listing * Machine Vision Applied To Vehicle Guidance

Berger, D.A. Co Author Listing * Distributed Hierarchical Video-On-Demand System, A

Berger, M. Co Author Listing * Convexity
* Deformable Multi Template Matching With Application To Portal Images

Berger, M.D. Co Author Listing * Recovering Planar Surfaces By Stereovision Based On Projective Geometry

Berger, M.O. Co Author Listing * 3d Surface Reconstruction Using Occluding Contours
* How To Track Efficiently Piecewise Curved Contours With A View To Reconstructing 3d Objects
* Resolving Occlusion In Augmented Reality: A Contour Based Approach Without 3d Reconstruction
* Smooth Surface Reconstruction From Image Sequences
* Snake Growing
* Towards Autonomy In Active Contour Models
* Two-Stage Robust Statistical Method For Temporal Registration From Features Of Various Type[S], A
* Using Projective Geometry To Recover Planar Surfaces In Stereovision
8 for Berger, M.O.

Berger, T. Co Author Listing * Entropic Aspects Of Random Fields On Trees

Bergeron, C. Co Author Listing * Parametric Block Estimation Of Motion And Application To Temporal Interpolation Of Video Sequences

Bergeron, P. Co Author Listing * General Version Of Crow'S Shadow Volumes, A

Bergeron, R.D. Co Author Listing * Line Monotonic Partitioning Of Planar Cubic B-Splines

Bergevin, R. Co Author Listing * Estimating The 3d Rigid Transformation Between Two Range Views Of A Complex Object
* Extraction Of Line Drawing Features For Object Recognition
* Extraction Of Line Drawing Features For Object Recognition
* From 3-D Scattered Data To Geometric Signal Description: Invariant Stable Recovery Of Straight Line Segments
* Generic Object Recognition: Building Coarse Descriptions From Line Drawings
* Generic Object Recognition: Building And Matching Coarse Descriptions From Line Drawings
* Multiscale Compression Of Planar Curves Using Constant Curvature Segments
* Multiscale Contour Segmentation And Approximation: An Algorithm Based On The Geometry Of Regular Inscribed Polygons
* Multiscale Segmentation And Approximation For Significant Description Of 2d Contours
* Panel Report: The Potential Of Geons For Generic 3-D Object Recognition
* Part Decomposition Of Objects From Single View Line Drawings
* Registering Range Views Of Multipart Objects
* Registration Of Multiple Range Views For Automatic 3-D Model Building
* Shape Description Using Geons As 3d Primitives
* Towards A General Multi-View Registration Technique
15 for Bergevin, R.

Bergholm, F. Co Author Listing * Convected Activation Profiles And The Measurement Of Visual Motion
* Decomposition Theory And Transformations Of Visual Directions
* Edge Focusing
* Edge Focusing
* Extension Of Marr'S Signature Based Edge Classification And Other Methods Determining Diffuseness And Height Of Edges, And Bar Edge Width, An
* Extraction Of Diffuse Edges By Edge Focusing
* Motion From Flow Along Contours: A Note On Robustness And Ambiguous Cases
* Multi-Scale Blur Estimation And Edge Type Classification For Scene Analysis
* On The Importance Of Being Asymmetric In Stereopsis | Or Why We Should Use Skewed Parallel Cameras
* Theory On Optical Velocity Fields And Ambiguous Motion Of Curves, A
* ``Theory'' Of Optical Flow, A
11 for Bergholm, F.

Bergman, A. Co Author Listing * Noise-Tolerant Range Analysis For Autonomous Navigation

Bergman, L. Co Author Listing * Colour Image Segmentation By Modular Neural Network

Bergman, S. Co Author Listing * Finding Objects In Aerial Photographs: A Rule-Based Low Level System
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Berkley, M. Co Author Listing * Warping Digital Images Using Thin Plate Splines

Berkmann, J. Co Author Listing * Computation Of Surface Geometry And Segmentation Using Covariance Techniques

Berlin, E. Co Author Listing * 3-D Voronoi Diagram: Application To Segmentation

Berman, A.P. Co Author Listing * Flexible Image Database System For Content-Based Retrieval, A

Berman, F. Co Author Listing * Generalized Planar Matching
* On Mapping Parallel Algorithms Into Parallel Architectures

Berman, L. Co Author Listing * Automatic Registration Of 3-D Ultrasound Images

Berman, M. Co Author Listing * Automated Smoothing Of Image And Other Regularly Spaced Data
* Large Sample Bias In Least Squares Estimators Of A Circular Arc Center And Its Radius
* Nonparametric Estimation And Simulation Of Two-Dimensional Gaussian Image Textures
* Nonparametric Estimation And Simulation Of Two-Dimensional Gaussian Image Textures

Berman, P. Co Author Listing * Online Navigation In A Room

Berman, S. Co Author Listing * Computer Recognition Of Two Overlapping Parts Using A Single Camera

Bern, M. Co Author Listing * Hidden Surface Removal For Rectangles
* Hidden Surface Removal For Rectangles
* N
* Visibility With A Moving Point Of View

Bern, M.W. Co Author Listing * Two Probabilistic Results On Rectilinear Steiner Trees
* Two Probabilistic Results On Rectilinear Steiner Trees

Berna, A. Co Author Listing * Parallel Simulated Annealing For Shape Detection

Bernander, O. Co Author Listing * Local Cross-Modality Image Alignment Using Unsupervised Learning

Bernard, C.P. Co Author Listing * Discrete Wavelet Analysis: A New Framework For Fast Optic Flow Computation

Bernard, J. Co Author Listing * Comments On ``A Recursive Kalman Window Approach To Image Restoration''

Bernard, M.E. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Airborne Compact Sources In Infra-Red Scenes Using Syntactic Pattern Recognition

Bernard, T. Co Author Listing * About The Adjective ``Neural'' When Applied To Smart Sensors

Bernard, T.M. Co Author Listing * Generic Functions For On-Chip Vision
* Object Contour Tracking As Inspired By The Mad Retina Paradigm
* Programmable Vlsi Retina For Rough Vision, A

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Bernsen, J.A.C. Co Author Listing * Magnification Of Digitized Multi-Valued Pictures, As An Aid For Binary Object Recognition

Bernstein, H.J. Co Author Listing * Determining The Shape Of A Convex N-Sided Polygon By Using 2n+K Tactile Probes
* Special Section On Factory Automation And Robotics

Bernstein, R. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Nonlinear Filters For Simultaneous Removal Of Different Kinds Of Noise In Images
* Design Of Inherently Stable Two-Dimensional Recursive Filters From One-Dimensional Filters
* Image Processing On The Ibm Personal Computer

Berra, P.B. Co Author Listing * Optics And Supercomputing

Berretti, S. Co Author Listing * Sensations And Psychological Effects In Color Image Database

Berroir, J.P. Co Author Listing * Multifractals, Texture, And Image Analysis
* Numerical Model For Large Deformation, A
* Segmentation Of Deformable Templates With Level Sets Characterized By Particle Systems

Berry, D.T. Co Author Listing * Colour Recognition Using Spectral Signatures

Berry, G.A. Co Author Listing * Integration Of Audio/Visual Information For Use In Human-Computer Intelligent Interaction

Berry, J.R. Co Author Listing * Comparative Study Of Matrix Measures For Maximum Likelihood Texture Classification, A
Includes: Berry, J.R. Berry Jr., J.R.

Bertalmio, M. Co Author Listing * Morphing Active Contours: A Geometric Approach To Topology-Independent Image Segmentation And Tracking

Bertenthal, B.I. Co Author Listing * Converging Approaches To Extracting Structure From Motion: Psychophysical And Computational Investigations Of Recovering Connectivity From Moving Point-Light Displays

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Berthal, M. Co Author Listing * 3-D Model Localization Using High-Resolution Reconstruction Of Monocular Image Sequences

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Berthilsson, R. Co Author Listing * Affine Correlation
* Recognition Of Planar Point Configurations Using The Density Of Affine Shape
* Reconstruction Of 3d Curves From 2d Images Using Affine Shape Methods For Curves
* Recursive Structure And Motion Fromimage Sequences Using Shape And Depth Spaces

Berthod, M. Co Author Listing * 3d Super-Resolution Using Generalized Sampling Expansion
* Automatic Classification Of Galaxies Into Morphological Types
* Bayesian Image Classification
* Cooperative Network For Contour Grouping, A
* Design Of An Expert System For Object Classification Through An Application To The Classification Of Galaxies
* Deterministic Pseudo-Annealing: A New Optimization Scheme Applied To Texture Segmentation
* Deterministic Pseudo-Annealing: Optimization In Markov-Random-Fields/An Application To Pixel Classification
* Dpa: A Deterministic Approach To The Map Problem
* Extraction Of Thin Networks On Satellite Imagery
* Following Corners On Curves And Surfaces In The Scale Space
* Game Strategy Approach For Image Labeling, A
* Graph Matching By Parallel Optimization Methods: An Application To Stereo Vision
* Hierarchical Markov Random Field Model And Multitemperature Annealing For Parallel Image Classification, A
* Markovian Model For Contour Grouping, A
* Markovian Model For Contour Grouping, A
* Multi-Temperature Annealing: A New Approach For The Energy-Minimization Of Hierarchical Markov Random Field Models
* Multiscale Analysis Model Applied To Natural Surfaces, A
* Multiscale Markov Random Field Models For Parallel Image Classification
* Optimal Subpixel Matching Of Contour Chains And Segments
* Pyramidal Stereovision Algorithm Based On Contour Chain Points, A
* Reconstruction Of High Resolution 3d Visual Information
* Sub-Pixel Bayesian Estimation Of Albedo And Height
* Subpixel Contour Matching Using Continuous Dynamic Programming
* Subpixel Image Registration By Estimating The Polyphase Decomposition Of Cross Power Spectrum
* Unsupervised Parallel Image Classificiation Using A Hierarchical Markovian Model
* Urban Area Detection In Satellite Images Using Map Knowledge By A Feedback Control Technique
26 for Berthod, M.

Berthouze, L. Co Author Listing * Calibration Of A Foveated Wide-Angle Lens On An Active Vision Head

Bertier, M. Co Author Listing * Contour Coding For Image Manipulation And Compression

Bertin, E. Co Author Listing * Voronoi Pyramids And Hopfield Networks
* Voronoi Pyramids Controlled By Hopfield Neural Networks

Bertolazzi, P. Co Author Listing * Parallel Algorithm For The Optimal Detection Of A Noisy Curve, A

Bertolini, L. Co Author Listing * Electromagnetic Effect Evaluation By Markovian Texture Analysis Of Nucleated Cells

Bertolino, P. Co Author Listing * Multiresolution Segmentation Using The Irregular Pyramid
* Using Polyballs To Approximate Shapes And Skeletons
* Voronoi Pyramids And Hopfield Networks
* Voronoi Pyramids Controlled By Hopfield Neural Networks

Bertossi, A.A. Co Author Listing * Parallel Circle-Cover Algorithms
* Parallel Solution To The Approximate String Matching Problem, A
* String Matching With Weighted Errors

Bertozzi, M. Co Author Listing * Gold: A Parallel Real-Time Stereo Vision System For Generic Obstacle And Lane Detection
* Stereo Inverse Perspective Mapping: Theory And Applications
* Stereo Vision System For Real-Time Automotive Obstacle Detection, A
* Vision-Based Vehicle Guidance

Bertrand, G. Co Author Listing * Algorithm For A Generalized Distance Transformation Based On Minkowski Operations, An
* Boolean Characterization Of Three-Dimensional Simple Points, A
* Continuous Perimeter Distributions
* Fast Characterization Of 3d Simple Points
* Fast Skeletonization Algorithm Using Derived Grids, A
* New Characterization Of Three-Dimensional Simple Points, A
* New Method For Recognizing And Locating Objects By Searching Longest Paths, A
* New Topological Classification Of Points In 3d Images, A
* New Topological Operators For Segmentation
* Note On ``Building Skeleton Models Via 3-D Medial Surface/Axis Thinning Algorithms'', A
* Note On ``Thinning Of 3-D Images Using The Safe Point Thinning Algorithm (Spta)'', A
* Parallel Image Processing Language Based On Computational Models, A
* Parallel Thinning Algorithm For Medial Surfaces, A
* Simple Parallel 3d Thinning Algorithm, A
* Simple Points, Topological Numbers And Geodesic Neighborhoods In Cubic Grids
* Skeletons In Derived Grids
* Some Sequential Algorithms For A Generalized Distance Transformation Based On Minkowski Operations
* Topological Segmentation Of Discrete Surfaces
* Topological Segmentation Of Discrete Surfaces
19 for Bertrand, G.

Bertrand, J.F. Co Author Listing * Automatic Region Construction By Edge Detection And Contour Following In Image Segmentation

Bertrand, Y. Co Author Listing * Algebraic Specification Of A 3d-Modeler Based On Hypermaps

Bertsekas, D.P. Co Author Listing * Optimal Communication Algorithms For Hypercubes

Berwick, D. Co Author Listing * Chromaticity Space For Specularity-, Illumination Color-And Illumination Pose-Invariant 3-D Object Recognition, A

Berzins, V. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Of Laplacian Edge Detectors

Berzins, V.A. Co Author Listing * Analyzing Object Motion Based On Optical Flow
* Dynamic Occlusion Analysis In Optical Flow Fields

Bescos, J. Co Author Listing * Application Of The Wigner Distribution For Image Representation And Analysis
* Texture Isolation By Adaptive Digital Filtering

Besl, P. Co Author Listing * Intrinsic And Extrinsic Surface Characteristics
* Range Image Understanding
* Surfaces In Range Image Understanding, Springer

Besl, P.J. Co Author Listing * Active, Optical Range Imaging Sensors
* Automatic Solder Joint Inspection
* Automatic Visual Solder Joint Inspection
* Direct Construction Of Polynomial Surfaces From Dense Range Images Through Growing
* Geometric Modeling And Computer Vision
* Invariant Surface Characteristics For 3d Object Recognition In Range Images
* Method For Registration Of 3-D Shapes, A
* Range Image Segmentation
* Robust Window Operators
* Robust Window Operators
* Segmentation Through Symbolic Surface Descriptions
* Segmentation Through Variable-Order Surface Fitting
* Three-Dimensional Object Recognition
13 for Besl, P.J.

Bess, R. Co Author Listing * 3d Recovery Using Calibrated Active Camera

Besse, L. Co Author Listing * Road Surface Structure And Pattern Analysis

Besserer, B. Co Author Listing * Multiple Knowledge Sources And Evidential Reasoning For Shape Recognition

Besslich, P.W. Co Author Listing * Pyramidal Transforms In Image Processing And Computer Vision

Besson, J. Co Author Listing * Real Time Image Processing, Concepts And Technologies (Cannes, France

Best, L. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Construction Of Three-Dimensional Models From Range Data

Bestul, T. Co Author Listing * On Computing Complete Histograms Of Images In Log(N) Steps Using Hypercubes
* Rambo-Vision And Planning On The Connection Machine

Betke, M. Co Author Listing * Fast Object Recognition In Noisy Images Using Simulated Annealing
* Information-Conserving Object Recognition
* Mobile Robot Localization Using Landmarks

Betsis, D. Co Author Listing * Head-Eye Calibration
* Point Reconstruction From Noisy Images

Bettayab, S. Co Author Listing * Guest Eds., Special Issue On Design And Analysis Of Geometrical Algorithms For Robot Motion Planning And Vision

Bettayeb, S. Co Author Listing * Embedding Grids Into Hypercubes

Betti, A. Co Author Listing * Using A Wavelet-Based Fractal Feature To Improve Texture Discrimination On Sar Images

Betting, F. Co Author Listing * 3d-2d Projective Registration Of Free-Form Curves And Surfaces
* 3d-2d Projective Registration Of Free-Form Curves And Surfaces

Bettoli, B. Co Author Listing * Linear Granulometric Moments Of Noisy Binary Images

Beucher, S. Co Author Listing * Morphological Segmentation

Beus, H.L. Co Author Listing * Improved Corner Detection Algorithm Based On Chain-Coded Plane Curves, A

Beusmans, J.M.H. Co Author Listing * Computing Occluding Contours Using Spherical Images

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Bevacqua, G. Co Author Listing * Surface Specific-Line Tracking And Slope Recognition Algorithm, A

Beveridge, J.R. Co Author Listing * Can Too Much Perspective Spoil The View? A Case Study In 2d Affine Versus 3d Perspective Model Matching
* Combinatorial Optimization Applied To Variable Scale 2d Model Matching
* Coregistering 3d Models, Range, And Optical Imagery Using Least-Median Squares Fitting
* Coregistration Of Range And Optical Images Using Coplanarity And Orientation Constraints
* Demonstrating Polynomial Run-Time Growth For Local Search Matching
* Horizon Line Matching For Orientation Correction Using A Messy Genetic Algorithm
* How Easy Is Matching 2d Line Models Using Local Search
* Hybrid Weak-Perspective And Full-Perspective Matching
* Image Understanding Research At Colorado State University
* Interleaving 3d Model Feature Prediction And Matching To Support Multi-Sensor Object Recognition
* Interleaving 3d Model Feature Prediction And Matching To Support Multi-Sensor Object Recognition
* Isr: A Database For Symbolic Processing In Computer Vision
* Local Search As A Tool For Horizon Line Matching
* Matching Perspective Views Of Coplanar Structures Using Projective Unwarping And Similarity Matching
* Matching Perspective Views Of Coplanar Structures Using Projective Unwarping And Similarity Matching
* Model-Directed Mobile Robot Navigation
* Multisensor Occlusion Reasoning
* Neural Network Approach To Indexing, A
* Optical Linear Feature Detection Based On Model Pose
* Optimal Geometric Model Matching Under Full 3d Perspective
* Optimization Of 2-Dimensional Model Matching
* Precise Matching Of 3-D Target Models To Multisensor Data
* Progress On Target And Terrain Recognition Research At Colorado State University
* Searching For Geometric Structure In Images Of Natural Scenes
* Segmenting Images Using Localized Histograms And Region Merging
* Solving Diverse Image Understanding Problems Using The Image Understanding Environment
26 for Beveridge, J.R.

Beveridge, R. Co Author Listing * Image Understanding Environment Program, The
* Image Understanding Environment Program, The

Beveridge, R.J. Co Author Listing * Object To Multisensor Coregistration With Eight Degrees Of Freedom
* Visualization And Verification Of Automatic Target Recognition Results Using Combined Range And Optical Imagery

Beyer, H.A. Co Author Listing * Accurate Calibration Of Ccd Cameras

Beylkin, G. Co Author Listing * Wavelets And Their Applications, Jones & Bartlett

Beymer, D. Co Author Listing * Face Recognition From One Example View
* Face Verification For Real-Time Applications
* Feature Correspondence By Interleaving Shape And Texture Computations
* Learning To See
* Real-Time Computer Vision System For Measuring Traffic Parameters, A

Beymer, D.J. Co Author Listing * Face Recognition Under Varying Pose
* Face Recognition Under Varying Pose
* Finding Junctions Using The Image Gradient

Bezdek, J.C. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Fuzzy Information
* Application Of The C-Varieties Clustering Algorithm To Polygonal Curve Fitting, An
* Applications And Science Of Computational Intelligence (Orlando, Fl, April 1316
* Applications And Science Of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, And Evolutionary Computation (San Diego, Ca, July 20-22
* Applications Of Fuzzy Logic Technology (Boston, Ma, September 8-10
* Applications Of Fuzzy Logic Technology Ii (Orlando, Fl, April 19-21
* Applications Of Fuzzy Logic Technology Iii (Orlando, Fl, April 10-12
* Applications Of Soft Computing San Diego, Ca, July 28-29
* Curvature And Tangential Deflection Of Discrete Arcs: A Theory Based On The Commutator Of Scatter Matrix Pairs And Its Application To Vertex Detection In Planar Shape Data
* Fuzzy Models For Pattern Recognition, Ieee Press, Piscataway
* Heuristics For Intermediate Level Road Finding Algorithms
* Ieee Transactions On Fuzzy Systems
* International Journal Of Approximate Reasoning (Horth-Holland)
* Low-Level Segmentation Of Aerial Images With Fuzzy Clustering
* Partially Supervised Clustering For Image Segmentation
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