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Oh, C. Co Author Listing * Integrated Modelling Of Thermal And Visual Image Generation

Oh, J.H. Co Author Listing * Estimation Of Depth And 3d Motion Parameter[S] Of Moving Object With Multiple Stereo Images
* Recursive Resolving Algorithm For Multiple Stereo And Motion Matches

Oh, S. Co Author Listing * Region Adjacency And Its Application To Object Detection

Oh, S.I. Co Author Listing * Topology-Based Geometry Representation To Support Geometric Reasoning

Oh, S.Y. Co Author Listing * Crosstalk Minimization For A Walsh-Hadamard Based Associative Memory
* Real-Time Neural Network Based Camera Localization And Its Extension To Mobile Robot Control
* Walsh-Hadamard Based Distributed Storage Device For The Associative Search Of Information, A

Oh, W.G. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Matching Using Skewed Symmetry Information
* Skeletonizing By Compressed Line Adjacency Graph In Two Directions

Ohanian, P.P. Co Author Listing * Performance Evaluation For Four Classes Of Textural Features

Ohashi, T. Co Author Listing * Collision Detection In Motion Simulation

Ohba, A. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Manipulation Of Texture-Mapped Surfaces

Ohba, K. Co Author Listing * Appearance Based Object Recognition With Illumination Invariance
* Detectability, Uniqueness, And Reliability Of Eigen Windows For Stable Verification Of Partially Occluded Objects
* Facial Expression Transportation With Fes
* Recognition Of (The) Multi-Specularity Objects Using The Eigen-Window

Ohbo, N. Co Author Listing * Database Support For Solid Modeling

Ohbuchi, R. Co Author Listing * Overview Of Parallel Processing Research In Japan

Ohgushi, M. Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition Of Dinophysis Of Oceanic Phytoplankton

Ohki, M. Co Author Listing * Image Blending By Feature Overwrite

Ohkura, M. Co Author Listing * On The Intra-Category Clustering To Make Multidictionary Patterns For Multidictionary Templet Matching Method

Ohm, J.R. Co Author Listing * Feature-Based Cluster Segmentation Of Image Sequences

Ohn, S.Y. Co Author Listing * Morphological Decomposition Of Convex Polytopes And Its Application In Discrete Image Space

Ohnaka, S. Co Author Listing * Traffic Measurement With A Roadside Vision System--Individual Tracking Of Overlapped Vehicles

Ohnishi, N. Co Author Listing * Determining A Polyhedral Shape Using Interreflections
* Separating Real And Virtual Objects From Their Overlapping Images
* Soccer Image Sequence Computed By A Virtual Camera

Ohno, Y. Co Author Listing * System For The Representation Of Human Body Movement From Dance Scores, A

Ohsawa, Y. Co Author Listing * Ai-Mudams: The Drawing Processor Based On The Multidimensional Pattern Data Structure, The
* Color Video Image Quantization Method With Stable And Efficient Color Selection Capability, A
* Data Structures For Multi-Layer N-Dimensional Data Using Hierarchical Structure
* Database Capture System For Mechanical Drawings Using An Efficient Multi-Dimensional Graphical Data Structure, A
* Drawing Image Understanding Using State Transition Models
* Efficient Data Management Method For Spatial Objects Using Md-Tree-Experimental Evaluation And Comparisons, An
* Md-Tree: A Balanced Hierarchical Data Structure For Multi-Dimensional Data With Highly Efficient Dynamic Characteristics
* Tree-Type Line Data Management Structure For Efficient Interactive Graphics, A
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Ohsumi, N. Co Author Listing * Recent Developments In Clustering And Data Analysis (March 24-26, 1987), Academic Press, Boston

Ohta, H. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of A Road Image As Seen From A Vehicle
* Recognition Of Facial Expressions Using Muscle-Based Feature Models

Ohta, M. Co Author Listing * Novel Algorithms For Object Extraction Using Multiple Camera Inputs
* Ray-Bound Tracing For Perfect And Efficient Anti-Aliasing
* Robust Object Extraction Method Using Three Cameras
* Structure Recovery From Scaled Orthographic And Perspective Views

Ohta, N. Co Author Listing * Advanced Image And Video Communications And Storage Technologies (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March 20-23
* Digital Compression Technologies And Systems For Video Communications Berlin, Germany, October 7-9
* Optimal Estimation Of Three-Dimensional Rotation And Reliability Evaluation
* Optimal Robot Self-Locatization And Reliability Evaluation

Ohta, Y. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Detailed Patterns Of Contour Shapes Using Wavelet Local Extrema
* Approach To Color Constancy Using Multiple Images, An
* Collinear Trinocular Stereo Using Two-Level Dynamic Programming
* Cooperative Integration Of Multiple Stereo Algorithms
* Description Of Eye Figure With Small Parameters
* Highspeed Stereo Matching System Based On Dynamic Programming, A
* Improving Depth Map By Right-Angled Trinocular Stereo
* Knowledge-Based Interpretation Of Outdoor Natural Color Scenes, Pitman
* New Linear Method For Euclidean Motion/Structure From Three Calibrated Affine Views, A
* Object Arrangement Estimation Using Color Edge Profile
* Occlusion Detectable Stereo--Occlusion Patterns In Camera Matrix
* Occlusion Detectable Stereo--Systematic Comparison Of Detection Algorithms
* Recovery Of Illuminant And Surface Colors From Images Based On The Cie Daylight
* Stereo By Intra- And Inter-Scanline Search Using Dynamic Programming
* Stereo By Two-Level Dynamic Programming
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Ohtake, A. Co Author Listing * Facial Expressions Recognition Using Discrete Hopfield Neural Networks

Ohtsuka, T. Co Author Listing * Acquiring 3d Models From Rotation And Highlights

Ohtsuka, Y. Co Author Listing * Motion-Compensated Interframe Coding Scheme For Ntsc Color Television Signals, A

Ohuchi, Y. Co Author Listing * Automatic Wafer Inspection System Using Pipelined Image Processing Techniques, An

Ohya, A. Co Author Listing * Vision-Based Navigation By A Mobile Robot With Obstacle Avoidance Using Single-Camera Vision And Ultrasonic Sensing

Ohya, J. Co Author Listing * Affine Coordinate Based Algorithm For Reprojecting The Human Face For Identification Tasks, An
* Automatic Extraction And Tracking Of Contours
* Dense, Time-Varying Range Data Acquisition From Stereo Pairs Of Thermal And Intensity Images
* Detecting Facial Expressions From Face Images Using A Genetic Algorithm
* Hand Image Segmentation Using Sequential-Image-Based Hierarchical Adaptation
* Human Posture Estimation From Multiple Images Using Genetic Algorithm
* Image Segmentation For Human Tracking Using Sequential-Image-Based Hierarchical Adaptation
* Multiple-View-Based Tracking Of Multiple Humans
* New Camera Projection Model And Its Application In Reprojection, A
* New Method For Acquiring Time-Sequential Range Images By Integrating Stereo Pairs Of Thermal And Intensity Images, A
* Real-Time Estimation Of Human Body Posture From Monocular Thermal Images
* Recognizing Abruptly Changing Facial Expressions From Time-Sequential Face Images
* Recognizing Human Action In Time-Sequential Images Using Hidden Markov Model
* Recognizing Multiple Persons' Facial Expressions Using Hmm Based On Automatic Extraction Of Significant Frames From Image Sequences
* Recovery Of Hierarchical Part Structure Of 3d Shape From Range Image
* Relaxational Extracting Method For Character Recognition In Scene Images, A
* Smoothed Local Generalized Cones: An Axial Representation Of 3d Shapes
* Virtual Space Teleconferencing: Real-Time Reproduction Of 3d Human Images
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Ohya, T. Co Author Listing * Fast Voronoi-Diagram Algorithm With Quaternary Tree Bucketing, A

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