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Pu, C.C. Co Author Listing * Medial Axis Transformation With Single-Pixel And Connectivity Preservation Using Euclidean Distance Computation
* Morphological Shape Description Using Geometric Spectrum On Multidimensional Binary Images
* Pipeline Architectures For Recursive Morphological Operations
* Skeletonization Algorithm By Maxima Tracking On Euclidean Distance Transform, A
* Threshold Decomposition Of Gray-Scale Soft Morphology Into Binary Soft Morphology
* Threshold Decomposition Of Soft Morphological Filters

Pu, P. Co Author Listing * New Development In Camera Calibration: Calibrating A Pair Of Mobile Cameras, A

Puccio, L. Co Author Listing * Wavelets-Theory, Algorithms, And Applications, Academic Press

Pucillo, M. Co Author Listing * Project For Faint Object Discrimination In Astronomy, A

Pudet, T. Co Author Listing * Incremental Computation Of Planar Maps

Pudil, P. Co Author Listing * Advances In Pattern Recognition Seventh International Workshop On Structural And Syntactic Pattern Recognition, And Second International Workshop On Statistical Techniques In Pattern Recognition, Sydney, Australia, August 11-13, 1998,) Springer

Pudney, C. Co Author Listing * Distance-Ordered Homotopic Thinning: A Skeletonization Algorithm For 3d Digital Images

Puech, C. Co Author Listing * Average Efficiency Of Data Structures For Binary Image Processing
* General Two-Pass Method Integrating Specular And Diffuse Reflection, A
* Plant Models Faithful To Botanical Structure And Development
* Quadtrees, Octrees, Hyperoctrees: A Unified Analytical Approach To Tree Data Structures Used In Graphics, Geometric Modeling, And Image Processing
* Radiosity And Global Illumination, Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco

Puech, W. Co Author Listing * Cylindrical Surface Localization In Monocular Vision

Pueyo, X. Co Author Listing * Diffuse Interreflections. Techniques For Form-Factor Computation: A Survey
* Human Body Animation: A Survey
* Parametric-Space-Based Scan-Line Algorithm For Rendering Bicubic Surfaces, A

Puff, D.T. Co Author Listing * Zoom-Invariant Vision Of Figural Shape | Effects On Cores Of Image Disturbances

Puget, P. Co Author Listing * Calibrating A Mobile Camera
* Measurement And Integration Of 3-D Structures By Tracking Edge Lines
* Optimal Solution For Mobile Camera Calibration, An

Pugh, A. Co Author Listing * Machine Intelligence And Knowledge Engineering For Robotic Applications (Proceedings Of A Nato Advanced Research Workshop, Maratea, Italy, May 12-16, 1987), Springer
* Robot Sensors, Ifs
* Robot Vision And Sensory Controls 4 (London, England, October 9-11, 1984), North-Holland

Pujari, A.K. Co Author Listing * Linear Octree By Volume Intersection Using Perspective Silhouettes
* Linear Octree Of A 3d Object From 2d Silhouettes Using Segment Tree
* Restoration Of Geometrically Aberrated Images Using A Self-Organising Neural Network
* Separability Of Unimodal Polygons
* Static Scene Analysis Using Structured Light

Puliafito, A. Co Author Listing * New Method For Extracting And Representing Object Contours In Real Images, A

Pulleybank, R. Co Author Listing * Feasibility Of A Vlsi Chip For Ray Tracing Bicubic Patches, The

Pulleyblank, R. Co Author Listing * Parallel Boxing In B-Spline Intersection

Pulli, K. Co Author Listing * Acquisition And Visualization Of Colored 3d Objects
* Triplet-Based Object Recognition Using Synthetic And Real Probability Models

Pun, L.K.L. Co Author Listing * Embedding Pyramids Into 3d Meshes

Pun, T. Co Author Listing * Application Of Simulated Poisson Statistical Processes To Stem Imaging
* Assessing Agreement Between Human And Machine Clusterings Of Image Databases
* Asynchronous Perceptual Grouping: From Contours To Relevant 2-D Structures
* Combining Multiple Motion Estimates For Vehicle Tracking
* Comparing Features For Target Tracking In Traffic Scenes
* Correspondence Analysis And Hierarchical Indexing For Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Integration Of Bottom-Up And Top-Down Cues For Visual Attention Using Non-Linear Relaxation
* Projective And Illumination Invariant Representation Of Disjoint Shapes
* Projective And Illumination Invariant Representation Of Disjoint Shapes
* Statistical Structuring Of Pictorial Databases For Content-Based Image Retrieval Systems
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Punch, B. Co Author Listing * Genetic Algorithms For Object Recognition In A Complex Scene

Punys, J. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical 2d Shape Representation And Compression By Rectangles

Puppo, E. Co Author Listing * Constrained Delaunay Triangulation For Multiresolution Surface Description
* Extraction And Representation Of Shape Features For Cad/Cam Applications
* Hierarchical Triangulation For Multiresolution Surface Description
* Managing The Level Of Detail In 3d Shape Reconstruction And Representation
* Multiresolution Models For Topographic Surface Description
* Multiresolution Representation And Visualization Of Volume Data
* Representation And Visualization Of Terrain Surfaces At Variable Resolution
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Purnell, D.W. Co Author Listing * Automatic Face Recognition In A Heterogeneous Population

Purpura, D.P. Co Author Listing * Cognitive Brain Research, North-Holland

Purta, D. Co Author Listing * Multi-Spectral Imaging Filters

Puscar, M.A.J. Co Author Listing * User Interface Representations For Image Understanding

Putnam, L.K. Co Author Listing * Boolean Operations On N-Dimensional Objects

Puttagunta, P. Co Author Listing * Recursive Soft Morphological Filters

Puzicha, J. Co Author Listing * Mixture Models For Co-Occurrence And Histogram Data
* Multiscale Annealing For Real-Time Unsupervised Texture Segmentation
* Non-Parametric Similarity Measures For Unsupervised Texture Segmentation And Image Retrieval
* On Spatial Quantization Of Color Images
* Optimization Approach To Unsupervised Hierarchical Texture Segmentation, An
* Unsuperivsed Texture Segmentation In A Deterministic Annealing Framework
* Unsupervised Segmentation Of Textured Images By Pairwise Data Clustering
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