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Uhl, R.G. Co Author Listing * Framework For Recognizing A Facial Image From A Police Sketch, A
Includes: Uhl, R.G. Uhl Jr., R.G.

Uhlin, T. Co Author Listing * Active Fixation For Scene Exploration
* Closing The Loop: Detection And Pursuit Of A Moving Object By A Moving Observer
* Dynamic Fixation
* Dynamic Fixation And Active Perception
* Integrating Primary Ocular Processes
* Integrating Primary Ocular Processes
* Towards An Active Visual Observer
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Uhr, L. Co Author Listing * Algorithm-Structured Computer Arrays And Networks-Architectures And Processes For Images, Percepts, Models, Information, Academic Press
* Artificial Intelligence And Neural Networks-Steps Toward Principled Integration, Academic Press, San Diego
* Augmenting Pyramids And Arrays By Embossing Them Into Optimal Graphs To Build Multicomputer Networks
* Comparative Timings For A Neuron Recognition Program On Serial And Pyramid Computers
* Constructing Multi-Level Multi-Computer Networks
* Coordinated Evaluation Of Parallel Architectures For Perceptual Tasks, The
* Evaluation Of Multicomputers For Image Processing (Tucson, Az, May 22-24, 1984), Academic Press, Orlando
* Forms Structure Form At Ever ``Higher'' And ``Lower'' Levels
* Generation, Local Receptive Fields And Global Convergence Improve Perceptual Learning In Connectionist Networks
* Highly Parallel, Hierarchical, Recognition Cone Perceptual Structures
* Journal Of Parallel And Distributed Computing, Academic Press
* Multi-Computer Architectures For Artificial Intelligence-Toward Fast, Robust, Parallel Systems, Wiley
* Multicomputer Parallel Arrays, Pipelines, And Pyramids For Pattern Perception
* Multiple-Image And Multimodal Augmented Pyramid Computers
* On Benchmarks: Dynamically Improving Experimental Comparisons
* Parallel Architectures For Image Processing, Computer Vision, And Pattern Perception
* Parallel Computer Vision, Academic Press, Boston
* Parallel Multi-Computers And Artificial Intelligence, Wiley
* Parallel, Hierarchical Software/Hardware Pyramid Architectures
* Pyramid Vision Using Key Features
* Pyramidal Approach For The Recognition Of Neurons Using Key Features, A
* Several Steps From Icon To Symbol Using Structured Cone/Pyramids, The
* Workshop On Goal-Directed ``Expert'' Vision Systems: My Positions And Comments
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Uhran, J.J. Co Author Listing * Framed-Quadtree Approach For Determining Euclidean Shortest Paths In A 2-D Environment, A
Includes: Uhran, J.J. Uhran Jr., J.J.

Uhrig, C. Co Author Listing * Approximate Motion Planning And The Complexity Of The Boundary Of The Union Of Simple Geometric Figures

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