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AAAI(84) * Efficient Multiresolution Algorithms For Computing Lightness, Shape From Shading, And Optical Flow
* Fingerprints Theorems
* Path Relaxation: Path Planning For A Mobile Robot
* Reconstructing A Visible Surface
* Representation For Image Curves, A
* Shading Into Texture
* Shape Of Subjective Contours, The
* Task Frames In Robot Manipulation
* Three Findpath Problems
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AAAI(86) * Connection Machine Stereomatching
* Mobile Robot With Onboard Parallel Processor And Large Workspace Arm, A
* Noise-Tolerant Range Analysis For Autonomous Navigation
* Object Recognition In Structured And Random Environments: Locating Address Blocks On Mail Pieces
* Planning Sensorless Robot Manipulation Of Sliding Objects
* Real-Time Road Following And Road Junction Detection Vision System For Autonomous Vehicles, A
* Robot Navigation In Unknown Terrains Of Convex Polygonal Obstacles, Using Learned Visibility Graphs
* Rule-Based System For Document Understanding, A
* Signal-Symbol Approach To Change Detection, A
* Software And Hardware Environment For Developing Ai Applications On Parallel Processors, A
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AAAI(87) * Bounds On Translational And Angular Velocity Components From First Order Derivatives Of Image Flow
* Closed Form Solution To The Structure From Motion Problem From Line Correspondences
* Detecting Runways In Aerial Images
* Efficiency Analysis Of Multiple-Context Tmss In Scene Representation
* Energy Constraints On Deformable Models: Recovering Shape And Non-Rigid Motion
* Hypothesis Testing In A Computational Theory Of Visual Word Recognition
* Integrated System That Unifies Multiple Shape From Texture Algorithms, An
* Modular Learning In Neural Networks
* Perceptual Significance Hierarchy: A Computer Vision Theory For Color Separation
* Qualitative Landmark-Based Path Planning And Following
* Range Image Interpretation Of Mail Pieces With Superquadrics
* Regularization Uses Fractal Priors
* Sensitivity Of Motion And Structure Computations, The
* Shadow Stereo-Locating Object Boundaries Using Shadows
* Similitude-Invariant Pattern Recognition Using Parallel Distributed Processing
* Using Generic Geometric Models For Intelligent Shape Extraction
* Visual Estimation Of 3-D Line Segments From Motion-A Mobile Robot Vision System
* Visual Grammars For Visual Interfaces
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AAAI(89) * Feature Recognition Using Correlated Information Contained In Multiple Neighborhoods
* From Kinematics To Shape: An Approach To Innovative Design
* How To Draw Three People In A Botanical Garden
* Inferring Ignorance From The Locality Of Visual Perception
* On The Extraction Of Shape Information From Shading
* Parallel Hardware For Constraint Satisfaction
* Reasoning About Grasping
* Robust, Qualitative Method For Robot Spatial Learning, A
* Situated Vision In A Dynamic World: Chasing Objects
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AAAI(XX) * 3-D Motion Recovery From Time-Varying Optical Flows
* Abstraction And Representation Of Continuous Variables In Connectionist Networks
* Cis: A Massively Concurrent Rule-Based System
* Constraint-Theorems On The Prototypification Of Shape
* Depth And Flow From Motion Energy
* Determining The 3-D Motion Of A Rigid Surface Patch Without Correspondence Under Perspective Projection: I. Planar Surfaces. Ii. Curved Surfaces.
* Framework For Comparing Alternative Formalisms For Plausible Reasoning, A
* Linear Image Features In Stereopsis
* On The Parallel Complexity Of Some Constraint Satisfaction Problems
* On The Reconstruction Of A Scene From Two Unregistered Images
* Parallel Logical Inference And Energy Minimization
* Parts: Structured Descriptions Of Shape
* Reasoning Model Based On An Extended Dempster-Shafer Theory, A
* Shape From Darkness: Deriving Surface Information From Dynamic Shadows
* Signal Matching Through Scale Space
* Simd Tree Algorithms For Image Correlation
* Simple Motion Planning Algorithm For General Robot Manipulators, A
* Stereo Integral Equation
* Stochastic Approach To Stereo Vision, A
* Tactile Recognition By Probing: Identifying A Polygon On A Plane
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