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ACTA INFORMATICA(20) * Pattern Matching In Trees And Nets

ACTA INFORMATICA(21) * Characterization Of Systolic Binary Tree Automata And Applications, A
* On Real-Time Cellular Automata And Trellis Automata
* Optimal Divide-And-Conquer To Compute Measure And Contour For A Set Of Iso-Rectangles
* Space Sweep Solves Intersection Of Convex Polyhedra

ACTA INFORMATICA(22) * Drawing Plane Graphs Nicely
* Probabilistic Bounds For Dual Bin-Packing

ACTA INFORMATICA(23) * Constructing Maximal Slicings From Geometry

ACTA INFORMATICA(24) * Long Unavoidable Patterns
* Lower Bounds For Sorting On Mesh-Connected Architectures
* Some Techniques For Geometric Searching With Implicit Set Representations

ACTA INFORMATICA(26) * Motion Planning Among Time Dependent Obstacles

ACTA INFORMATICA(30) * Decomposing A Window Into Maximal Quadtree Blocks

Acta Informatica(31) * On The Power Of L-Systems In Image Generation

Acta Informatica(34) * Computational Fractal Geometry With Wfa
* Distance Measures For Point Sets And Their Computation

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