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JPDC (30) * Guest Eds., Special Issue On Multimedia Processing And Technology

JPDC 5() * Guest Ed., Special Issue On Parallel Architectures And Algorithms

JPDC 6() * Guest Ed., Special Issue: Neural Computing

JPDC(10) * Flexibly Coupled Multiprocessors For Image Processing
* Image Template Matching On Mimd Hypercube Multicomputers
* Intensive Hypercube Communication-Prearranged Communication In Link-Bound Machines
* Parallel Algorithm For The Arbitrary Rotation Of Digitized Images Using Process-And-Data-Decomposition Approach, A
* Processing Border Codes On A Mesh-Connected Computer

JPDC(11) * Communications Overhead And The Expected Speedup Of Multidimensional Mesh-Connected Parallel Processors
* Darpa Image Understanding Benchmark For Parallel Computers, The
* Design Of An Array Processor For Image Processing
* Embedding Mesh Of Trees Into The Hypercube
* Embedding Shuffle Networks In Hypercubes
* Optimal Communication Algorithms For Hypercubes
* Parallel Algorithms For Generating The Raster Representation Of Straight Lines And Circles
* Systolic Algorithms For B-Spline Patch Generation
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JPDC(12) * Implementation And Evaluation Of Hough Transform Algorithms On A Shared-Memory Multiprocessor
* Parallel Algorithms For Determining K-Width Connectivity In Binary Images
* Random, Distributed Algorithm To Embed Trees In Partially Faulty Processor Arrays, A

JPDC(13) * Computer Vision Applications With The Associative String Processor
* Dynamic Intelligent Scheduling And Control Of Reconfigurable Architectures For Computer Vision/Image Processing
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Massively Parallel Computation
* Limitations Imposed On Mixed-Mode Performance Of Optimized Phases Due To Temporal Juxtaposition
* Parallel Architecture For High-Speed Data Compression, A
* Simple Light Simulation Algorithm For Massively Parallel Machines, A

JPDC(14) * Design Of Gracefully Degradable Hypercube-Connected Systems
* Distributed Algorithm For Embedding Trees In Hypercubes With Modifications For Run-Time Fault Tolerance, A
* Effective Approach To The Enhancement Of Incomplete Hypercube Computers, An
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Neural Computing On Massively Parallel Processing
* Large Integer Multiplication On Hypercubes
* Load Balancing And Routing On The Hypercube And Related Networks
* Parallel Implementation And Evaluation Of A Motion Estimation System Algorithm Using Several Data Decomposition Strategies
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JPDC(15) * Operating System Support For Animate Vision
* Real-Time Parallel Architecture For Sensor Fusion

JPDC(16) * Report Of The Purdue Workshop On Grand Challenges In Computer Architecture For The Support Of High Performance Computing (W. Lafayette, In, December 12-13, 1991)

JPDC(17) * Guest Eds., Special Issue On Optical Computing And Interconnection Systems

JPDC(18) * Quadtree Building Algorithms On An Simd Hypercube

JPDC(19) * Empirical Methodology For Exploring Reconfigurable Architectures, An
* Generalized Hough Transform On Mesh-Connected Computers, The

JPDC(2) * Prism Machine: An Alternative To The Pyramid, The
* Systolic Parallel Processor For The Rapid Computation Of Multiresolution Edge Images Using The @Grad Sup 2^G@ Operator, A

JPDC(20) * Connected Component Labeling On Coarse Grain Parallel Computers: An Experimental Study
* Multisearch Techniques: Parallel Data Structures On Mesh-Connected Computers
* New Approach For Circle Detection On Multiprocessors, A
* Parallel Algorithms For Gray-Scale Digitized Picture Component Labeling On A Mesh-Connected Computer
* Reconfigurable Mesh Algorithms For The Hough Transform

JPDC(21) * Data Parallel Algorithm For Solving The Region Growing Problem On The Connection Machine, A
* Evaluating Multigauge Architectures For Computer Vision
* Scalable Data Parallel Implementations Of Object Recognition Using Geometric Hashing

JPDC(22) * Parallel 3-D Filling With Octrees

JPDC(23) * Comparison Of Two Application-Specific Architectures For 2-D Mesh Computations, A
* Compression Of Binary Images On A Hypercube Machine
* Construction Of D-Dimensional Hyperoctrees On A Hypercube Multiprocessor
* Optical Techniques For Parallel Image Computing

JPDC(24) * Hough Transform On A Reconfigurable Multi-Ring Network, The

JPDC(25) * 2d And 3d Optimal Parallel Image Warping
* Degree-Constrained Pyramid Spanners

JPDC(26) * Optimal Mesh Algorithms For The Voronoi Diagram Of Line Segments And Motion Planning In The Plane
* Parallel Algorithm For Computing Polygon Set Operations, A

JPDC(27) * Area And Perimeter Computation Of The Union Of A Set Of Iso-Rectangles In Parallel
* Constant-Time Convexity Problems On Reconfigurable Meshes
* Convexity Problems On Meshes With Multiple Broadcasting

JPDC(29) * Efficient Parallel Nonlinear Multigrid Relaxation Algorithms For Low-Level Vision Applications

JPDC(3) * Efficient Parallel Solutions To Some Geometric Problems
* Fft Algorithms For Simd Parallel Processing Systems
* Some Parallel Sorts On A Mesh-Connected Processor Array And Their Time Efficiency
* Vlsi Algorithm For The Optimal Detection Of A Curve, A

JPDC(30) * Multiprocessor Image Rotation

JPDC(31) * Detection Of Circular Objects By Wave Propagation
* Parallel Evaluation Of Hierarchical Image Databases

JPDC(33) * Network Architecture Of The Connection Machine Cm-5, The

JPDC(35) * Parallel Algorithms For Image Histogramming And Connected Components With An Experimental Study

JPDC(36) * Embedding Pyramids Into 3d Meshes

JPDC(4) * Array Processor With Multiple Broadcasting
* Image Algebra Techniques For Parallel Image Processing
* Low-Level Image Analysis Tasks On Fine-Grained Tree-Structured Simd Machines
* On Mapping Parallel Algorithms Into Parallel Architectures
* P3e: New Life For Projection-Based Image Processing
* Supporting Divide-And-Conquer Algorithms For Image Processing
* Vision Algorithms For Hypercube Machines
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JPDC(44) * Time-Efficient Maze Routing Algorithms On Reconfigurable Mesh Architectures

JPDC(45) * Fast Hough Transform On Multiprocessors: A Branch And Bound Approach

JPDC(49) * Time-Optimal Proximity Graph Computations On Enhanced Meshes

JPDC(5) * Geometric Retrieval In Parallel
* Optimal Algorithms For Rectangle Problems On A Mesh-Connected Computer
* Scheduling Algorithms For Pipe (Pipelined Image-Processing Engine)

JPDC(50) * Parallel Algorithms For Perceptual Grouping On Distributed Memory Machines

JPDC(51) * Parallel Marker-Based Image Segmentation With Watershed Transformation

JPDC(6) * Embedding Of Binary Trees Into Hypercubes
* Model For An Intelligent Operating System For Executing Image Understanding Tasks On A Reconfigurable Parallel Architecture, A
* Parallel Algorithms For Line Detection On A Mesh
* Two Nearly Optimal Sorting Algorithms For Mesh-Connected Processor Arrays Using Shear-Sort

JPDC(7) * Arc Colorings, Partial Path Groups, And Parallel Graph Contractions
* Embedding Arbitrary Binary Trees In A Hypercube
* Parallel Processing Of Linear Quadtrees On A Mesh-Connected Computer

JPDC(8) * Embedding Meshes In Boolean Cubes By Graph Decomposition
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Massively Parallel Computation
* Hcl: A Language For Low-Level Image Analysis
* Solving Nonuniform Problems On Simd Computers: Case Study On Region Growing

JPDC(9) * Costs Of Quadtree Representation Of Nondense Matrices
* Design And Analysis Of A Multiprocessor For Image Processing
* Mapping Pyramid Algorithms Into Hypercubes
* String Editing On An Simd Hypercube Multicomputer
* Theory Of Acyclic Systolic Systems, The

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