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MVA (8) * Guest Ed., Special Issue: New Architectural Solutions For Computer Vision Systems
* Guest Ed., Special Section On Artificial Neural Networks For Machine Vision
* Guest Ed., Special Section On Image Technology In Italy

MVA(1) * 3-D Imaging Systems And High-Speed Processing For Robot Control
* Active, Optical Range Imaging Sensors
* Applications Of Dynamic Monocular Machine Vision
* Ash Line Control
* Automatic Optical Inspection Of Plated Through-Holes For Ultrahigh Density Printed Wiring Boards
* Background Subtraction Algorithms For Videodensitometric Quantification Of Coronary Stenosis
* Class Of Adaptive Model- And Object-Driven Nonuniform Sampling Methods For 3-D Inspection, A
* Dynamic Monocular Machine Vision
* Image-Recognition System Using Algorithmically Dedicated Integrated Circuits, An
* Interactive And Automatic Image Recognition System
* Measure Theoretic Imaging, With An Example Employing Magnetic Resonance Input
* Multidimensional Biomedical Image Display And Analysis In The Biotechnology Computer Resource At The Mayo Clinic
* P300: A System For Automatic Pattern Wafer Inspection, The
* Pipeline Architectures For Morphologic Image Analysis
* Projection-Based High Accuracy Measurement Of Straight Line Edges
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MVA(10) * Assessing The Condition Of A Plant
* Automatic High-Resolution Optoelectronic Photogrammetric 3d Surface Geometry Acquisition System
* Automatic Reconstruction Of 3d Human Arm Motion From A Monocular Image Sequence
* Automatic Threshold Selection Based On Histogram Modes And A Discriminant Criterion
* Automatic Video Data Structuring Through Shot Partitioning And Key-Frame Computing
* Classification And Augmentation Of Vector Flow Fields Using A Neural Network
* Coarse-Fine Adaptive Masks For Appearance Matching Of Occluded Scenes
* Comparison Of Local Surface Geometry Estimation Methods, A
* Direct Linear Sub-Pixel Correlation By Incorporation Of Neighbor Pixels' Information And Robust Estimation Of Window Transformation
* Expressive Language And Interface For Image Querying, An
* Extracting Characters Of License Plates From Video Sequences
* Image And Video Indexing Using Vector Quantization
* Local Method For Contour Matching And Its Parallel Implementation, A
* Memory-Based Approach To Sensory-Motor Coordination, A
* Mobile Robot Navigation And Scene Modeling Using [A] Stereo Fish-Eye Lens System
* Model-Based Interpretation Of Stereo Imagery Of Textured Surfaces
* Multipass Hierarchical Stereo Matching For Generation Of Digital Terrain Models From Aerial Images
* Optic Flow Estimation By A Hopfield Neural Network Using Geometrical Constraints
* Retina-Like Visual Sensor For Fast Tracking And Navigation Robots
* Robotic Hand-Eye Coordination: New Solutions With Uncalibrated Stereo Cameras
* Robust Classification Of Arbitrary Object Classes Based On Hierarchical Spatial Feature-Matching
* Sign Language Recognition Using Model-Based Tracking And A 3d Hopfield Neural Network
* Silhouette-Based Occluded Object Recognition Through Curvature Scale Space
* Spectral Covariance And Fuzzy Regions For Image Indexing
* Stereovision System For A Planetary Rover: Calibration, Correlation, Registration, And Fusion, A
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MVA(102) * Guest Eds., Special Issue: Image And Video Databases

MVA(11) * Analog Computation For Phase-Based Disparity Estimation: Continuous And Discrete Models
* Automated Delineation Of Individual Tree Crowns In High Spatial Resolution Aerial Images By Multiple-Scale Analysis
* Deformable Model Of The Human Iris For Measuring Small Three-Dimensional Eye Movements, A
* Genetic Algorithms For Clustering In Machine Vision
* Image Retrieval Using Efficient Local-Area Matching
* Visual Routines For Real-Time Monitoring Of Vehicle Behavior

MVA(2) * Architecture For Region Boundary Extraction In Raster Scan Images Suitable For Vlsi Implementation, An
* Combined Decision Theoretic And Syntactic Approach To Image Segmentation
* Parallel Computer Vision On Polymorphic Torus Architecture
* Range Estimation From Intensity Gradient Analysis
* Real-Time Model Based Geometric Reasoning For Vision-Guided Navigation
* Reconstruction Of Two-Dimensional Patterns From Fourier Descriptors
* Report On Range Image Understanding Workshop, East Lansing, Michigan, March 21-23, 1988
* Robust Window Operators
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MVA(3) * Accumulator-Based Inexact Matching Using Relational Summaries
* Camera Calibration Technique Using Three Sets Of Parallel Lines, A
* Computing Camera Parameters Using Vanishing-Line Information From A Rectangular Parallelepiped
* Computing The Hough Transform On A Pyramid Architecture
* Hierarchical Image Fusion
* Model Driven Edge Detection
* Multiresolution Image Dynamic Thresholding
* Multiresolution Image Motion Detection And Displacement Estimation
* On Improving The Accuracy Of The Hough Transform
* Scanning Electron Microscope-Based Stereo Analysis
* Systematic Methodology For Determining/Optimizing A Machine Vision System'S Capability, A
* Vlsi Design And Implementation Of A Real-Time Image Segmentation Processor
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MVA(4) * Automatic Registration Of Color Separation Films
* Circle-Detection Algorithm Simulating Wave Propagation, A
* Image-Flow Computation: An Estimation-Theoretic Framework, Unification And Integration
* Interpretation Of Laser Radar Images By A Knowledge-Based System, The
* Levels Of Knowledge For Object Extraction
* Machine Vision In The 1990s: Applications And How To Get There
* Optimization Framework For Feature Extraction, An
* Recognition And Localization Of Objects With Curved Surfaces
* Surface Profile Measurement Using Color Fringe Projection
* Surface Reconstruction From Stereoscopy And ``Shape From Shading'' In Sem Images
* Vlsi Architecture For A Half-Edge-Based Corner Detector, A
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MVA(5) * Background Primal Sketch: An Approach For Tracking Moving Objects, The
* Depth Perception Using Blurring And Its Application In Vlsi Wafer Probing
* Document Image Analysis: A Bibliography
* Efficient Representation And Transformation Of Image Data On The Connection Machine System
* Hierarchical Multiple-Simd Architecture For Image Analysis
* Local Association Based Recognition Of Two-Dimensional Objects
* Method For Detection Of Circular Arcs Based On The Hough Transform, A
* Nonuniform Region Processing On Simd Arrays Using The Coterie Network
* Unified Distance Transform Algorithm And Architecture, A
* Use Of Wrist Mounted Range Profile Scanners For Real-Time Tracking
* [Flexibly] (Flexibility) Coupled Hypercube Multiprocessor For High Level Vision, A
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MVA(6) * Design And Implementation Of A Low-Level Segmentation Architecture-Lisa
* Fast Single Pass Edgel Extraction Routine, A
* Line Segment Matching For 3d Computer Vision Using A New Iteration Scheme
* Parallel Stereo Algorithm That Produces Dense Depth Maps And Preserves Image Features, A
* Passive Range Estimation For Rotorcraft Low-Altitude Flight
* Stop-Sign Recognition Based On Color-Shape Processing

MVA(7) * Autonomous Landing Of Airplanes By Dynamic Machine Vision
* Cache Tiling For High Performance Morphological Image Processing
* Error Propagation In Machine Vision
* Estimation Of Motion Vectors And Their Application To Scene Retrieval
* Fast Segmentation Of Range Images Into Planar Regions By Scan Line Grouping
* Functional Programming On A Data Flow Architecture: Applications In Real-Time Image Processing
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Innovative Applications Of Computer Vision
* Guest Ed., Special Section On Frontiers In Machine Vision Applications (Papers From Mva '92, Iapr Workshop On Machine Vision Applications, Tokyo, Japan, December 7-9, 1992)
* High-Quality 3d Multiview Model-Building Technique Based On Cad, A
* How To Program And Configure A Heterogeneous Multiprocessor
* Image-Sensing Model And Computer Simulation For Ccd Camera System
* Low-Cost Calibration Method For Automated Optical Mensuration Using A Video Camera, A
* Motion Estimation Methods And Noisy Phenomena
* Multiscale Regularity Measure As A Geometric Criterion For Image Segmentation, A
* Optimal Template Matching By Nonorthogonal Image Expansion Using Restoration
* Optimization Algorithm For Shape Analysis Of Regular Polygons, An
* Pdl-Hm: Morphological And Syntactic Shape Classification Algorithm
* Program Development And Coding On A Fine-Grained Vision Machine
* Programmable Vlsi Retina For Rough Vision, A
* Real-Time Vision System Using An Integrated Memory Array Processor Prototype, A
* Road Obstacle Detection And Tracking By An Active And Intelligent Sensing Strategy
* Vision Processor System For Moving-Object Analysis
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MVA(8) * Automatic Person Recognition By Acoustic And Geometric Features
* Bayesian Shape Estimation: Shape-From-Shading And Photometric Stereo Revisited
* Computation Of Egomotion Using The Vertical Cue
* Dynamic Integration Algorithm To Model Surfaces From Multiple Range Views, A
* Entropy Based Method For Extracting Robust Binary Templates, An
* Fast And Robust Recognition And Localization Of 2-D Objects
* Feature Extraction And Image Segmentation Using Self-Organizing Networks
* Geometric Camera Calibration: The Virtual Camera Approach
* Guest Ed., Special Issue--Cursive Script Recognition
* Heterogeneous And Reconfigurable Machine-Vision System, A
* High-Speed And Continuous 3d Measurement System, A
* Miniaturized Space-Variant Active Vision System: Cortex-I, A
* Neural Structures For Visual Motion Tracking
* Neuromorphic Architecture For Cortical Multilayer Integration Of Early Visual Tasks, A
* Proteus: A Reconfigurable Computational Network For Computer Vision
* Range Measurement From Defocus Gradient
* Real-Time Colour Recognition In Symbolic Programming For Machine Vision Systems
* Real-Time Synthesis Of A Humanlike Agent In Response To The User'S Moving Image
* Robust Variable Order Facet Model For Image Data, A
* Scalable, Real-Time, Image Processing Pipeline, A
* Texture Crack Detection
* Vision-Based Robotic Convoy Driving
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MVA(9) * Algorithmic Modelling For Performance Evaluation
* Automated Laser Scanning Based On Orthogonal Cross Sections
* Comparative Study Of The Robustness Of Two Pose Estimation Techniques, A
* Computation Of Cloud Base Height From Paired Whole-Sky Imaging Cameras, The
* Contour Representation Of Binary Images Using Run-Type Direction Codes
* Depth Extraction Using A Single Moving Camera: An Integration Of Depth From Motion And Depth From Stereo
* Edges: Saliency Measures And Automatic Thresholding
* Estimating 3-D Rigid Body Transformation: A Comparison Of Four Major Algorithms
* Estimations Of Previewed Road Curvatures And Vehicular Motion By A Vision-Based Data Fusion Scheme
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Performance Evaluation
* Machine-Vision System For Iris Recognition, A
* Matching Free Stereovision For Detecting Obstacles On A Ground Plane
* Methodology For Evaluation Of Task Performance In Robotic Systems: A Case Study In Vision-Based Localization, A
* Motion Estimation And Segmentation
* Multidimensional Scaling Approach To Explore The Behavior Of A Texture Perception Algorithm, A
* On The Magic Of Slide
* Performance Characterization Of Fundamental Matrix Estimation Under Image Degradation
* Performance Of Phase-Basedalgorithms For Disparity Estimation
* Protocol For The Performance Evaluation Of Line Detection Algorithms, A
* Random Perturbation Models For Boundary Extraction Sequence
* Real-Time Parallel Computation Of Disparity And Optical Flow Using Phase Difference
* Reconstruction Of Dynamic 3d Structure Of Biological Objects Using Stereo Microscope Images, The
* Tracking Moving Objects During Low Altitude Flight
* Uncalibrated Obstacle Detection Using Normal Flow
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MVAAS(88) * Bottlenecks To Effective Application Of Machine Vision-A Discussion
* Computer Architectures For Machine Vision
* Directions For Future Research-A Panel Discussion
* Industrial Machine Vision-Is It Practical?
* Industrial Machine Vision: Where Are We? What Do We Need? How Do We Get It?
* Inference Of Object Surface Structure From Structured Lighting-An Overview
* Integrating Vision Modules On A Fine-Grained Parallel Machine
* Introducing Local Autonomy To Processor Arrays
* Learning Structural Descriptions Of Shape
* Machine Vision Architectures And Systems-A Discussion
* Machine Vision As State-Space Search
* Perspective On Machine Vision At General Motors, A
* Range Image Segmentation
* ``Smart Sensing'' In Machine Vision
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