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Aihara, K.[Kazuyuki] Co Author Listing * Adaptive habituation detection to build human computer interactive systems using a real-time cross-modal computation
* DVHMM: variable length text recognition error model
* Optimizing Spectral Filters for Single Trial EEG Classification
* Smart Driving of a Vehicle Using Model Predictive Control for Improving Traffic Flow
* Vehicle-Intersection Coordination Scheme for Smooth Flows of Traffic Without Using Traffic Lights, A
Includes: Aihara, K.[Kazuyuki] Aihara, K.

Aihara, N.[Nobuhiro] Co Author Listing * Memory-Based Self-Localization Using Omnidirectional Images

Aihara, R. Co Author Listing * Visual-to-speech conversion based on maximum likelihood estimation

Aihara, T.[Takanori] Co Author Listing * Robust Vegetation Index Based on Different UAV RGB Images to Estimate SPAD Values of Naked Barley Leaves, A

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