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Arbab Zavar, B.[Banafshe] Co Author Listing * Multi-modal Computer Vision for the Detection of Multi-scale Crowd Physical Motions and Behavior in Confined Spaces
* On guided model-based analysis for ear biometrics
* On hierarchical modelling of motion for workflow analysis from overhead view
* On Model-Based Analysis of Ear Biometrics
* On Shape-Mediated Enrolment in Ear Biometrics
* On Supervised Human Activity Analysis for Structured Environments
* Robust log-Gabor filter for ear biometrics
* Tools for semi-automatic monitoring of industrial workflows
Includes: Arbab Zavar, B.[Banafshe] Arbab-Zavar, B.[Banafshe]
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Arbab, B. Co Author Listing * Mask: An Object Identification Algorithm

Arbabi, E. Co Author Listing * Weighted Vote Fusion in prototype random subspace for thermal to visible face recognition

Arbabmir, M.V.[Mohammad Vali] Co Author Listing * Improving night sky star image processing algorithm for star sensors

Arbabzadah, F.[Farhad] Co Author Listing * Identifying Individual Facial Expressions by Deconstructing a Neural Network

Arbabzadeh, N. Co Author Listing * Data-Driven Approach for Driving Safety Risk Prediction Using Driver Behavior and Roadway Information Data, A

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