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Arge, C.N. Co Author Listing * Image Processing Methods for Coronal Hole Segmentation, Matching, and Map Classification

Arge, L.[Lars] Co Author Listing * Efficient Flow Computation on Massive Grid Terrain Datasets

Argelaguet, F.[Ferran] Co Author Listing * Design and evaluation of 3D cursors and motion parallax for the exploration of desktop virtual environments
* novel 3D carousel based on pseudo-haptic feedback and gestural interaction for virtual showcasing, A
* Virtual Mitten: A novel interaction paradigm for visuo-haptic manipulation of objects using grip force, The
Includes: Argelaguet, F.[Ferran] Argelaguet, F.

Argelich, J.[Josep] Co Author Listing * argumentative approach for discovering relevant opinions in Twitter with probabilistic valued relationships, An
* Measuring user relevance in online debates through an argumentative model

Argente, E.[Estefania] Co Author Listing * Normative Emotional Agents: A Viewpoint Paper
Includes: Argente, E.[Estefania] Argente, E.[Estefanía]

Argenti, F.[Fabrizio] Co Author Listing * Accurate Despeckling and Estimation of Polarimetric Features by Means of a Spatial Decorrelation of the Noise in Complex PolSAR Data
* Audio decoding with frequency and complexity scalability
* Blind Speckle Decorrelation for SAR Image Despeckling
* Comments on A New Algorithm for Border Description of Polarized Light Surface Microscopic Images of Pigmented Skin Lesions
* Filterbanks Design for Multisensor Data Fusion
* Modified Fourier-Mellin Approach For Source Device Identification On Stabilized Videos, A
* Multiresolution MAP Despeckling of SAR Images Based on Locally Adaptive Generalized Gaussian pdf Modeling
* Normalized Differential Spectral Sensitivity Approach Applied to the Retrieval of Tropospheric Water Vapor Fields Using a Constellation of Corotating LEO Satellites, The
* Radar Pulse Compression Methods Based on Nonlinear and Quadratic Optimization
* Segmentation-Based MAP Despeckling of SAR Images in the Undecimated Wavelet Domain
* Speckle removal from SAR images in the undecimated wavelet domain
* Tomographic Inversion Methods for Retrieving the Tropospheric Water Vapor Content Based on the NDSA Measurement Approach
* Wide-angle and long-range real time pose estimation: A comparison between monocular and stereo vision systems
Includes: Argenti, F.[Fabrizio] Argenti, F.
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Argenti, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Impacts of Climate Change on European Grassland Phenology: A 20-Year Analysis of MODIS Satellite Data

Argenti, T. Co Author Listing * Multiresolution approaches to adaptive speckle reduction in synthetic aperture radar images

Argentieri, P.[Pietro] Co Author Listing * Mass Processing of Sentinel-1 Images for Maritime Surveillance
* SUMO Ship Detector Algorithm for Satellite Radar Images, The

Argentieri, S.[Sylvain] Co Author Listing * novel aircraft fault diagnosis and prognosis system based on Gaussian Mixture Models, A

Argentiero, I.[Ilenia] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Potential of Long, Multi-Temporal SAR Interferometry Time Series for Slope Instability Monitoring: Two Case Studies in Southern Italy

Argentin, A.L. Co Author Listing * Object-based Approach for Monitoring The Evolution Of Landslide-dammed Lakes and Detecting Triggering Landslides in Taiwan, An

Argentini, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * About Neighborhood Counting Measure Metric and Minimum Risk Metric

Argento, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Crop Nitrogen Retrieval Methods for Simulated Sentinel-2 Data Using In-Field Spectrometer Data

Argenziano, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * Skin Lesions Classification: A Radiomics Approach with Deep CNN

Argese, F. Co Author Listing * novel 3D user interface for the immersive design review, A

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