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Ayad, H.G.[Hanan G.] Co Author Listing * Cumulative Voting Consensus Method for Partitions with Variable Number of Clusters
* On voting-based consensus of cluster ensembles

Ayad, L.A.K.[Lorraine A.K.] Co Author Listing * faster and more accurate heuristic for cyclic edit distance computation, A

Ayad, M.[Mouloud] Co Author Listing * Offline Signature Verification Using Textural Descriptors

Ayadi, J. Co Author Listing * Redundant GNSS-INS Low-Cost UAV Navigation Solution for Professional Applications, A

Ayadi, M.[Mehdi] Co Author Listing * Parametric Algorithm for Skyline Extraction, A
* Skyline as a Marker for Augmented Reality in Urban Context, The

Ayadi, W. Co Author Listing * Wavelet based statistical detection of salient points by the exploitation of the interscale redundancies

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