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Bigdeli, A. Co Author Listing * Automated Face Recognition System for Intelligence Surveillance: Smart Camera Recognizing Faces in the Crowd, An
* Directed Random Subspace Method for Face Recognition
* Directional Space-Time Oriented Gradients for 3D Visual Pattern Analysis
* Dynamic resource aware sensor networks: Integration of sensor cloud and ERPs
* Embedded face and biometric technologies for national and border security
* Ensemble of furthest subspace pairs for enhanced image set matching
* Experimental Analysis of Face Recognition on Still and CCTV Images
* Exploiting Bayesian Belief Network for Adaptive IP-Reuse Decision
* face biometric benchmarking review and characterisation, A
* Face Recognition from Still Images to Video Sequences: A Local-Feature-Based Framework
* high resolution smart camera with GigE Vision extension for surveillance applications, A
* High Throughput Variable Size Non-square Gabor Engine with Feature Pooling Based on GPU
* Image-set face recognition based on transductive learning
* Intelligent CCTV for Mass Transport Security: Challenges and Opportunities for Video and Face Processing
* Obstacle-free range determination for rail track maintenance vehicles
* On intelligent surveillance systems and face recognition for mass transport security
* Robust object tracking using local oriented energy features and its hardware/software implementation
* Role of Spatiotemporal Oriented Energy Features for Robust Visual Tracking in Video Surveillance
* Square Patch Feature: Faster weak-classifier for robust object detection
Includes: Bigdeli, A. Bigdeli, A.[Abbas]
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Bigdeli, B.[Behnaz] Co Author Listing * Automatic Road Extraction from Lidar Data Based on Classifier Fusion in Urban Area
* Classifier Fusion of Hyperspectral and Lidar Remote Sensing Data for Improvement of Land Cover Classifcation
Includes: Bigdeli, B.[Behnaz] Bigdeli, B.

Bigdeli, S. Co Author Listing * Deep Semantic Segmentation Using NIR as Extra Physical Information

Bigdeli, S.A.[Siavash Arjomand] Co Author Listing * Hand-held 3D light field photography and applications

Bigdelou, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Incremental Visual Hull Reconstruction
* Simultaneous categorical and spatio-temporal 3D gestures using Kinect

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