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Bokhabrine, Y.[Youssef] Co Author Listing * 3D characterization of hot metallic shells during industrial forging
* Genetic Algorithms for Gielis Surface Recovery from 3D Data Sets
Includes: Bokhabrine, Y.[Youssef] Bokhabrine, Y.

Bokhan, K.[Kostiantyn] Co Author Listing * Text/shape classifier for mobile applications with handwriting input

Bokhare, S.F.[Siti Fatimah] Co Author Listing * Visual Information Framework for Medical Family Tree Data (Genogram)

Bokhari, S.M.M. Co Author Listing * Frame Interpolation for Cloud-Based Mobile Video Streaming
* High definition wireless video transmission using Pyramid Vector Quantisation
* Parallel phase unwrapping in 3D shape measurement using digital fringe projection technique
* Rate-Distortion-Optimized Video Transmission Using Pyramid Vector Quantization
* Robust video transmission using Pyramid Vector Quantisation
Includes: Bokhari, S.M.M. Bokhari, S.M.M.[Syed Mohsin Matloob]

Bokhari, S.Z.[Syed Zahir] Co Author Listing * Long-Term Activity Forecasting Using First-Person Vision

Bokhnyak, S. Co Author Listing * Neural 3D Morphable Models: Spiral Convolutional Networks for 3D Shape Representation Learning and Generation

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