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Cam, A. Co Author Listing * GeoEtrim, SharpQ and Epix: Trio of Tools for Geospatial Image Analysis
* Geometric And Radiometric Evaluation Of Rasat Images
* Georeferencing Accuracy Assessment of Pléiades 1A Images Using Rational Function Model
* Geospatial Analysis Using Remote Sensing Images: Case Studies Of Zonguldak Test Field
* Image Quality Assessment of Pléiades-1A Triplet Bundle and Pan-sharpened Images
* Pansharpening of Rasat And GÖktÜrk-2 Images Via High Pass Filter
* Pléiades Project: Assessment Of Georeferencing Accuracy, Image Quality, Pansharpening Performence And DSM/DTM Quality
* Radiometric and geometric characteristics of Pleiades images
* Spatial Distrubiton Of Children Treated By Cancer In Zonguldak, Turkey
Includes: Cam, A. Cam, A.[Ali]
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Cam, B.C.[Baris Can] Co Author Listing * Localization Recall Precision (LRP): A New Performance Metric for Object Detection

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