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Cina, A. Co Author Listing * 3d Glacier Mapping By Means of Satellite Stereo Images: the Belvedere Glacier Case Study In the Italian Alps
* Centimetric Accuracy in Snow Depth Using Unmanned Aerial System Photogrammetry and a MultiStation
* Debris Flow and Rockslide Analysis with Advanced Photogrammetry Techniques Based on High-Resolution RPAS Data. Ponte Formazza Case Study (NW Alps)
* Mid-Term Monitoring of Glacier's Variations with UAVs: The Example of the Belvedere Glacier
Includes: Cina, A. Cina, A.[Alberto]

Cina, A.E.[Antonio Emanuele] Co Author Listing * black-box adversarial attack for poisoning clustering, A
* Minimizing Energy Consumption of Deep Learning Models by Energy-Aware Training
Includes: Cina, A.E.[Antonio Emanuele] Cinà, A.E.[Antonio Emanuele]

Cinar, A.[Ahmet] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of keratoconus on Pentacam images using feature selection based on deep learning
* Classification with respect to colon adenocarcinoma and colon benign tissue of colon histopathological images with a new CNN model: MA:NET
* effect of deep feature concatenation in the classification problem: An approach on COVID-19 disease detection, The
* mRMR-based hybrid convolutional neural network model for classification of Alzheimer's disease on brain magnetic resonance images
Includes: Cinar, A.[Ahmet] Çinar, A.[Ahmet]

Cinar, H.[Hatice] Co Author Listing * Robust Facial Landmarking for Registration

Cinar, N.[Necip] Co Author Listing * novel convolutional neural network-based approach for brain tumor classification using magnetic resonance images, A

Cinar, S.[Salim] Co Author Listing * Online Censoring Based Weighted-Frequency Fourier Linear Combiner for Estimation of Pathological Hand Tremors
Includes: Cinar, S.[Salim] Çinar, S.[Salim]

Cinaroglu, I.[Ibrahim] Co Author Listing * direct approach for object detection with catadioptric omnidirectional cameras, A

Cinat, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Unsupervised Algorithms for Vineyard Canopy Segmentation from UAV Multispectral Images

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