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Codeca, L. Co Author Listing * Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning for Large-Scale Traffic Signal Control
Includes: Codeca, L. Codecŕ, L.

Codega, D. Co Author Listing * Interactive Tool for Computer Vision Tutorials, An

Codegone, G.[Giulia] Co Author Listing * Multidisciplinary Analysis of Ground Movements: An Underground Gas Storage Case Study

Codella, J.V.[James V.] Co Author Listing * Broader Study of Cross-domain Few-shot Learning, A

Codella, N.[Noel] Co Author Listing * CvT: Introducing Convolutions to Vision Transformers
* DaViT: Dual Attention Vision Transformers
* Deep Learning, Sparse Coding, and SVM for Melanoma Recognition in Dermoscopy Images
* Learning Visual Representation from Modality-Shared Contrastive Language-Image Pre-training
* P2L: Predicting Transfer Learning for Images and Semantic Relations
* RegionCLIP: Region-based Language-Image Pretraining
Includes: Codella, N.[Noel] Codella, N.

Codella, N.C.[Noel C.] Co Author Listing * Broader Study of Cross-domain Few-shot Learning, A
* Viewpoint Recognition in Cardiac CT Images

Codella, N.C.E.[Noel C.E.] Co Author Listing * Large-scale video event classification using dynamic temporal pyramid matching of visual semantics

Codella, N.C.F.[Noel C.F.] Co Author Listing * Cardiac anatomy as a biometric
* Leveraging geometry and appearance cues for recognizing family photos
* Leveraging multiple cues for recognizing family photos
Includes: Codella, N.C.F.[Noel C.F.] Codella, N.C.F.[Noel C. F.]

Coder, P.O.[P. Ortiz] Co Author Listing * Application For Cultural Heritage In Erasmus Placement. Surveys And 3D Cataloging Archaeological Finds In Mérida (Spain), An

Codetta Raiteri, D. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Bayesian Networks for Fault Detection, Identification, and Recovery in Autonomous Spacecraft
Includes: Codetta Raiteri, D. Codetta-Raiteri, D.

Codevilla, F.[Felipe] Co Author Listing * Achieving Turbidity Robustness on Underwater Images Local Feature Detection
* Exploring the Limitations of Behavior Cloning for Autonomous Driving
* Geostatistics for Context-Aware Image Classification
* Multimodal End-to-End Autonomous Driving
* On Offline Evaluation of Vision-Based Driving Models
Includes: Codevilla, F.[Felipe] Codevilla, F.

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