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Daga, A.V.[Aditya Vikram] Co Author Listing * Hand-Drawn Symbol Spotting Using Semi-definite Programming Based Sub-graph Matching

Daga, L.[Leonardo] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Active Volcanos Using Aerial Images and the Orthoview Tool

Daga, M.[Mohit] Co Author Listing * 2-SiMDoM: A 2-Sieve model for detection of mitosis in multispectral breast cancer imagery

Daga, P. Co Author Listing * Accurate Localization of Optic Radiation During Neurosurgery in an Interventional MRI Suite
* Accurate Small Deformation Exponential Approximant to Integrate Large Velocity Fields: Application to Image Registration
* Combined EM and Visual Tracking Probabilistic Model for Robust Mosaicking: Application to Fetoscopy, A
* Inverse-Consistent Symmetric Free Form Deformation
* Parametric non-rigid registration using a stationary velocity field
Includes: Daga, P. Daga, P.[Pankaj]

Dagaeva, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Big spatio-temporal data mining for emergency management information systems

Dagan, E. Co Author Listing * Forward collision warning with a single camera

Dagan, G.[Gautier] Co Author Listing * Adding Object Detection Skills to Visual Dialogue Agents

Dagan, I.[Ido] Co Author Listing * Keyword-Based Browsing and Analysis of Large Document Sets

Daganzo Eusebio, E. Co Author Listing * SMOS Radiometer in the 1400-1427-MHz Passive Band: Impact of the RFI Environment and Approach to Its Mitigation and Cancellation
Includes: Daganzo Eusebio, E. Daganzo-Eusebio, E.

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