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Desobry, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Frame Fields for CAD Models

Desolda, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * Improving smart interactive experiences in cultural heritage through pattern recognition techniques
* Interaction with Large Displays: A Survey

Desoli, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * Orlando Project: A 28 nm FD-SOI Low Memory Embedded Neural Network ASIC, The

Desoli, G.S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive 3D interpolation and two-source video coding

Desolneux, A.[Agnes] Co Author Listing * email: Desolneux, A.[Agnes]: desolneux AT math-info univ-paris5 fr
* 3D Mathematical Breast Texture Model With Parameters Automatically Inferred From Clinical Breast CT Images, A
* Anisotropic A Contrario Framework for the Detection of Convergences in Images, An
* Bayesian Technique for Image Classifying Registration
* Color Image Segmentation Using Acceptable Histogram Segmentation
* Combining Registration and Abnormality Detection in Mammography
* Conditional Gaussian Models for Texture Synthesis
* Conditional Multiscale Locally Gaussian Texture Synthesis Algorithm, A
* Dequantizing image orientation
* Detection of Small Anomalies on Moving Background
* Determinantal Point Processes for Image Processing
* Edge Detection by Helmholtz Principle
* From Gestalt Theory to Image Analysis: A Probabilistic Approach
* grouping principle and four applications, A
* Image Denoising by Statistical Area Thresholding
* Locally Gaussian exemplar based texture synthesis
* Macrocanonical Models for Texture Synthesis
* Meaningful Alignments
* Multiscale Exemplar Based Texture Synthesis by Locally Gaussian Models
* Nonparametric Approach for Histogram Segmentation, A
* Optimal Transport Between GMM for Multiscale Texture Synthesis
* PARIGI: a Patch-based Approach to Remove Impulse-Gaussian Noise from Images
* Patch Redundancy in Images: A Statistical Testing Framework and Some Applications
* Patch-Based Approach for Removing Impulse or Mixed Gaussian-Impulse Noise, A
* Probabilistic Grouping Principle to Go from Pixels to Visual Structures, A
* RNLp: Mixing Nonlocal and TV-Lp Methods to Remove Impulse Noise from Images
* Significant edges in the case of non-stationary Gaussian noise
* Stabilization Of Flicker-Like Effects in Image Sequences Through Local Contrast Correction
* Stochastic Image Models from SIFT-Like Descriptors
* Stochastic Image Reconstruction from Local Histograms of Gradient Orientation
* Unified Framework for Detecting Groups and Application to Shape Recognition, A
* Vanishing point detection without any a priori information
* Vanishing Points are Meaningful Gestalts
* Wasserstein-Type Distance in the Space of Gaussian Mixture Models, A
* When the a contrario approach becomes generative
Includes: Desolneux, A.[Agnes] Desolneux, A.[Agnès] Desolneux, A.
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DeSoto, L. Co Author Listing * Stereo and Multiplanar Video Display of 3-D Magnetic Resonance Image Data

DeSouza Machado, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * Climate Hyperspectral Infrared Radiance Product (CHIRP) Combining the AIRS and CrIS Satellite Sounding Record, A
Includes: DeSouza Machado, S.[Sergio] DeSouza-Machado, S.[Sergio]

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