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Duggal, R. Co Author Listing * P-TELU: Parametric Tan Hyperbolic Linear Unit Activation for Deep Neural Networks

Duggal, S. Co Author Listing * DeepPruner: Learning Efficient Stereo Matching via Differentiable PatchMatch
* Online Video Summarization: Predicting Future to Better Summarize Present

Duggan, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Exploring Extended Reality as a Simulation Training Tool Through Naturalistic Interactions and Enhanced Immersion

Duggan, J. Co Author Listing * Using game engines for marine visualisation and collaboration

Duggan, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * Bidirectinal bias correction for Gradient-Based Shift Estimation

Duggan, N.[Noirin] Co Author Listing * simple boundary reinforcement technique for segmentation without prior, A
* Technique for Lung Nodule Candidate Detection in CT Using Global Minimization Methods, A
* Tumor Lesion Segmentation from 3D PET Using a Machine Learning Driven Active Surface
Includes: Duggan, N.[Noirin] Duggan, N.[Nóirín]

Duggins, D. Co Author Listing * Side Collision Warning Systems for Transit Buses: Functional Goals
* System for Video Surveillance and Monitoring, A

Duggirala, P.R.[Prashanth Reddy] Co Author Listing * Predicting ASD diagnosis in children with synthetic and image-based eye gaze data

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