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El Nabbout, N.M.[Nathalie M.] Co Author Listing * Automatically Detecting and Tracking People Walking through a Transparent Door with Vision

El Nadry, M.[Maram] Co Author Listing * Urban Health Related Air Quality Indicators over the Middle East and North Africa Countries Using Multiple Satellites and AERONET Data
Includes: El Nadry, M.[Maram] El-Nadry, M.[Maram]

El Naggar, S.[Saad] Co Author Listing * On the Reliability of Surface Current Measurements by X-Band Marine Radar

El Naghy, H.[Hanan] Co Author Listing * Geometry Based Faceting of 3D Digitized Archaeological Fragments
* Pairwise Alignment of Archaeological Fragments Through Morphological Characterization of Fracture Surfaces

El Nahas, M.M.Y. Co Author Listing * infra-red source classification system, An

El Najjar, M.E. Co Author Listing * Harris, SIFT and SURF features comparison for vehicle localization based on virtual 3D model and camera
* Road Selection Using Multicriteria Fusion for the Road-Matching Problem
Includes: El Najjar, M.E. El-Najjar, M.E.

El Naqa, I.[Issam] Co Author Listing * Automated Estimation of the Biophysical Target for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning using Multimodality Image Analysis
* Content-based image retrieval for digital mammography
* Exploring feature-based approaches in PET images for predicting cancer treatment outcomes
* Image Retrieval Based on Similarity Learning
* Learning a Channelized Observer for Image Quality Assessment
* Relevance feedback based on incremental learning for mammogram retrieval
* Similarity Learning Approach to Content-Based Image Retrieval: Application to Digital Mammography, A
* support vector machine approach for detection of microcalcifications in mammograms, A
* support vector machine approach for detection of microcalcifications, A
* Variational methods for image-guided adaptive radiotherapy
Includes: El Naqa, I.[Issam] El Naqa, I.
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El Nasan, A. Co Author Listing * Handwriting recognition using position sensitive letter N-gram matching
* Ink-link
* On-line handwriting recognition based on bigram co-occurrences
* On-line handwriting recognition using character bigram match vectors
* Reports of the DAS02 working groups
* Word discrimination based on bigram co-occurrences
Includes: El Nasan, A. El-Nasan, A. El-Nasan, A.[Adnan]

El Nouby, A.[Alaaeldin] Co Author Listing * LeViT: a Vision Transformer in ConvNet's Clothing for Faster Inference
* ResMLP: Feedforward Networks for Image Classification With Data-Efficient Training
* Tell, Draw, and Repeat: Generating and Modifying Images Based on Continual Linguistic Instruction
* Three Things Everyone Should Know About Vision Transformers
Includes: El Nouby, A.[Alaaeldin] El-Nouby, A.[Alaaeldin] El-Nouby, A.

El Nounu, A. Co Author Listing * Method To Achieve Large Volume, High Accuracy Photogrammetric Measurements Through The Use Of An Actively Deformable Sensor Mounting Platform, A
Includes: El Nounu, A. El-Nounu, A.

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