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Fasel, B. Co Author Listing * Automatic Facial Expression Analysis: A Survey
* Fast Face Detection Using MLP and FFT
* Recognition of Asymmetric Facial Action Unit Activities and Intensities
* Robust face analysis using convolutional neural networks
* Robust tumour tracking from 2D imaging using a population-based statistical motion model
* Rotation-Invariant Neoperceptron
* Three-Dimensional Body and Centre of Mass Kinematics in Alpine Ski Racing Using Differential GNSS and Inertial Sensors
Includes: Fasel, B. Fasel, B.[Beat] Fasel, B.[Benedikt]
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Fasel, I.[Ian] Co Author Listing * Deep active object recognition by joint label and action prediction
* Deep Belief Networks for Real-Time Extraction of Tongue Contours from Ultrasound During Speech
* Deep Q-learning for Active Recognition of GERMS: Baseline performance on a standardized dataset for active learning
* High Fidelity 3D Reconstructions with Limited Physical Views

Fasel, I.R. Co Author Listing * comparison of gabor filter methods for automatic detection of facial landmarks, A
* computer expression recognition toolbox (CERT), The
* Dynamics of Facial Expression Extracted Automatically from Video
* Fully Automatic Facial Action Recognition in Spontaneous Behavior
* generative framework for real time object detection and classification, A
* Recognizing Facial Expression: Machine Learning and Application to Spontaneous Behavior
* Toward Practical Smile Detection
Includes: Fasel, I.R. Fasel, I.R.[Ian R.]
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Fasentieux, B.[Bertrand] Co Author Listing * Feasibility of Using a 300 GHz Radar to Detect Fractures and Lithological Changes in Rocks

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