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Foodeei, N. Co Author Listing * Coding image sequence intensities along motion trajectories using EC-CELP quantization

Foody, G.[Giles] Co Author Listing * Crowdsourcing, Citizen Science or Volunteered Geographic Information? The Current State of Crowdsourced Geographic Information
* Geographically weighted evidence combination approaches for combining discordant and inconsistent volunteered geographical information
* Increasing the Accuracy of Crowdsourced Information on Land Cover via a Voting Procedure Weighted by Information Inferred from the Contributed Data
* Investigating the Feasibility of Geo-Tagged Photographs as Sources of Land Cover Input Data
* Scrutinizing Relationships between Submarine Groundwater Discharge and Upstream Areas Using Thermal Remote Sensing: A Case Study in the Northern Persian Gulf
* Use of Automated Change Detection and VGI Sources for Identifying and Validating Urban Land Use Change
Includes: Foody, G.[Giles] Foody, G.

Foody, G.M.[Giles M.] Co Author Listing * Assessing a Temporal Change Strategy for Sub-Pixel Land Cover Change Mapping from Multi-Scale Remote Sensing Imagery
* Continuum of Classification Fuzziness in Thematic Mapping, The
* Detection of Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Liana Infestation Using Satellite-Derived Imagery
* Earth Observation and Machine Learning to Meet Sustainable Development Goal 8.7: Mapping Sites Associated with Slavery from Space
* Estimating tropical forest biomass with a combination of SAR image texture and Landsat TM data: An assessment of predictions between regions
* Feature Selection for Classification of Hyperspectral Data by SVM
* Global and Local Assessment of Image Classification Quality on an Overall and Per-Class Basis without Ground Reference Data
* Impacts of Species Misidentification on Species Distribution Modeling with Presence-Only Data
* Impervious Surface Change Mapping with an Uncertainty-Based Spatial-Temporal Consistency Model: A Case Study in Wuhan City Using Landsat Time-Series Datasets from 1987 to 2016
* Incorporating Mixed Pixels in the Training, Allocation and Testing Stages of Supervised Classifications
* Iterative Interpolation Deconvolution Algorithm for Superresolution Land Cover Mapping, An
* Iterative Training Sample Expansion to Increase and Balance the Accuracy of Land Classification From VHR Imagery
* Latent Class Modeling for Site- and Non-Site-Specific Classification Accuracy Assessment Without Ground Data
* Learning-Based Superresolution Land Cover Mapping
* Monitoring surface water area variations of reservoirs using daily MODIS images by exploring sub-pixel information
* Monitoring Thermal Pollution in Rivers Downstream of Dams with Landsat ETM+ Thermal Infrared Images
* Object-Based Area-to-Point Regression Kriging for Pansharpening
* One-Class Classification for Mapping a Specific Land-Cover Class: SVDD Classification of Fenland
* Relative Evaluation of Multiclass Image Classification by Support Vector Machines, A
* Role of Soft Classification Techniques in the Refinement of Estimates of Ground Control Point Location, The
* Sensitivity of Mapping Methods to Reference Data Quality: Training Supervised Image Classifications with Imperfect Reference Data, The
* Sharpening Fuzzy Classification Output to Refine the Representation of Sub-Pixel Land-Cover Distribution
* significance of border training patterns in classification by a feedforward neural network using back propagation learning, The
* Slavery from Space: Demonstrating the role for satellite remote sensing to inform evidence-based action related to UN SDG number 8
* Spatial-Temporal Super-Resolution Land Cover Mapping With a Local Spatial-Temporal Dependence Model
* Spatio-Temporal Sub-Pixel Land Cover Mapping of Remote Sensing Imagery Using Spatial Distribution Information From Same-Class Pixels
* Spatiotemporal Fusion of Land Surface Temperature Based on a Convolutional Neural Network
* Super-Resolution Mapping of Landscape Objects from Coarse Spatial Resolution Imagery
* Superresolution Land-Cover Change Detection Method Using Remotely Sensed Images With Different Spatial Resolutions, A
* Toward intelligent training of supervised image classifications: Directing training data acquisition for SVM classification
* Variability in Soft Classification Prediction and Its Implications for Sub-pixel Scale Change Detection and Super Resolution Mapping
Includes: Foody, G.M.[Giles M.] Foody, G.M.
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