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Gedalof, Z.[Ze'ev] Co Author Listing * Satellite-Observed Soil Moisture as an Indicator of Wildfire Risk

Gedam, S. Co Author Listing * Dense Stereo Matching Based on Multiobjective Fitness Function: A Genetic Algorithm Optimization Approach for Stereo Correspondence

Gedam, S.S.[Shirishkumar S.] Co Author Listing * Developing a Remote Sensing-Based Combined Drought Indicator Approach for Agricultural Drought Monitoring over Marathwada, India
* Image Matching Using SIFT Features and Relaxation Labeling Technique: A Constraint Initializing Method for Dense Stereo Matching
* Image matching with SIFT features: A probabilistic approach
* Integration of Variational Optical Flow and Surface Splines for Dense Correspondence Estimation of Remotely Sensed Images
* Scan line optimization for Tri stereo planetary images
Includes: Gedam, S.S.[Shirishkumar S.] Gedam, S.S. Gedam, S.S.[Shirish S.]

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