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Goktepe, A. Co Author Listing * Three Dimentional Data Extraction From Radiographs

Goktepe, M. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Segmentation of Gray Level Markov Model Textures with Hierarchical Self Organizing Maps
* Unsupervised Texture Based Image Segmentation by Simulated Annealing Using Markov Random Field and Potts Models
Includes: Goktepe, M. Goktepe, M.[Mesut]

Goktuk, S.B. Co Author Listing * Occupant Classification System Eigen Shapes or Knowledge-Based Features, An

Gokturk, B.[Burak] Co Author Listing * Kernelized structural SVM learning for supervised object segmentation

Gokturk, S.[Salih] Co Author Listing * Apparel silhouette attributes recognition
* efficient fashion-driven learning approach to model user preferences in on-line shopping scenarios, An

Gokturk, S.B.[Salih Burak] Co Author Listing * 3D head tracking based on recognition and interpolation using at ime-of-flight depth sensor
* Contextual Identity Recognition in Personal Photo Albums
* Data-Driven Model for Monocular Face Tracking, A
* Edge displacement field-based classification for improved detection of polyps in CT colonography
* Markov random field models for hair and face segmentation
* Model-based face tracking for view-independent facial expression recognition
* New 3-D Pattern Recognition Technique With Application to Computer Aided Colonoscopy, A
* statistical 3-D pattern processing method for computer-aided detection of polyps in CT colonography, A
* Time-of-Flight Depth Sensor: System Description, Issues and Solutions, A
Includes: Gokturk, S.B.[Salih Burak] Gokturk, S.B. Gokturk, S.B.[S. Burak]
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