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Gueguen, L. Co Author Listing * Change Detection Based on Information Measure
* Classifying Compound Structures in Satellite Images: A Compressed Representation for Fast Queries
* Differential Morphological Decomposition Segmentation: A Multi-Scale Object Based Image Description
* Genetic algorithms applied to binocular stereovision
* Image Time-Series Data Mining Based on the Information-Bottleneck Principle
* Interactive collection of training samples from the Max-Tree structure
* Large-scale damage detection using satellite imagery
* Local Mutual Information for Dissimilarity-Based Image Segmentation
* Multi scale Harris corner detector based on Differential Morphological Decomposition
* Rotated Rectangles for Symbolized Building Footprint Extraction
* Toward a Generalizable Image Representation for Large-Scale Change Detection: Application to Generic Damage Analysis
* Urbanization analysis by mutual information based change detection between SPOT 5 panchromatic images
Includes: Gueguen, L. Gueguen, L.[Lionel] Gueguen, L.[Laurent]
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