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Hakim, A.[Abdelilah] Co Author Listing * combined total variation and bilateral filter approach for image robust super resolution, A
* iterative image super-resolution approach based on Bregman distance, An
* Multiframe super-resolution based on a high-order spatially weighted regularisation
* nonconvex fractional order variational model for multi-frame image super-resolution, A
* Simultaneous deconvolution and denoising using a second order variational approach applied to image super resolution
* Text Enhancement by PDE's Based Methods

Hakim, E.[El_Fadili] Co Author Listing * 3D image analysis by separable discrete orthogonal moments based on Krawtchouk and Tchebichef polynomials

Hakim, E.F. Co Author Listing * Gray level image compression using a set of separable 2D discrete orthogonal moments based on Racah polynomials

Hakimpour, F.[Farshad] Co Author Listing * Legibility and Permeability of Cities: Examining the Role of Spatial Data and Metrics, The
* Parcel-Level Model for Ranking and Allocating Urban Land-Uses, A
* Supporting Complex Thematic, Spatial and Temporal Queries over Semantic Web Data
* You Describe it, I Will Name it: An Approach to Alleviate the Effect of Users' Semantics in Assigning Tags to Features In VGI
Includes: Hakimpour, F.[Farshad] Hakimpour, F.

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