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Hede, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Automatic cleaning and segmentation of web images based on colors to build learning databases

Hedegaard, C. Co Author Listing * Tape Format for Transferral of Image Data and Source Programs, A

Hedelin, P. Co Author Listing * Packet Video Error Concealment With Gaussian Mixture Models
* Spatio-Temporal Markov Random Field-Based Packet Video Error Concealment

Hedengren, J.D.[John D.] Co Author Listing * Evolutionary View Planning for Optimized UAV Terrain Modeling in a Simulated Environment
* Potential Benefits of Combining Anomaly Detection with View Planning for UAV Infrastructure Modeling

Hedengren, K.H. Co Author Listing * Decomposition of Edge Operators
* Edge enhancement with image algebra
* Template Guided Visual Inspection

Heder, T. Co Author Listing * Improving a deep learning based RGB-D object recognition model by ensemble learning

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