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Joulan, K. Co Author Listing * Quantitative model of the driver's reaction time during daytime fog: Application to a head up display-based advanced driver assistance system
* unified CSF-based framework for edge detection and edge visibility, A
Includes: Joulan, K. Joulan, K.[Karine]

Joulin, A.[Armand] Co Author Listing * Co-localization in Real-World Images
* Deep Clustering for Unsupervised Learning of Visual Features
* Detecting Twenty-Thousand Classes Using Image-Level Supervision
* Discriminative clustering for image co-segmentation
* effectiveness of MAE pre-pretraining for billion-scale pretraining, The
* Efficient Image and Video Co-Localization with Frank-Wolfe Algorithm
* Emerging Properties in Self-Supervised Vision Transformers
* End-to-End Transformer Model for 3D Object Detection, An
* graph-matching kernel for object categorization, A
* ImageBind One Embedding Space to Bind Them All
* Learning Co-segmentation by Segment Swapping for Retrieval and Discovery
* Learning Visual Features from Large Weakly Supervised Data
* Learning Visual N-Grams from Web Data
* LeViT: a Vision Transformer in ConvNet's Clothing for Faster Inference
* Linking People in Videos with Their Names Using Coreference Resolution
* Masked Siamese Networks for Label-Efficient Learning
* Multi-class cosegmentation
* OmniMAE: Single Model Masked Pretraining on Images and Videos
* Omnivore: A Single Model for Many Visual Modalities
* Recovering Stereo Pairs from Anaglyphs
* ResMLP: Feedforward Networks for Image Classification With Data-Efficient Training
* Revisiting Visual Question Answering Baselines
* Self-Supervised Pretraining of 3D Features on any Point-Cloud
* Semi-Supervised Learning of Visual Features by Non-Parametrically Predicting View Assignments with Support Samples
* Unsupervised Joint Object Discovery and Segmentation in Internet Images
* Unsupervised Pre-Training of Image Features on Non-Curated Data
Includes: Joulin, A.[Armand] Joulin, A.
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