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Kisku, D.R.[Dakshina Ranjan] Co Author Listing * BCP-BCS: Best-Fit Cascaded Matching Paradigm with Cohort Selection Using Bezier Curve for Individual Recognition
* Estimating Attention of Faces Due to its Growing Level of Emotions
* Face Identification Using Local Ternary Tree Pattern Based Spatial Structural Components
* Face recognition by fusion of local and global matching scores using DS theory: An evaluation with uni-classifier and multi-classifier paradigm
* Feature Level Clustering of Large Biometric Database
* Feature Level Fusion of Face and Fingerprint Biometrics
* Graph application on face for personal authentication and recognition
* Multibiometrics Belief Fusion
* Selection of User-Dependent Cohorts Using Bezier Curve for Person Identification
Includes: Kisku, D.R.[Dakshina Ranjan] Kisku, D.R. Kisku, D.R.[Dakshina R.]
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