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Korkalainen, A.[Ate] Co Author Listing * Fractal Dimension Analysis and Statistical Processing of Paper Surface Images Towards Surface Roughness Measurement

Korkalo, O.[Otto] Co Author Listing * Auto-calibration of depth camera networks for people tracking
* Demonstration of assembly work using augmented reality

Korkas, C.D. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Learning-Based Approach for Nearly Optimal Dynamic Charging of Electric Vehicle Fleets, An

Korki, E.[Erfan] Co Author Listing * Simultaneous joint and object trajectory templates for human activity recognition from 3-D data

Korki, M. Co Author Listing * Dictionary Learning for Blind One Bit Compressed Sensing
* Double Detector for Sparse Signal Detection From One-Bit Compressed Sensing Measurements

Korkinof, D.[Dimitrios] Co Author Listing * Multi-task and multi-kernel Gaussian process dynamical systems

Korkmaz, E.E.[Emin Erkan] Co Author Listing * solution to the classification problem with cellular automata, A

Korkmaz, S.U. Co Author Listing * character recognizer for Turkish language, A

Korkosz, M.[Mariusz] Co Author Listing * Application of Shape Description Methodology to Hand Radiographs Interpretation
* Computer aided erosions and osteophytes detection based on hand radiographs
* Hand radiographs preprocessing, image representation in the finger regions and joint space width measurements for image interpretation

Korkut, S. Co Author Listing * Challenges Of A Modern Atlas Of The Ageing Society

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