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Laha, A.[Arijit] Co Author Listing * Design of Vector Quantizer for Image Compression Using Self-Organizing Feature Map and Surface Fitting
* Dynamic generation of prototypes with self-organizing feature maps for classifier design
* Fast codebook searching in a SOM-based vector quantizer for image compression
* Land Cover Classification Using Fuzzy Rules and Aggregation of Contextual Information Through Evidence Theory
* Some novel classifiers designed using prototypes extracted by a new scheme based on self-organizing feature map
* Unbalanced Data Classification Model Using Hybrid Sampling Technique for Fraud Detection, An
Includes: Laha, A.[Arijit] Laha, A.

Laha, B. Co Author Listing * Buyers satisfaction in a virtual fitting room scenario based on realism of avatar
* Designing effective travel techniques with bare-hand interaction
* gaming interface using body gestures for collaborative navigation, A
* Practical chirocentric 3DUI platform for immersive environments
* Volume Cracker: A bimanual 3D interaction technique for analysis of raw volumetric data
Includes: Laha, B. Laha, B.[Bireswar]

Laha, S.[Sumit] Co Author Listing * CCA: Exploring the Possibility of Contextual Camouflage Attack on Object Detection
* Haar Wavelet-Based Attention Network for Image Dehazing
* Near-Infrared Depth-Independent Image Dehazing using Haar Wavelets

Lahajnar, F.[Franci] Co Author Listing * Rotation-invariant texture classification

Lahamy, H.[Herve] Co Author Listing * Evaluation Of Real-Time Hand Motion Tracking Using A Range Camera And The Mean-Shift Algorithm
* Heuristic and Voxel-Based Signature for Hand Posture Recognition Using a Range Camera
* Parameter de-correlation and model-identification in hybrid-style terrestrial laser scanner self-calibration
* Real-time hand gesture recognition using range cameras
* Robust Real-time And Rotation-invariant American Sign Language Alphabet Recognition Using Range Camera
Includes: Lahamy, H.[Herve] Lahamy, H.[Hervé] Lahamy, H.

Lahanier, C. Co Author Listing * 15 years of image processing and the fine arts
* Integrated Content and Metadata Based Retrieval System for Art, An
* SCULPTEUR: Multimedia Retrieval for Museums
Includes: Lahanier, C. Lahanier, C.[Christian]

Laharotte, P. Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Analysis of Bluetooth Data: Application to a Large Urban Network

Laharotte, P.A.[Pierre Antoine] Co Author Listing * Assessing Connected Vehicle's Response to Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory From Field Operational Test and Scaling Up
Includes: Laharotte, P.A.[Pierre Antoine] Laharotte, P.A.[Pierre-Antoine]

Lahart, M.J. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Error Rates in Classification of Distorted Imagery

Lahat, D. Co Author Listing * Multimodal Data Fusion: An Overview of Methods, Challenges, and Prospects

Lahav, A.[Alon] Co Author Listing * AttWalk: Attentive Cross-Walks for Deep Mesh Analysis

Lahav, R. Co Author Listing * 3D-LaneNet: End-to-End 3D Multiple Lane Detection

LaHaye, N.[Nicholas] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Vertical Displacement of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam during Its Filling Using DInSAR Technology and Its Potential Acute Consequences on the Downstream Countries
* Quantitative Validation of Multi-Modal Image Fusion and Segmentation for Object Detection and Tracking, A

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