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Lemoine, D. Co Author Listing * Closed Contour Extraction Applied to Meteorological Pictures
* Comparison and Evaluation of Retrospective Intermodality Registration Techniques
* Selective Sorting of Glass Bottles by Artificial Vision

Lemoine, G. Co Author Listing * ASAP - Anomaly hot Spots of Agricultural Production, a new early warning decision support system developed by the Joint Research Centre
* Building Height Retrieval From VHR SAR Imagery Based on an Iterative Simulation and Matching Technique
* Earthquake Damage Assessment of Buildings Using VHR Optical and SAR Imagery
* Geo-Correction of High-Resolution Imagery Using Fast Template Matching on a GPU in Emergency Mapping Contexts
* Targeted Grassland Monitoring at Parcel Level Using Sentinels, Street-Level Images and Field Observations
Includes: Lemoine, G. Lemoine, G.[Guido]

Lemoine, J. Co Author Listing * adaptative method to smooth discrete curves proposed as a final step for edge detection, An
* Empirical mode decomposition synthesis of fractional processes in 1D- and 2D-space
* geometrically deformable contour model, A
* Partial Differential Equation-Based Approach for Empirical Mode Decomposition: Application on Image Analysis
Includes: Lemoine, J. Lemoine, J.[Jacques]

LeMoli, G. Co Author Listing * Automated Contour Map, The

Lemon, K.[Kirstin] Co Author Listing * How to Include Crowd-Sourced Photogrammetry in a Geohazard Observatory: Case Study of the Giant's Causeway Coastal Cliffs

Lemon, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * Robust Facial Feature Detection and Tracking for Head Pose Estimation in a Novel Multimodal Interface for Social Skills Learning

Lemonnier, H. Co Author Listing * 13 Years of changes in the extent and physiognomy of mangroves after shrimp farming abandonment, Bali
* Shallow Water Bathymetry Retrieval Using a Band-Optimization Iterative Approach: Application to New Caledonia Coral Reef Lagoons Using Sentinel-2 Data
Includes: Lemonnier, H. Lemonnier, H.[Hugues]

Lemonnier, P. Co Author Listing * Toward Hardware Building Blocks for Software-Only Real-Time Video Processing: The MOVIE Approach

Lemons, R.[Rebecca] Co Author Listing * Functional Phenology of a Texas Post Oak Savanna from a CHRIS PROBA Time Series

Lemonsu, A.[Aude] Co Author Listing * Phenological Dynamics Characterization of Alignment Trees with Sentinel-2 Imagery: A Vegetation Indices Time Series Reconstruction Methodology Adapted to Urban Areas

Lemor, R. Co Author Listing * Combined Ultrasound and Optoacoustic System for Real-Time High-Contrast Vascular Imaging in Vivo
* Optoacoustic Imaging of Subcutaneous Microvasculature With a Class one Laser

Lemos, A.[Adriano] Co Author Listing * Seasonal Variations in the Flow of Land-Terminating Glaciers in Central-West Greenland Using Sentinel-1 Imagery

Lemos, F.D.A. Co Author Listing * Mobile Photo Recommendation and Logbook Generation Using Context-Tagged Images

Lemos, J.M.[Joao M.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Optimization with Constraints: Convergence and Oscillatory Behaviour
* Alignment of velocity fields for video surveillance
* class of space-varying parametric motion fields for human activity recognition, A
* Distributed Estimation of Vector Fields
* Efficient Optimization Algorithm for Space-Variant Mixture of Vector Fields
* Estimation of Random Trajectories on Manifolds: Application to Object Tracking
* Estimation of Space-Varying Covariance Matrices
* Flexible trajectory modeling using a mixture of parametric motion fields for video surveillance
* Information Geometric Algorithm for Estimating Switching Probabilities in Space-Varying HMM
* Long term tracking using bayesian networks
* Manifold Learning for Object Tracking with Multiple Motion Dynamics
* Manifold Learning for Object Tracking With Multiple Nonlinear Models
* Modeling and Classifying Human Activities From Trajectories Using a Class of Space-Varying Parametric Motion Fields
* Moving Horizon Estimation of Pedestrian Interactions Based on Multiple Velocity Fields
* Moving horizon estimation of pedestrian interactions using multiple velocity fields
* Multi-agent detection and labelling of activity patterns
* Multiple Velocity Fields Approach to the Detection of Pedestrians Interactions Using HMM and Data Association Filters, A
* Optimal and suboptimal shape tracking based on multiple switched dynamic models
* Shape Tracking Based on Switched Dynamical Models
* Sparse motion fields for trajectory prediction
* Trajectory Analysis Using Switched Motion Fields: A Parametric Approach
Includes: Lemos, J.M.[Joao M.] Lemos, J.M.[João M.] Lemos, J.M.
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Lemos, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Combining usage and content in an online recommendation system for music in the Long Tail
Includes: Lemos, L.[Luis] Lemos, L.[Luís]

Lemos, R.P. Co Author Listing * Readout of Energy Pulses on Microwave SQUID Multiplexer: A Sensor Array-Based Approach
* Spatial Filtering Based on Differential Spectrum for Improving ML DOA Estimation Performance
Includes: Lemos, R.P. Lemos, R.P.[Rodrigo Pinto]

Lemoyne, J. Co Author Listing * Seafloor Texture Classification with a Multiscale Discriminant Analysis on High Resolution Sonar Images

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