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Loubaton, P. Co Author Listing * Separation of a Class of Convolutive Mixtures: A Contrast Function Approach

Loubes, J.M.[Jean Michel] Co Author Listing * Achieving robustness in classification using optimal transport with hinge regularization
* Destination Prediction by Trajectory Distribution-Based Model
* Diffeomorphic Registration Using Sinkhorn Divergences
* Nonparametric Bayesian Regression and Classification on Manifolds, With Applications to 3D Cochlear Shapes
* Review and Perspective for Distance-Based Clustering of Vehicle Trajectories
* Statistical M-Estimation and Consistency in Large Deformable Models for Image Warping
Includes: Loubes, J.M.[Jean Michel] Loubes, J.M.[Jean-Michel] Loubes, J.M.

Loubet, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Impact of Acquisition Date on the Prediction Performance of Topsoil Organic Carbon from Sentinel-2 for Croplands, The
* Validation of Space-Based Albedo Products from Upscaled Tower-Based Measurements Over Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Landscapes

Loubier, K.[Kirk] Co Author Listing * Recognition of a solid shape from its single perspective image obtained by a calibrated camera

Loubser, D. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Carbon Stocks in New Zealand Planted Forests Using Airborne Scanning Lidar

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