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Munsell, B.[Brent] Co Author Listing * Identifying High Order Brain Connectome Biomarkers via Learning on Hypergraph

Munsell, B.C. Co Author Listing * Detecting Anatomical Landmarks for Fast Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis
* Evaluating Shape Correspondence for Statistical Shape Analysis: A Benchmark Study
* Fast 3D Correspondence Method for Statistical Shape Modeling, A
* Fast multiple shape correspondence by pre-organizing shape instances
* Identifying Abnormal Network Alterations Common to Traumatic Brain Injury and Alzheimer's Disease Patients Using Functional Connectome Data
* Person Identification Using Full-Body Motion and Anthropometric Biometrics from Kinect Videos
* Pre-organizing Shape Instances for Landmark-Based Shape Correspondence
* Two perceptually motivated strategies for shape classification
Includes: Munsell, B.C. Munsell, B.C.[Brent C.]
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Munshi, B. Co Author Listing * Palette based colour transfer using image segmentation

Munshi, R.M.[Raafat M.] Co Author Listing * novel approach for breast cancer detection using optimized ensemble learning framework and XAI, A

Munshi, S.[Samih] Co Author Listing * Developing an Online Community Resource Map to Engage Marginalised Populations
* Single Image Haze Removal With Haze Map Optimization for Various Haze Concentrations
* Unsupervised Learning Approach for Road Anomaly Segmentation Using RGB-D Sensor for Advanced Driver Assistance System, An
Includes: Munshi, S.[Samih] Munshi, S.[Sugata]

Munsie, T. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment Of Go Pro Hero 3 (black) Camera In Underwater Environment

Munson, D.C. Co Author Listing * 3-D SAR Imaging via High-Resolution Spectral Estimation Methods: Experiments With XPATCH
* Acoustic imaging of objects buried in soil
* Analysis of an iterative dynamic programming approach to 2-D phase unwrapping
* Comparison of Omega-k and Generalized SAR Inversion for Runway Imaging, A
* Direct-Fourier Reconstruction in Tomography and Synthetic-Aperture Radar
* Edge Detection Using Median Comparisons
* Edge-Sensitive Image Restoration Using Order-Constrained Least Squares Methods
* Effect of a nonplanar wavefront in spotlight-mode synthetic aperture radar
* Effect of Median Filtering on Edge Estimation and Detection, The
* Effectiveness of spatially-variant apodization
* experimental study of a new entropy-based SAR autofocus technique, An
* fast back-projection algorithm for bistatic SAR imaging, A
* Fast feldkamp algorithm for cone-beam computer tomography
* Fourier-Domain Multichannel Autofocus for Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Generalization of Median Filtering Using Linear Combinations of Order Statistics, A
* High-resolution Planetary Imaging via Spotlight-mode Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Image Reconstruction from Frequency-Offset Fourier Data
* MCA: A Multichannel Approach to SAR Autofocus
* Minimum Sampling Rates for Linear Shift-Variant Discrete-Time Systems
* Multibaseline INSAR terrain elevation estimation: A dynamic programming approach
* Multistatic Passive Radar Imaging Using the Smoothed Pseudo Wigner-ville Distribution
* Nonparametric Edge Detection With an Assumption on Minimum Edge Height
* Nonparametric Tests for Edge Detection in Noise
* On the optimality and exactness of wavenumber-domain SAR data processing
* Partial Radon Transforms
* Past, Present, and Future of Image and Multidimensional Signal-Processing, The
* Radar imaging of three-dimensional surfaces using limited data
* Runway Imaging from an Approaching Aircraft Using Synthetic Aperture Radar
* SAR Image Autofocus By Sharpness Optimization: A Theoretical Study
* Spatially Variant Apodization for Image Reconstruction from Partial Fourier Data
* Synthetic Aperture Radar Autofocus Based on a Bilinear Model
* Synthetic Aperture Radar Autofocus via Semidefinite Relaxation
* Three-Dimensional Surface Reconstruction of Optical Lambertian Objects Using Cone-Beam Tomography
* Unwrapping of MR Phase Images Using a Markov Random Field Model
Includes: Munson, D.C. Munson, Jr., D.C. Munson, Jr., D.C.[David C.]
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Munson, J.H. Co Author Listing * Experiments in the Recognition of Handprinted Text: Part I Character Recognition

Munson, S.M.[Seth M.] Co Author Listing * Climate and Socioeconomic Factors Drive Irrigated Agriculture Dynamics in the Lower Colorado River Basin
* Remote Sensing of Sonoran Desert Vegetation Structure and Phenology with Ground-Based LiDAR

Munster, S.[Sander] Co Author Listing * Beyond Software. Design Implications for Virtual Libraries and Platforms for Cultural Heritage from Practical Findings
* Cultural Heritage in a Spatial Context: Towards an Integrative, Interoperable, and Participatory Data and Information Management
* Digital 3D Reconstruction Projects and Activities in the German-Speaking Countries
* Digital Cultural Heritage Meets Digital Humanities
* First Experiences of Applying a Model Classification for Digital 3D Reconstruction in the Context of Humanities Research
* Historical Photos and Visualizations: Potential for Research
* Model Classification for Digital 3D Reconstruction in the Context of Humanities Research, A
* Photogrammetric Analysis of Historical Image Repositories for Virtual Reconstruction in the Field of Digital Humanities
* Research and Communication of Urban History in 4D Using Historical Photographs: A Status Report of the Research Group UrbanHistory4D
* Researching Knowledge Concerns in Virtual Historical Architecture
* Urban History in 4 Dimensions: Supporting Research And Education
Includes: Munster, S.[Sander] Münster, S.[Sander] (Maybe also Muenster, S.)Münster, S. (Maybe also Muenster, S.)
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