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Nister, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Nister, D.[David]: dnister AT cs uky edu
* Alignment of Continuous Video onto 3D Point Clouds
* Are two rotational flows sufficient to calibrate a smooth non-parametric sensor?
* Autocalibration via Rank-Constrained Estimation of the Absolute Quadric
* Automatic passive recovery of 3D from images and video
* Binning Scheme for Fast Hard Drive Based Image Search, A
* Bundle Adjustment Rules
* Calibration with Robust Use of Cheirality by Quasi-Affine Reconstruction of the Set of Camera Projection Centres
* Detailed Real-Time Urban 3D Reconstruction from Video
* Efficient Minimal Solution for Infinitesimal Camera Motion, An
* Efficient Solution to the Five-Point Relative Pose Problem, An
* Embedded DCT Based Still Image Coding Algorithm, An
* Four Points in Two or Three Calibrated Views: Theory and Practice
* Frame Decimation for Structure and Motion
* Global Uncertainty in Epipolar Geometry via Fully and Partially Data-Driven Sampling
* High-Quality Real-Time Stereo Using Adaptive Cost Aggregation and Dynamic Programming
* How Hard is 3-View Triangulation Really?
* Learning the Probability of Correspondences without Ground Truth
* Linear Time Maximally Stable Extremal Regions
* Lossless region of interest coding
* Lossless region of interest with a naturally progressive still image coding algorithm
* Method and apparatus for determining camera pose from point correspondences
* Minimal Solution for Relative Pose with Unknown Focal Length, A
* Minimal Solution to the Generalised 3-Point Pose Problem, A
* Minimal Solutions for Panoramic Stitching
* Non-Parametric Self-Calibration
* Panel Session on Computations and Algorithms
* Preemptive RANSAC for live structure and motion estimation
* Pushing the Envelope of Modern Methods for Bundle Adjustment
* Real-Time Visibility-Based Fusion of Depth Maps
* Recent developments on direct relative orientation
* Reconstruction from Uncalibrated Sequences with a Hierarchy of Trifocal Tensors
* Scalable Recognition with a Vocabulary Tree
* Spatial-Depth Super Resolution for Range Images
* Stereo Matching with Color-Weighted Correlation, Hierachical Belief Propagation and Occlusion Handling
* Structure from Motion with Missing Data is NP-Hard
* Towards Urban 3D Reconstruction from Video
* Untwisting a Projective Reconstruction
* Using Galois Theory to Prove Structure from Motion Algorithms are Optimal
* Visual odometry
* What Do Four Points in Two Calibrated Images Tell Us about the Epipoles?
Includes: Nister, D.[David] Nister, D. NistÚr, D.[David] NistÚr, D.
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Nistico, G. Co Author Listing * CAESAR Project for the ASI Space Weather Infrastructure, The
Includes: Nistico, G. Nistic˛, G.

Nistor, C.[Constantin] Co Author Listing * Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Pollution Monitoring with Sentinel-5P Satellite Imagery over Europe during the Coronavirus Pandemic Outbreak
* Remote Sensing-Based Analysis of Urban Landscape Change in the City of Bucharest, Romania

Nistor, S.[Sorin] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Noise and Velocity in GNSS EPN-Repro 2 Time Series
* Implication between Geophysical Events and the Variation of Seasonal Signal Determined in GNSS Position Time Series

Nistor, S.C.[Sergiu Cosmin] Co Author Listing * Towards Automatic Skin Tone Classification in Facial Images

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