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Niyogi, D.[Dev] Co Author Listing * Application of A Simple Landsat-MODIS Fusion Model to Estimate Evapotranspiration over A Heterogeneous Sparse Vegetation Region
* Assessing Urban Droughts In A Smart City Framework
* Deep Learning-Based 500 m Spatio-Temporally Continuous Air Temperature Generation by Fusing Multi-Source Data
* Gauging the Severity of the 2012 Midwestern U.S. Drought for Agriculture
* Impact of INSAT-3D/3DR Radiance Data Assimilation in Predicting Tropical Cyclone Titli Over the Bay of Bengal
* Impact of Satellite Radiance Data on Simulations of Bay of Bengal Tropical Cyclones Using the WRF-3DVAR Modeling System
* Improving the Forecasting of Winter Wheat Yields in Northern China with Machine Learning-Dynamical Hybrid Subseasonal-to-Seasonal Ensemble Prediction
* Integrated Approach to Document Decomposition and Structural-Analysis
* Knowledge-Based Derivation of Document Logical Structure
* Land-Air Interactions over Urban-Rural Transects Using Satellite Observations: Analysis over Delhi, India from 1991-2016
* Large-Scale Urban Heating and Pollution Domes over the Indian Subcontinent
* Mapping Paddy Rice Fields by Combining Multi-Temporal Vegetation Index and Synthetic Aperture Radar Remote Sensing Data Using Google Earth Engine Machine Learning Platform
* Rule-Based System for Document Understanding, A
* Spatial Configuration and Extent Explains the Urban Heat Mitigation Potential due to Green Spaces: Analysis over Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
* Special Issue: Document Analysis And Recognition - Guests Editors Introduction
Includes: Niyogi, D.[Dev] Niyogi, D.
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Niyogi, P. Co Author Listing * Face Recognition Using Laplacianfaces

Niyogi, R.[Rajashekhar] Co Author Listing * Habitat Connectivity for the Conservation of Small Ungulates in A Human-Dominated Landscape
* Novel design for real time path tracking with computer vision using neural networks
Includes: Niyogi, R.[Rajashekhar] Niyogi, R.[Rajdeep]

Niyogi, S.[Sourabh] Co Author Listing * Detecting Kinetic Occlusion
* Example-based head tracking
Includes: Niyogi, S.[Sourabh] Niyogi, S.

Niyogi, S.A. Co Author Listing * Analyzing and Recognizing Walking Figures in XYT
* Analyzing Gait with Spatiotemporal Surfaces
* Mid-level vision: new directions in vision and video
* Spatiotemporal junction analysis for motion boundary detection

Niyomubyeyi, O.[Olive] Co Author Listing * Evacuation Planning Optimization Based on a Multi-Objective Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm

Niyoyita, J.P.[Jean Paul] Co Author Listing * Illumination-Invariant Flotation Froth Color Measuring via Wasserstein Distance-Based CycleGAN With Structure-Preserving Constraint

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