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Pila, M. Co Author Listing * saliency grouping field, The

Pilanci, M. Co Author Listing * Domain adaptation via transferring spectral properties of label functions on graphs

Pilant, A.N.[Andrew N.] Co Author Listing * Uncertainty Analysis in the Creation of a Fine-Resolution Leaf Area Index (LAI) Reference Map for Validation of Moderate Resolution LAI Products

Pilar, B. Co Author Listing * Blockwise Binary Pattern: A Robust And An Efficient Approach For Offline Signature Verification

Pilarczyk, P. Co Author Listing * Analysis of blood vessel topology by cubical homology
* Computation of Cubical Steenrod Squares
* Decomposing Cavities in Digital Volumes into Products of Cycles
Includes: Pilarczyk, P. Pilarczyk, P.[Pawel]

Pilarska, M.[Magdalena] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of Point Clouds from LiDAR and Dense Image Matching Acquired Using the UAV Platform for DTM Creation
* Detection of Levee Damage Based on UAS Data: Optical Imagery and LiDAR Point Clouds
* Evaluating The Possibility of Tree Species Classification With Dual-Wavelength ALS Data
* Evaluation and Calibration of Fixed-wing Multisensor UAV Mobile Mapping System: Improved Results
* Multi-sourced, Remote Sensing Data in Levees Monitoring: Case Study Of Safedam Project
* Non-invasive Investigation and Documentation in the Bielinski Palace in Otwock Wielki
* Potential of Light Laser Scanners Developed for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: The Review and Accuracyn, The
Includes: Pilarska, M.[Magdalena] Pilarska, M.
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Pilatasig, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Virtual Reality System for Children Lower Limb Strengthening with the Use of Electromyographic Sensors

Pilato, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Indoor Actions Classification Through Long Short Term Memory Neural Networks
* navigation system for vision-guided mobile robots, A
* Road signs recognition using a dynamic pixel aggregation technique in the HSV color space
Includes: Pilato, G.[Giovanni] Pilato, G.

Pilavci, Y.Y.[Yusuf Yigit] Co Author Listing * Sparse-then-dense alignment-based 3D map reconstruction method for endoscopic capsule robots

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