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Remedio, A.R.[Armelle Reca] Co Author Listing * Wheat Yield Estimation from NDVI and Regional Climate Models in Latvia

Remedios, J.[John] Co Author Listing * New Approach to Defining Uncertainties for MODIS Land Surface Temperature, A

Remedios, J.J.[John J.] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive In Situ Validation of Five Satellite Land Surface Temperature Data Sets over Multiple Stations and Years

Remedios, K. Co Author Listing * CASM: A VLSI Chip for Approximate String-Matching

Remelli, E.[Edoardo] Co Author Listing * DIG: Draping Implicit Garment over the Human Body
* Lightweight Multi-View 3D Pose Estimation Through Camera-Disentangled Representation
* Low-Dimensionality Calibration through Local Anisotropic Scaling for Robust Hand Model Personalization
* Sketch2Mesh: Reconstructing and Editing 3D Shapes from Sketches
Includes: Remelli, E.[Edoardo] Remelli, E.

Remenyi, N. Co Author Listing * Image Denoising With 2D Scale-Mixing Complex Wavelet Transforms

Remer, I.[Itay] Co Author Listing * Multi-Organ Nucleus Segmentation Challenge, A

Remer, L.A. Co Author Listing * Color Ratio Method for Simultaneous Retrieval of Aerosol and Cloud Optical Thickness of Above-Cloud Absorbing Aerosols From Passive Sensors: Application to MODIS Measurements, A
* Continuing the MODIS Dark Target Aerosol Time Series with VIIRS
* Dark Target Algorithm for Observing the Global Aerosol System: Past, Present, and Future, The
* High-Resolution Gridded Level 3 Aerosol Optical Depth Data from MODIS
Includes: Remer, L.A. Remer, L.A.[Lorraine A.]

Remes, U. Co Author Listing * Missing-Feature Reconstruction With a Bounded Nonlinear State-Space Model

Remes, V.[Vaclav] Co Author Listing * Bark recognition using novel rotationally invariant multispectral textural features
* Potts compound Markovian texture model
* Pseudocolor enhancement of mammogram texture abnormalities
* Rotationally Invariant Bark Recognition
Includes: Remes, V.[Vaclav] Remeš, V.[Václav]

Remeseiro, B.[Beatriz] Co Author Listing * Automatic Tear Film Segmentation Based on Texture Analysis and Region Growing
* Characterisation of Retinal Feature Points Applied to a Biometric System
* Color Texture Analysis for Tear Film Classification: A Preliminary Study
* Colour Texture Analysis for Classifying the Tear Film Lipid Layer: A Comparative Study
* Directional Gaze Analysis in Webcam Video Sequences
* Do all roads lead to Rome? Studying distance measures in the context of machine learning
* Feature Selection for Big Visual Data: Overview and Challenges
* Grab, Pay, and Eat: Semantic Food Detection for Smart Restaurants
* Preliminary Study of Image Analysis for Parasite Detection on Honey Bees, A
Includes: Remeseiro, B.[Beatriz] Remeseiro, B.
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Remesikova, M.[Mariana] Co Author Listing * Extraction of the Intercellular Skeleton from 2D Images of Embryogenesis Using Eikonal Equation and Advective Subjective Surface Method
* Reconstruction of Surfaces from Point Clouds Using a Lagrangian Surface Evolution Model
Includes: Remesikova, M.[Mariana] Remešíková, M.[Mariana]

Remez, T.[Tal] Co Author Listing * ASIST: Automatic semantically invariant scene transformation
* AudioScopeV2: Audio-Visual Attention Architectures for Calibrated Open-Domain On-Screen Sound Separation
* Class-Aware Fully Convolutional Gaussian and Poisson Denoising
* Deep class-aware image denoising
* Deep Functional Maps: Structured Prediction for Dense Shape Correspondence
* Learning to Segment via Cut-and-Paste
* More than Words: In-the-Wild Visually-Driven Prosody for Text-to-Speech
Includes: Remez, T.[Tal] Remez, T.
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