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Sijbers, J. Co Author Listing * Accurate Terahertz Imaging Simulation With Ray Tracing Incorporating Beam Shape and Refraction
* Adaptive thresholding of tomograms by projection distance minimization
* Algorithm for the computation of 3D fourier descriptors
* Automatic Construction of Correspondences for Tubular Surfaces
* Automatic Parameter Estimation for the Discrete Algebraic Reconstruction Technique (DART)
* Automatic Segmentation and Modelling of Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis Gels
* CAD-Based Scatter Compensation for Polychromatic Reconstruction of Additive Manufactured Parts
* Colon Visualization Using Cylindrical Parameterization
* Combined Motion Estimation and Reconstruction in Tomography
* Correspondence Preserving Elastic Surface Registration with Shape Model Prior
* DART: A Fast Heuristic Algebraic Reconstruction Algorithm for Discrete Tomography
* DART: A Practical Reconstruction Algorithm for Discrete Tomography
* Data-Driven Affine Deformation Estimation and Correction in Cone Beam Computed Tomography
* Denoising Magnetic Resonance Images Using Fourth Order Complex Diffusion
* Diffusion Tensor Images Upsampling: A Registration-Based Approach
* Dynamic angle selection in binary tomography
* Efficient algorithm for the computation of 3D Fourier descriptors
* Extraction of Airways From CT (EXACT'09)
* Fractional Eigenfaces
* Generalized Likelihood Ratio Tests for Complex fMRI Data: A Simulation Study
* Grey Level Estimation for Discrete Tomography
* Iterative bilateral filter for Rician noise reduction in MR images
* Iterative CT Reconstruction Algorithm for Fast Fluid Flow Imaging, An
* Likelihood-Based Hypothesis Tests for Brain Activation Detection From MRI Data Disturbed by Colored Noise: A Simulation Study
* Mesh-Based Reconstruction of Dynamic Foam Images Using X-Ray CT
* Multiscale Anisotropic Filtering of Color Images
* Multiscale watershed segmentation of multivalued images
* Neural netwok based X-ray tomography for fast inspection of apples on a conveyor belt system
* Newton-Krylov Methods For Polychromatic X-Ray CT
* nonlocal maximum likelihood estimation method for enhancing magnetic resonance phase maps, A
* Nonrigid Coregistration of Diffusion Tensor Images Using a Viscous Fluid Model and Mutual Information
* NOVIFAST: A Fast Algorithm for Accurate and Precise VFA MRI T_1 Mapping
* Optimal Experimental Design for Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging
* Optimal Threshold Selection for Segmentation of Dense Homogeneous Objects in Tomographic Reconstructions
* Optimal Threshold Selection for Tomogram Segmentation by Projection Distance Minimization
* Optimal Threshold Selection for Tomogram Segmentation by Reprojection of the Reconstructed Image
* Parameter estimation from magnitude MR images
* Partial Discreteness: A Novel Prior for Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction
* Partially discrete magnetic resonance tomography
* Radon Transform For Terahertz Computed Tomography Incorporating The Beam Shape, The
* reconstructed residual error: A novel segmentation evaluation measure for reconstructed images in tomography, The
* Region based 4D tomographic image reconstruction: Application to cardiac x-ray CT
* Region-Based Iterative Reconstruction of Structurally Changing Objects in CT
* Segmentation Based Noise Variance Estimation from Background MRI Data
* Segmentation of the Human Trachea Using Deformable Statistical Models of Tubular Shapes
* Selection of Local Thresholds for Tomogram Segmentation by Projection Distance Minimization
* semi-automatic algorithm for grey level estimation in tomography, A
* Simultaneous motion correction and T1 estimation in quantitative T1 mapping: An ML restoration approach
* Super-Resolution for Computed Tomography Based on Discrete Tomography
* Threshold Selection for Segmentation of Dense Objects in Tomograms
* Type-2 Fuzzy GMMs for Robust Text-Independent Speaker Verification in Noisy Environments
* Unified Maximum Likelihood Framework for Simultaneous Motion and T_1 Estimation in Quantitative MR T_1 Mapping, A
Includes: Sijbers, J. Sijbers, J.[Jan]
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Sijbrandij, F.[Fedde] Co Author Listing * Dry Matter Yield and Nitrogen Content Estimation in Grassland Using Hyperspectral Sensor

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