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Solmaz, B.[Berkan] Co Author Listing * Classifying web videos using a global video descriptor
* Evaluation of Feature Channels for Correlation-Filter-Based Visual Object Tracking in Infrared Spectrum
* Fine-grained recognition of maritime vessels and land vehicles by deep feature embedding
* Geometric Constraints for Human Detection in Aerial Imagery
* Identifying Behaviors in Crowd Scenes Using Stability Analysis for Dynamical Systems
* MARVEL: A Large-Scale Image Dataset for Maritime Vessels
* Shadow Casting Out Of Plane (SCOOP) Candidates for Human and Vehicle Detection in Aerial Imagery
Includes: Solmaz, B.[Berkan] Solmaz, B.
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Solmaz, G.[Gizem] Co Author Listing * Patch-Level Nuclear Pleomorphism Scoring Using Convolutional Neural Networks

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