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Subsol, G. Co Author Listing * 3D facial visualization through adaptive spread spectrum synchronous scalable (A4S) data hiding
* Automated delineation of tree-rings in X-Ray Computed Tomography images of wood
* Automatic identification of cell files in light microscopic images of conifer wood
* Automatic Retrieval of Anatomical Structures in 3D Medical Images
* Coral Reef Fish Detection and Recognition in Underwater Videos by Supervised Machine Learning: Comparison Between Deep Learning and HOG+SVM Methods
* Fast Semi-supervised Segmentation of in Situ Tree Color Images
* How to Build an Average Model When Samples are Variably Incomplete? Application to Fossil Data
* Non-Rigid Registration for Building 3D Anatomical Atlases
* Protection of JPEG compressed e-comics by selective encryption
* Reconstructing a 3D structure from serial histological sections
* Simple-Graphs Fusion in Image Mosaic: Application to Automated Cell Files Identification in Wood Slices
* Speeding-up a convolutional neural network by connecting an SVM network
Includes: Subsol, G. Subsol, G.[Gérard] Subsol, G.[Gerard]
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