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Toda, A.P. Co Author Listing * UWB Tomographic Radar Imaging of Penetrable and Impenetrable Objects

Toda, H.[Hiroyuki] Co Author Listing * 3D image analysis for evaluating internal deformation/fracture characteristics of materials
* Achieving complex discrete wavelet transform by lifting scheme using Meyer wavelet
* Approximate tight wavelet frame using Gabor wavelet
* Can Reinforcement Learning Lead to Healthy Life?: Simulation Study Based on User Activity Logs
* Classifying Near-Miss Traffic Incidents through Video, Sensor, and Object Features
* Digital Human Simulation for Fall Risk Evaluation When Sitting on Stepladders
* High flexible orthonormal basis of wavelets and its Hilbert transform pair
* new approach to diagnose Sleep Apnea Syndrome using a continuous wavelet transform, A
* new type of orthonormal wavelet basis having customizable frequency bands, A
* novel directional selection based on complex discrete wavelet transform, The
* Proposal of a method to analyze 3D deformation/fracture characteristics inside materials based on a stratified matching approach
* Study of arbitrary real dilation factor of orthonorma wavelet basis
* Time-delayed collective flow diffusion models for inferring latent people flow from aggregated data at limited locations
Includes: Toda, H.[Hiroyuki] Toda, H.[Hiroshi] Toda, H.[Haruki] Toda, H.
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Toda, M.[Masato] Co Author Listing * Adapting Intra-Class Variations for SAR Image Classification
* amount of Alaria praelonga Kjellmans analysis method from laminaria bed images for fishery investigation, The
* Daylight spectrum model under weather conditions from clear sky to cloudy
* Discussion on a method to extract scallop using line convergence index filter from granule-sand seabed videos
* Extraction Method of Scallop Area from Sand Seabed Images
* Extraction Method of Scallop Area in Gravel Seabed Images for Fishery Investigation
* Foreground Detection Robust Against Cast Shadows in Outdoor Daytime Environment
* High dynamic range rendering for YUV images with a constraint on perceptual chroma preservation
* Image analysis method for grading raw shiitake mushrooms
* Image Clarification Method Based on Structure-Texture Decomposition with Texture Refinement
* Live image analysis for computer assisted presentation
* Novel Method for Simultaneous Acquisition of Visible and Near-Infrared Light Using a Coded Infrared-Cut Filter, A
* Preliminary study on automatic printing system for film package considering distortion
* Removal of Floating Particles from Underwater Images Using Image Transformation Networks
* Scallop Detection from Gravel-Seabed Images for Fishery Investigation
* Scallop Detection from Sand-Seabed Images for Fishery Investigation
* Spatially adaptive image defogging using color characteristics
* Video Retrieval System Using Handwriting Sketch
Includes: Toda, M.[Masato] Toda, M.[Masashi] Toda, M.
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Toda, N.[Naohiro] Co Author Listing * Improvement of CT Reconstruction Using Scattered X-Rays

Toda, S.[Sorin] Co Author Listing * Fingerprint Pattern and Minutiae Fusion in Various Operational Scenarios

Toda, T.[Takahisa] Co Author Listing * Improved Compression-Based Pattern Recognition Exploiting New Useful Features
* Improvements of Voice Timbre Control Based on Perceived Age in Singing Voice Conversion
* Speech Synthesis Based on Hidden Markov Models
* Speech-to-Singing Voice Conversion: The Challenges and Strategies for Improving Vocal Conversion Processes
Includes: Toda, T.[Takahisa] Toda, T.[Tomoki] Toda, T.

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