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Turi, N.[Norbert] Co Author Listing * Application of Hybrid Prediction Methods in Spatial Assessment of Inland Excess Water Hazard
Includes: Turi, N.[Norbert] Túri, N.[Norbert]

Turia, R.[Ruth] Co Author Listing * Collect Earth: Land Use and Land Cover Assessment through Augmented Visual Interpretation

Turicchia, E.[Eva] Co Author Listing * Repeated (4D) Marine Geophysical Surveys as a Tool for Studying the Coastal Environment and Ground-Truthing Remote-Sensing Observations and Modeling

Turiel, A. Co Author Listing * ASCAT Wind Quality Control Near Rain
* Assessment with Controlled In-Situ Data of the Dependence of L-Band Radiometry on Sea-Ice Thickness
* Entropy estimation and multiscale processing in meteorological satellite images
* Error Characterization of Sea Surface Salinity Products Using Triple Collocation Analysis
* High-Resolution Ocean Currents from Sea Surface Temperature Observations: The Catalan Sea (Western Mediterranean)
* Improved Singularity Analysis for ASCAT Wind Quality Control: Application to Low Winds, An
* Improving SMOS Sea Surface Salinity in the Western Mediterranean Sea through Multivariate and Multifractal Analysis
* Nodal Sampling: A New Image Reconstruction Algorithm for SMOS
* Optimized Algorithm for the Evaluation of Local Singularity Exponents in Digital Signals, An
* Presegmentation of High-Resolution Satellite Images with a Multifractal Reconstruction Scheme Based on an Entropy Criterium
* Real-time Reconstruction of Surface Velocities from Satellite Observations in the Alboran Sea
* Reconstructing images from their most singular fractal manifold
* Relevance of multifractal textures in static images
* Review of the CALIMAS Team Contributions to European Space Agency's Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity Mission Calibration and Validation
* Seasonal Variability of Retroflection Structures and Transports in the Atlantic Ocean as Inferred from Satellite-Derived Salinity Maps
* Seven Years of SMOS Sea Surface Salinity at High Latitudes: Variability in Arctic and Sub-Arctic Regions
* Singularity Power Spectra: A Method to Assess Geophysical Consistency of Gridded Products: Application to Sea-Surface Salinity Remote Sensing Maps
* Spatial Correlations in SMOS Antenna: The Role of Effective Point Spread Functions
* Synergy between Ocean Variables: Remotely Sensed Surface Temperature and Chlorophyll Concentration Coherence
* Triple Collocation Analysis for Two Error-Correlated Datasets: Application to L-Band Brightness Temperatures over Land
Includes: Turiel, A. Turiel, A.[Antonio]
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Turillazzi, B.[Beatrice] Co Author Listing * INCEPTION Standard for Heritage BIM Models
* Integrated Data Capturing Requirements for 3D Semantic Modelling Of Cultural Heritage: the Inception Protocol
* Semantic Web Technologies Meet BIM for Accessing and Understanding Cultural Heritage
Includes: Turillazzi, B.[Beatrice] Turillazzi, B.

Turin, W.L. Co Author Listing * Hidden Markov Model approach to on-line handwritten signature verification
* HMM Based Online Handwriting Recognition
* Invariant features for HMM based on-line handwriting recognition
* On-Line Handwritten Signature Verification Using Hidden Markov Model Features
* Statistical Methods for On-Line Signature Verification
Includes: Turin, W.L. Turin, W.L.[William L.]

Turina, A. Co Author Listing * Efficient Grouping under Perspective Skew
* Grouping via the Matching of Repeated Patterns
* Noncombinatorial detection of regular repetitions under perspective skew
Includes: Turina, A. Turina, A.[Andreas]

Turini, F. Co Author Listing * Application of Advanced Spatio-Temporal Formalisms to Behavioural Ecology, An

Turini, N.[Nazli] Co Author Listing * Estimating High Spatio-Temporal Resolution Rainfall from MSG1 and GPM IMERG Based on Machine Learning: Case Study of Iran
* Precipitation Retrieval over the Tibetan Plateau from the Geostationary Orbit: Part 2: Precipitation Rates with Elektro-L2 and Insat-3D

Turinici, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Convergence Dynamics of Generative Adversarial Networks: The Dual Metric Flows
* Stochastic Runge-Kutta methods and adaptive SGD-G2 stochastic gradient descent

Turior, R.[Rashmi] Co Author Listing * PCA-Based Retinal Vessel Tortuosity Quantification

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