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Tuzikov, A. Co Author Listing * Extraction of Grid Patterns on Stamped Metal Sheets Using Mathematical Morphology

Tuzikov, A.V.[Alexander V.] Co Author Listing * email: Tuzikov, A.V.[Alexander V.]: tuzikov AT mpen bas-net by
* 3D object reconstruction from non-parallel cross-sections
* 3D Object Volume Measurement Using Freehand Ultrasound
* Area and Moment Computation for Objects with a Closed Spline Boundary
* Brain symmetry plane computation in MR images using inertia axes and optimization
* Comparing convex shapes using Minkowski addition
* Computation of Symmetry Measures for Polygonal Shapes
* Computation of volume and surface body moments
* Convex Set Symmetry Measurement via Minkowski Addition
* Efficient computation of a reflection symmetry measure for convex polygons based on Minkowski addition
* Efficient Computation of Body Moments
* Evaluation of the symmetry plane in 3D MR brain images
* Explicit formulae for polyhedra moments
* Formulae for Polytope Volume and Surface Moments
* Improvements of volume computation from non-parallel cross-sections
* Minkowski Decomposition of Convex Polygons into Their Symmetrical and Asymmetric Parts
* Moment computation for objects with spline curve boundary
* Reflection symmetry measure for convex sets
* Similarity and Symmetry Measures for Convex Shapes Using Minkowski Addition
* Similarity measures for convex polyhedra based on Minkowski addition
* Small Nodules Localization on CT Images of Lungs
* Symmetry Measure Computation for Convex Polyhedra
Includes: Tuzikov, A.V.[Alexander V.] Tuzikov, A.V.
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